David Finlay Credits Fighting Family Lineage For New Attitude

The Bullet Club's latest leader David Finlay was interviewed by New Japan-Pro Wrestling. The NEVER Openweight Champion spoke about his family lineage in wrestling and how he uses his legacy to be a fighter.

Finlay's father, Fit Finlay, had a long career in the ring, but is currently working behind the scenes as a producer and coach for WWE. It was the words from pro wrestling legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger that made Finlay realize that his goal in the ring is to be like his father and be feared.

"One day I looked at myself in the mirror, and I remembered that my last name is 'Finlay'. I'm a Fighting Finlay. That last name has a reputation. But a legend in this business [Liger] made a point of telling me he wasn't scared of me, that I made him laugh? That ate at me for years. I don't think anyone's laughing now. My goal is to be feared," explained the current Bullet Club leader.

Finlay also realized that following the rules of the system wasn't helping his career. He noticed that successful wrestlers didn't always follow the rules like Juice Robinson and Jay White. The Bullet Club Gold and AEW stars dropped the façade and became their true selves. Finlay and Robinson used to be a team and are former IWGP Tag Team Champions and Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Finlay is set to be part of NJPW's G1 Climax 33 tournament, which will begin on July 15. He's going to be part of the C Block, which will also include the likes of Tama Tonga, Eddie Kingston, and EVIL.