AEW Dynamite Results 7/5 - Kenny Omega Vs. Wheeler Yuta, Blind Eliminator Tag Tournament Matches

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "AEW Dynamite" on July 5, 2023, coming to you live from Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

As the rivalry between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club continues to heat up, Kenny Omega is set to go one-on-one with Wheeler Yuta. The pair previously met at AEW Double or Nothing 2023 back in May during the second ever Anarchy In The Arena match, with Yuta and his teammates ultimately emerging victorious.

Two Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals Matches are set for tonight, as former tag team partners Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland square off with AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin while MJF and Adam Cole are set to take on the newest participants, "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard and The Butcher. The winners of the tournament will earn themselves a match with FTR and a chance at the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

The Outcasts' Ruby Soho will be squaring off with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. in a Quarterfinals match for the Women's Owen Hart Cup Tournament. The winner will advance to the semifinals and meet Skye Blue, becoming one step closer to facing either Willow Nightingale or Athena in the finals.

The Acclaimed and "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn look to keep their good fortunes rolling as they collide with The Bollywood Boyz and The Blade. Gunn, Anthony Bowens, and Max Caster have scored victories over Spanish Announce Project, La Faccion Ingobernable, and Varsity Athletes across the span of the last couple of months.

Additionally, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley both have something on their minds to share tonight.

We are live! Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Taz greet audiences at home as we head over to a video of Darby Allin telling Keith Lee to take the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament seriously and do what he has to do in their upcoming match. 

Orange Cassidy and Allin then head to the ring. Lee, Swerve Strickland, and Prince Nana follow.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland (w/ Prince Nana) vs. Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy in a Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals Match

Allin and Lee begin the action. The bell rings and Lee chucks Allin across the ring. He then gets him up on his shoulders, but Allin escapes and Cassidy tags in. Cassidy delivers his signature chops, but Lee sends him crashing to the mat with a double chop. Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket before Lee delivers another vicious chop. Ali tags in and Cassidy lands a dropkick. He follows it up with Orange Punch, then tags in Strickland. Strickland delivers a kick to Allin's face, then delivers a diving uppercut off the middle rope and a right hand. He then dumps Allin out of the ring.

Back from the break, Swerve and Allin ascend to the top. Lee tags in, and delivers a powerbomb-Brainbuster combination with Strickland. Lee locks in a Bear Hug before the action spills to the outside and the now legal Cassidy locks in a Sleeper. Lee gets back in the ring by climbing the ringsteps and subsequently crushing Allin beneath them and tossing Cassidy off his back. Cassidy looks for a Tornado DDT and Stun Dog Millionaire, but Lee blocks it. Allin catches Lee with a Code Red and goes for a pin. Strickland looks for a 450 Splash to break the fall, but Cassidy rolls out of the way and Strickland hits Lee instead. Strickland then catches Allin with a Backbreaker and tosses Cassidy over to Lee. He looks for a spinning kick, but Cassidy moves out of the way once again and Strickland hits Lee. Cassidy then catches Strickland with a diving DDT, and Allin pins him for the win.

Winners: Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin

After the match, Lee fist bumps Cassidy and Allin as Strickland and Prince Nana leave ringside.

We then head backstage to Tony Schiavone catching up with Jack Perry as he pulls up to the arena. Perry says HOOK's action's last week were ridiculous, then says he's on his way to Tony Khan's office to demand an FTW Championship match. HOOK blindsides Perry, but Perry hops back into the car and has his driver quickly take off.

Back from the break, we head over to a video of MJF and Adam Cole working out and training together in the gym.

Back at ringside, The Acclaimed and "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn head down. The Bollywood Boyz and The Blade are already waiting inside.

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn vs. The Bollywood Boyz and The Blade

Gunn and The Blade begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Gunn delivers a shoulder tackle, but Blade rolls him up. Gunn kicks out and delivers a right hand, then tags in Caster. Caster and Gunn deliver a double back elbow before Gurv tags in. Caster lands a back body drop, and Bowens follows it up with Scissor Me Timbers. Bowens then scissors Caster and Gunn.

Back from the break, Gurv and Bowens tag in. Gurv rolls up Bowens, but Gurv kicks out. Gunn tags in and plants Gurv, then tags Caster back in. Caster lands Mic Drop for the win.

Winner: The Acclaimed and "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn scissor in the ring after the match, but Harley Cameron interrupts them on the Titan Tron. She says she thinks it's fair that she interrupted them after they did the same to her while she was trying to show off her talents. She then announces that she made a video for The Acclaimed and Gunn that she'll premiere next week.

We then head over to a video of Jon Moxley. Moxley reflects on his relationship with Eddie Kingston over the years and asks what there's left for him to complain about. He says it bothers him to hear Kingston complain about the younger generation because they paved the way for them and tells him to answer the phone.

We then see Renee Paquette and RJ City draw the name of Matt Hardy's tag team partner in the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament for Friday's episode of "AEW Rampage". City unrolls the piece of paper and reveals that Hardy will be teaming with Jeff Jarrett.

Back from the break, Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring.

Don Callis Makes Chris Jericho An Offer

Jericho says it's a bittersweet night for him because he's accumulated a lot of losses over the past few weeks. He says it's time for him to evaluate things and make a few changes in the place he started. He reminisces over his days training with Stu Hart and the early days of his career, and says he remembers the passion and fire he had back then. He says wrestling is still everything to him and says it's time to become a better version of Chris Jericho.

Don Callis then makes his way down to the ring and says he's hearing that Jericho needs a change. He says six years ago today, he offered Jericho his first match with Kenny Omega at the Tokyo Dome. He says that match changed the course of history and he wouldn't be here without him.

Jericho says Callis wouldn't be here if he didn't bring him back into the wrestling business in 2015, and Callis says they made an agreement a long time ago. He says the two of them make history and he's looking to build a new family after turning on Omega. He says he's building his new family on trust, and when he thinks of trust, he thinks of Jericho. He asks Jericho to join The Don Callis Family, and Jericho says he doesn't join factions because he creates them. He gives him a maybe and walks off.

MJF and Adam Cole then make their way to the ring. "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard and The Butcher are already waiting inside. 

MJF and Adam Cole vs. Matt Menard and The Butcher in a Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals Match

The bell rings and Menard and Butcher blindside Cole and MJF. They send Cole crashing out of the ring before Menard fires off right hands on MJF. MJF locks in an Abdominal Stretch on. Menard, then teases tagging in Cole. Menard escapes the hold by landing a Hip Toss, then fires off shoulders on his midsection and jams his knee into MJF's throat. Butcher then tags in and lands a knee.

Back from the break, Menard tags in and locks in an Abdominal Stretch on MJF. MJF yells at Cole for some help, but eventually manages to escape on his own with a Hip Toss. Butcher tags in and prevents MJF from tagging Cole, then sends him cashing into the top turnbuckle face first. Menard tags in and tries preventing MJF from tagging Cole, but MJF rakes his eyes and makes the tag to Cole. Cole lands a Pump Kick and a Shoulder Breaker, then delivers an enziguri to the interfering Butcher and dumps him out of the ring. He rocks Menard with one of his own, then follows it up with a superkick and The Boom for the win.

Winners: MJF and Adam Cole

MJF Has A Birthday Surprise For Adam Cole

After the match, MJF asks if there are any fans of himself or Cole in the house and says the two of them are Better Than Them, Bay Bay. He asks Cole if he's ready to party tonight, and Cole says sure. He looks to leave the ring, but MJF stops him and wishes him a Happy Birthday. Streamers rain down from the ceiling as crew members bring down a birthday cake, balloons and party hats. MJF puts a hat on himself and Cole, then sings him Happy Birthday. Cole cuts him off and thanks him for the celebration, then says he's done more than enough. MJF tells Cole to male a wish, and he does just that before sending MJF into the cake face first. Cole then tells MJF that what he did was nice and thanks his friend.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Renee Paquette, Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, and Sammy Guevara. Garcia and Guevara question Jericho's confrontation with Don Callis earlier, and Jericho says a maybe isn't a yes or a no. Paquette then announces that Garcia and Guevara will be teaming in the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament, and Jericho tells them to use it as an opportunity to prove themselves because there will come a time where they need to spread their wings and fly.

Back at ringside, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. heads down. The Outcasts follow.

Ruby Soho (w/ The Outcasts) vs. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. in an Owen Hart Cup Tournament Quarterfinals Match

The bell rings and the two lock up. Soho rolls out of the ring for a breather, then slides back inside and delivers an arm drag. Baker and Soho go back and forth with submission holds before Baker lands a shoulder block and a Sling Blade. Soho drags Baker to the outside, then delivers a forearm. Baker finds herself surrounded by Toni Storm and Saraya, and Soho then levels her.

Back from the break, Baker delivers a series of forearms and a clothesline. She follows it up with a neckbreaker, then delivers a forearm. Baker fires back with a twisting neckbreaker and looks for the Lockjaw, but Soho sucks out of the way. Soho looks for No Future, but Baker blocks it and delivers a superkick. Soho fires back with a Saito Suplex and ascends to the top, then looks for a double stomp. Baker ducks out of the way and delivers a Thrust Kick, then rolls up Soho. Soho kicks out and Baker looks for the Lockjaw, but Saraya hops up on the apron before she can. Soho takes advantage and sends Baker into Baker's honorary Owen Hart Cup title as Storm holds it in place. Soho then lands No Future and goes for a pin, but Baker kicks out.

Soho locks in a Crossface, but Baker escapes and looks to transition into a Lockjaw. Storm and Saraya drag Soho out of the ring to save her. Baker then levels Saraya and Storm. She slides back into the ring to join Soho, and Soho rolls her up (with some assistance from Saraya and Storm) for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho

After the match, Skye Blue appears and stares down Soho ahead of their semi-finals match. 

Back at ringside, Wheeler Yuta heads down. Kenny Omega follows. 

Kenny Omega vs. Wheeler Yuta

The bell rings and Yuta blindsides Omega. He delivers a series of chops and right hands, but Omega fires back with a few chops and right hands of his own. Yuta bites Omega's head, but Omega whips him into his head and follows it up with a back body drop and a backbreaker. He lands a boot across his jaw and plants him face first, but Yuta lands a dropkick and ascends to the top. He lands a missile dropkick and kips up, then delivers a tope suicida. Yuta then sends Omega crashing into the barricade and follows it up with a neckbreaker on the floor. Yuta then delivers an elbow to the back of Omega's neck on the apron.

Back from the break, Yuta looks for a senton, but Omega gets his knees up. He then fires off right hands before landing a pair of double ax handle chops and an elbow strike. He hits a Fisherman's Buster and looks for the V-Trigger, but Yuta ducks out of the way. Omega then ascends to the top and lands a superplex.

The pair go back and forth with strikes before Yuta delivers a German suplex. Omega fires back with elbows, but Yuta lands a series of chops and forearms. Yuta sets up for a German suplex, but Omega fires back with a knee to the back of his neck and a pair of Snap Dragon Suplexes. He follows it up with a V-Trigger and sets up for the One-Winged Angel, but Yuta escapes. Omega delivers a powerbomb, but Don Callis marches down to ringside as security stops him. The referee becomes distracted by the commotion on the outside, allowing Konosuke Takeshita to sneak up on Omega and deliver a Blue Thunderbomb. Yuta ascends to the top and delivers a Frog Splash, then goes for a pin. Omegna kicks out and lands an One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

After the match, Claudio Castagnoli and Takeshita beat down Omega. The Elite runs down with chairs in hand to make the save. The Young Bucks deliver the BTE Trigger to Castagnoli and hold him in place for "Hangman" Adam Page to hit him with a chair, but Dark Order runs down and grabs the out of his hand as the show goes off the air.