WWE NXT Great American Bash Results 7/30: Hayes Vs. Dragunov, Steveson's Debut

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com live WWE NXT Great American Bash Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park, Texas.

Our live coverage starts at approximately 7:30 p.m. ET beginning with the Kickoff match. Please share coverage of tonight's viewing party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov
  • NXT Women's Championship – Submission Match: Tiffany Stratton (c) vs. Thea Hail
  • NXT North American Championship: Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Wes Lee vs. Mustafa Ali
  • NXT Tag Team Championship: Gallus (c) vs. Tony D'Angelo & Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo
  • Weapons Wild Match: Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport
  • Gable Steveson's WWE in-ring debut vs. Baron Corbin
  • Kickoff Match: Meta-Four's Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson vs. Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

8-Person Mixed Tag Team Kickoff Match

Frazer and Dar start with wrist locks. Frazer knocks Dar down with a dropkick and Dar tags out to Lash. Leon comes in with a crossbody from the top for a pinfall attempt. Leon helps slam Feroz onto Lash. Legend counters Feroz and slams her to the mat. Lash flips into a cover before Jakara tries a cover of her own. Leon comes in but Jakara strikes her in the corner. Leon comes back with chest chops until Oro tags in.

Dragon Lee throws hands at Oro and then hits a headscissors takedown. Lee boots Oro in the corner and covers. Lash distracts Lee, allowing Oro to attack and trap him in the heel corner. Dar tags in and elbows Lee's head. Oro comes back in and grounds Lee with a headlock. Jakara pulls Oro back to get Dar the tag. Frazer also tags in and goes right after Dar with a running dropkick. 

Lash cuts Frazer off from diving out. She turns around into a hurricanrana from Leon. Jakara gets tossed out and then Feroz launches Leon out onto Jakara. Leon follows suit with a crossbody on Dar. Lee flips Oro off the apron before Frazer dives out onto Dar. Lash takes down Frazer, Leon, and Feroz with clotheslines. Back inside, Dar nearly puts away Frazer.

Frazer hits a moonsault reverse DDT, but Jakara distracts allowing for Lash to tag in. Leon clotheslines Lash in the corner and then goes up top for a missile dropkick. Feroz drops Lash with a DDT, but Dar breaks it. Feroz unloads on Dar with punches. Lash drags her off, tag to Lee. Lee hits Dar with a dragon screw and super kick. Dar cuts Lee off with a punch, allowing Oro to tag in and hit a dropkick. Oro drops Lee on his face, nearfall. 

Lee double teams Oro and Dar before tagging Frazer. Dar back elbows Frazer from the apron, Oro nearly pins him. Frazer backflips with Oro off the ropes and then dives out onto Dar. Lee got the tag and plants Mensah to score the win.

Winners: Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

NXT Tag Team Titles: Gallus (c) vs. The D'Angelo Family

Wolfgang charges Stacks into the corner to start before launching him across the ring. Coffey takes control for a moment before Tony gets the tag. Tony stomps on Coffey and tags out to Stacks, who gets launched onto Coffey in the corner, cover. Stacks takes Mark down into a headlock. Tony tries to chase off Joe Coffey, but Wolfgang clotheslines him on the floor. Wolfgang throws Stacks against the ropes and the proceeds to stomp on him.

Mark trips Stacks into the bottom rope and Joe gets in a cheap shot. Wolfgang briefly applies a headlock before Mark takes over. Gallus continues working Stacks in their corner until Stacks sucker punches Wolfgang and leaps over to tag Tony. D'Angelo mows down Gallus with right hands. Mark is thrown over with a couple belly to belly suplexes, followed by a spinebuster. Wolfgang accidentally lands on Mark when trying to break the cover.

Tony and Stacks simultaneously punch Gallus. Tony hits Mark with a superplex from the top, Stacks dives in with a headbutt for the cover, but Wolfgang breaks it. Tony and Wolfgang double clothesline each other. Wolfgang plants Stacks with a urinagi before tossing Mark out onto Tony. Joe hands a small bat to Wolfgang, but the ref catches it. Gallus nearly put Stacks away while the ref argues with Joe, but Tony breaks it.

Tony powerbombs Mark onto Wolfgang at the stars. Tony hits Joe with a crowbar while the ref is turned. Tony launches Stacks out onto Galls. Back in, The Family drops Wolfgang on his back. Tony pins for the three.

Winners AND NEW: Tony D'Angelo & Stacks

Weapons Wild Match: Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport

Roxanne hugged her family in the front row when Blair attack her from the crowd. They start scrapping in the ringside area. Perez leaps off the barricade with a crossbody. Blair rolls Roxanne in the ring and grabs a chair, but Perez knocks her off the apron. Perez dives through the ropes. Back inside, Perez clotheslines Blair out onto the other side. Perez goes to dive again, but Blair hits her with a trash can. 

Blair grabs a rod out of a trashcan and uses it. She then grabs a chair and throws it at Perez on the floor. Blair strikes Rox with the chair in front of her family. Back in the ring, Blair puts the trash can on Roxanne and then smashes it with the rod. Blair then launches another trash can into the ring before propping a chair in the turnbuckle. Perez finally gets up and dropkicks a chair into Blair.

Roxanne follows Blair out, but Blair strikes her with a belt. Blair torments Roxanne in front of the family again as she whips Perez into the barricade. Roxanne finds a cowbell under the ring and uses it. Perez then uses the belt and whips Blair several times. Perez whips Blair into the barricade twice in an act of revenge. Perez pulls out a table, which pops the crowd. 

Blair gets to her feet and whips Rox, but Rox counters by driving Blair into the apron. Perez goes up top, but Blair cuts her off. Back inside, Blair stacks the chairs. Rox shoves Blair into a propped chair, but Blair counters Pop Rox. Rox gets slammed onto a trashcan for a nearfall. Blair goes for a stomp off the top, but Rox evades and hits a Side Russian Legsweep. 

They move to the apron where Perez tries to sweep Blair onto the table. Instead, Roxanne gets booted to the floor. Perez with a running knee into Blair on the steps. Blair is laid across the table before Perez goes to the top. Perez connects with the splash through the table. Back in the ring, Perez hits Pop Rox onto the stack of chairs for the three.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Baron Corbin vs. Gable Steveson

Gable goes for the leg, which knocks Corbin down. Corbin gets up and Gable goes for the waist. Corbin elbows out and then ambushes Gable. Gable is whipped to the corner but then throws punches to counter. Corbin rolls out to regroup. Back inside, Gable leaps over Corbin and applies the ankle lock. Corbin grabs the bottom rope and rolls out. Gable hits Corbin with a German on the floor. Corbin backs Gable into the ring post before he can hit another.

Back inside, Corbin sends Gable into the turnbuckle and throws his head into the post. Corbin then chokes Gable in the ropes briefly, but Gable tries fighting back with punches. Corbin plants Gable with a firemen's carry, cover. Corbin runs him over with a clothesline, cover again. Gable manages to throw Corbin into the rope, but Corbin goes right back to stomping Gable. Corbin shoves Gable's face, which fires Gable up with punches. Gable hits a belly to belly three times in a row. 

Corbin gets clotheslined out twice. He chases after, but Corbin drives him back into the apron. Gable throws Corbin over the announce desk, but Corbin goes after to prevent him entering the ring. They both fall over the announce desk as the ref counts them out.

Winner: Double Count-Out

Back inside, the two continue throwing punches as referees try pulling them apart. Gable tosses one of the security members and splashes onto Corbin. Corbin blasts Gable into the ring post and then tosses more security around. Corbin turns around is thrown into the timekeeper's area by Gable to end the segment.

Backstage, Lyra Valkyria is interviewed about her match with Ripley. She's curious about the title match tonight, but Jacy Jayne attacks from behind. Jayne runs Valkyria into a garage door and officials break them apart as Rhea Ripley walks by and says, "That's what I was waiting for.

North American Title: Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Wes Lee vs. Mustafa Ali

Ali and Wes both turn to Dom once the bell rings. Dom rolls out and Rhea asks for his title. Dom tells Ali to relax as Rhea steps in between them. Dom turns around to find Wes Lee. Dom tries to run across the ring, but Ali and Lee drag him back in and stomp on him. Ali and Wes take turns chopping Dom while shoving each other in between. Wes flips Ali over, but Ali hits a pair of arm drags. Wes rolls Ali up, two. They slow down and starting trading blows until Wes is thrown into the corner. 

Wes and Ali go up top and Dom shoves both of them to the floor. Dom hits Three Amigos on Ali followed by Wes. Dom tries double suplexing them both, but they counter it with their own double Three Amigos. They each try pinning Dom. Lee kicks Dom, who DDTs Ali. Lee kicks Dom and then hits a meteora, but Ali breaks it. Ali throws Dom out.  He clotheslines Wes twice and then chops in the corner. Wes whips Ali, who dropkicks Dom off the corner. Ali plants Wes with a huge tornado DDT, cover.

Ali hits rolling neckbreaker on Dom and then applies a simultaneous camel clutch on Dom with the Boston crab on Wes. Once free, Dom goes for a 619 on Wes but Ali superkicks him. Dom and Lee are both laid out in the ropes, so Ali goes up top and tries a 450 splash on the apron but they both move. Wes dives out onto Dom but then Rhea charges him. Wes ducks and returns to the ring. Wes goes to launch out again, but Rhea gets on the apron. Wes backs up and then leaps over her to knock Dom down. Wes lands on his feet. 

Rhea tries chasing him again, but Wes manages to throw Dom inside. Rhea grabs Wes and hits him with a Riptide through the announce desk. She rolls Wes inside, Dom covers for a nearfall. She grabs the NA title back and slides it in the ring. The ref grabs it and hands it back, but Wes gets struck with the women's title. Dom covers again, Wes kicks out. Dom goes up top but Ali dropkicks him off, he's caught upside down. Ali goes up top anyway and hits Lee with a 450, Ripley pulls Ali out of the cover. Dom hits a frog splash on Lee for the win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio (c)

NXT Women's Title Submission Match: Tiffany Stratton (c) vs. Thea Hail

"You tapped out" chants start as the bell rings. They lock up and Thea tries going for arm hold. Tiffany attempts a roll up and then reverses into a leg lock. Tiffany backs Thea into the corner off of her before applying a surfboard. Thea works out of it and tries stretching Tiffany's arm. Hail hits a couple arm drags and a dropkick. Tiffany rolls out and Thea tries diving out, but Tiffany counters the DDT.

Tiffany backs Thea into the apron and then stretches her across the ring post. Back inside, Tiffany hits a suplex. She stretches Hail across her knees for a bit. They trade blows until Stratton hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Hail is placed in the turnbuckle to set up Stratton's springboard elbow. Tiffany stretches Thea across her shoulder while standing up. Hail throws Stratton over, she lands on the back of her head. Hail fires up with clotheslines. Hail connects with another suplex. With a hurt back, Thea leaps off the ropes but gets caught in a leg scissors on the mat. 

Hail struggles to stay in it but manages to stand up with Tiffany on her back. Thea manages a bulldog followed by single leg dropkick. Hail dives through the ropes and then Tiffany is pushed into the post. Back inside, Stratton catches Thea's crossbody, but Thea tries for the Kimura. Stratton throws Thea into the corner. Tiffany goes up top, but Thea cuts her off and eventually hits an exploder from the top.

Tiffany tries covering, but Hail applies a Kimura. Tiffany grabs the rope, but it's a no break. Stratton rolls out, backs Thea into the barricade and then tosses her into the steps. Back inside, Stratton connects with PME. She turns Hail over into the Boston crab. Duke and Chase try cheering her on. Stratton sits back into the Boston, pulling Thea more to the center. Thea cranks it in on the left leg and Chase throws in the towel. 

Winner: Tiffany Stratton (c)

Backstage, Dragon Lee runs into Dominik and Rhea. She calls Dragon a wannabe Rey Mysterio. Dragon Lee says they know who he is. Dom says he made the Mysterio name relevant before they walk off.

Valkyria vs. Jayne is booked for Tuesday's show, plus Eddy Thorpe vs. Dijak.

NXT Title: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov

Lock up starts. Hayes works over the left arm and takes Ilja to the mat with the hold. Ilja gets to his feet and reverses it briefly until Hayes takes him back down with the hold. Hayes keeps Ilja grounded for quite a bit. Hayes strikes with a loud chop across the chest. Ilja charges Hayes to the corner for his own chop. They move to another corner for another chop. Hayes fires back and Ilja rolls out to regroup.

Back inside, Ilja hits a big kick to the head to knock the champ down. Hayes springs off the ropes but Ilja catches him with a German followed by a clothesline. Both men take their time until Ilja boots Hayes across the face. They throw punches until they both fall down. Ilja tosses Hayes around with three German suplexes. Ilja hits a senton, cover. Ilja chops away in the corner after Hayes gets in his own chop. Cover for a two.

Ilja delivers more chops and kicks and goes for a cover but the champ won't give up. Ilja traps Hayes in a body scissors, but Hayes rolls back and gets to his feet. Ilja goes down again, but Hayes rolls back for the cover. Ilja clotheslines Hayes twice but Hayes boots him in the face before the third can connect. Hayes spins around Ilja to plant him face first. Hayes blasts him with a forearm into the corner. Hayes goes for gut blows and then a chop. They move to another corner for more chops to each other.

Hayes wipes Ilja out with a massive clothesline, both down. Ilja elbows away at Hayes' left shoulder. Hayes avoids a suplex and rains down his own elbows. Hayes springboards off the ropes with a DDT for a nearfall. Hayes thinks about going up top but instead unloads with punches. He then goes up top but Ilja leaps up with a kick and pulls him down. Ilja goes up and lands a senton, nearfall. Ilja goes for coast to coast, but Hayes cuts him off with a lungblower to the chest. 

Hayes leaps off the top for Nothing But Net, but Ilja counters it with a powerbomb. Ilja delivers a super punch, nearfall again. Ilja and Hayes go up top again and Hayes counters it into a huge cutter, nearfall. Trick grabs the title and tries firing Hayes up. They trade several strikes and kicks until they double kick each other down and roll out. Ilja leaps off the steps and wipes out Trick. Back inside, Hayes goes up and lands Nothing But Net for the win.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (c)

Hayes and Williams stand tall to end the show as Ilja looks on.