Ricochet Recalls 'Good Time' Spent In NXT, Discusses WWE Main Roster Transition

WWE star Ricochet's "WWE NXT" stint lasted little over a year, but he recalls fond memories from his brief time on the brand. Speaking on "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," he shared some of his most memorable moments from his initial run in "NXT," which began in early 2018 and ended in 2019. 

Despite the short timeframe, the former North American Champion provided plenty of match recommendations for fans to check out.

"That was such a good time for me. Honestly, I feel like you could start anywhere because everyone was good. Everybody that I was in there with was so good, so it really helped me out a lot. But I guess if I had to point you somewhere first, probably the WarGames [match] is one of them," Ricochet said. "WarGames is great, but that's a little long. That's a long match. Probably me and Aleister [Black] versus The Viking Raiders, that was one of my favorites [too]."

Ricochet named a few more standout multi-man matches, including a five-way "NXT" Championship number one contender's bout against Adam Cole, Matt Riddle, Velveteen Dream, and Aleister Black. He enjoyed working with the likes of Cole, Johnny Gargano, and former "NXT UK" Champion Pete Dunne, whom he wrestled in a title vs. title match in September 2018.

After a year on "NXT," Ricochet began his transition to the main roster in February 2019. While some "NXT" superstars may experience some nerves as they move up, he embraced the change of scenery.

"I wasn't worried about it at all," Ricochet said. "Not even because I think everyone's going to know me. That just was like, 'If you don't know me, you're about to know me. If you don't know me, you're going to find out very soon.' I've always kind of liked starting fresh."

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