AEW Dynamite Results (8/2): 200th Episode, The Elite Compete, Two Title Matches

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for August 2, 2023!

Tonight's show promises to be a historic one as it is officially the 200th episode of "Dynamite." To celebrate the landmark moment, Tony Khan has promised that the first matches for the highly-anticipated All In event will be announced during the show.

AEW has already made news today by confirming that The Elite have all signed new contracts, and Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are going to be looking to kickstart this new period of their careers in style tonight. They will be in trios action against Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, and Satnam Singh.

The AEW World Champion, MJF is also set to talk on tonight's show. Coming off his and Adam Cole's failed attempts to become AEW World Tag Team Champions, and after CM Punk claimed that he is the real World Champion there is plenty for him to address.

There is also going to be championship action on the show in the women's division as Toni Storm will be defending her AEW Women's World Championship against Hikaru Shida, as the battle between The Outcasts and the original stars continues. Aussie Open will be defending their recently won ROH World Tag Team Championships as well when they compete against Kommander and El Hijo del Vikingo.

The tension in the Jericho Appreciation Society will continue to be pushed as Chris Jericho teams up with Konosuke Takeshita to face Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara as Don Callis continues to try win Jericho over.

New FTW Champion Jack Perry is also set for a face-to-face confrontation with ECW legend Jerry Lynn following his recent comments about the classic company and the title he has won. Finally, there will be an anything goes triple threat match between Penta El Zero M faces Jon Moxley and Trent Beretta following the tag team match they were all involved in last week.

Chris Jericho & Konosuke Takeshita vs. Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara

Chris Jericho starts things out dropping Sammy Guevara, but he instantly springs up and the two then exchange chops until the younger star nails a dropkick and then a jumping knee strike to get the best of things. Garcia comes in and then dominates his mentor as well, with his dancing leading to Konosuke Takeshita tagging in as he nails Garcia with a huge forearm strike and then a cocky pin as he dances with his foot on Garcia's chest. 

Jericho tags back in and connects with a backdrop, while Takeshita then locks in an abdominal stretch with Jericho pulling his arm for extra leverage as he then gets involved. Both men tag out though as Guevara comes in hot and clears the ring, diving outside to wipe out Jericho before then doing the same to Takeshita on the other side. He pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero and then nails a Frog Splash, but Jericho breaks up the cover. 

Jericho and Garcia brawl in the ring, but that creates a distraction so Takeshita can hit a Blue Thunder Bomb and then the Walls Of Takeshita. Jericho tags in but is immediately hit with a Spanish Fly, yet Jericho kicks out. Garcia tags in but is immediately dropped by a Codebreaker, yet Garcia kicks out this time. He fights back with a flying kick and this time Takeshita breaks things up. Guevara nails him with a thrust kick and then hits a Shooting Star Press to the floor!

Jericho aims for the Judas Effect in the ring, but Garcia blocks it. He manages to lock in the Dragon Tamer, but with the official distracted Don Callis breaks that up by using Floyd (the bat) to smash Garcia in the head. Jericho catches Callis and is shocked at first, but then goes and covers his JAS stablemate. 

Winners: Chris Jericho & Konosuke Takeshita

Tony Khan is then shown backstage where he introduces a video clip of AEW's history to date. Matt Menard then confronts Jericho backstage and says next week will be a mandatory JAS meeting. 

Jack Perry Face-To-Face Confrontation With Jerry Lynn

Jack Perry pulls the microphone away from Tony Schiavone immediately, telling Jerry Lynn he gave him a week to prepare for this. He demands Lynn comes and takes his ass kicking like a man. Lynn then appears and says Perry doesn't run the show, and as much as he'd like to make an example out of him, he won't as that would be nothing more than child abuse. Lynn says he doesn't run the show either and he can't get cleared due to his neck.

However, Lynn did call a good friend of his who wrestled in ECW, and he still wrestles today ... RVD! Perry backs away at first, but then attempts to sneak back and hit RVD with a chair but RVD avoids it. He then tries to kick Perry but the FTW Champion escapes through the fans. 

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Jon Moxley vs. Trent Beretta (Anything Goes)

Beretta launches himself at Moxley as he makes his entrance and Penta then does the same to him. Moxley manages to get control though, biting the head of Beretta until he is nailed by a trash can to the head from Penta, while Beretta eats a shot too. Moxley quickly gets back in control with a cutter to the masked man, and he then pulls out a barbed wire 2x4 but he misses and Penta gets hold of the weapon, but he misses as well although he does connect with a backstabber.

Beretta runs in with the trash can, but Moxley is then able to use the barbed wire against him and then piledrives him onto it. Penta then sets Beretta onto some tables outside the ring, but Moxley attacks him which allows Beretta to head to the top turnbuckle and suplex Moxley through the tables outside the ring. Back inside, Beretta nails Penta with a trash can as more tables get set up. 

The three men then go back and forth until Moxley is dropped with double thrust kicks, while Beretta then eats one from Penta as well. He gets placed onto a table, but Beretta gets off, but he is dropped with an avalanche destroyer through it, yet Penta then gets smashed into another table in the opposite corner by Moxley. He then pulls out some thumbtacks and hits a piledriver onto them, but Penta kicks out. Moxley then dumps Penta's back onto them, and he then nails Beretta with a cutter onto them as well. He responds by slamming Moxley down onto them, but the pinfall attempt is broken up by Penta via a trash can.

They all hit each other until Moxley nails a King Kong Lariat to Beretta and then the Paradigm Shift to Penta. However, Beretta runs in with a knee strike to Moxley and he steals the win by covering Penta.

Winner: Trent Beretta

After the match, Moxley locks in a sleeper hold but outside the ring Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta brawl with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Despite the jumpstart, it is the Best Friends that win in the end, as Taylor calls them out for a parking lo brawl.

MJF Speaks

RVD is backstage and he says next week he wants to challenge Jack Perry for the FTW Championship.

MJF admits he's a little emotional, he says he has ADHD, and with that comes with other disorders and the one he struggles the most with is rejection. He can't regulate it and that can make life difficult for him. He says he has been bullied, abused, cheated on, battered, and beaten up in the past, and he blacked a lot of it out. One thing he remembers is the one when kids walked up to him and threw quarters at him and said, "Pick it up Jew boy, pick it up."

He still wakes up in a cold sweat about it, and he decided then that if he wanted to survive this life he had to stab people in the back before they could stab him. However, he's starting to realize that's no way to live as while he protected himself, he became one of them and became a scumbag himself. He says it is hard to be vulnerable and open and he knew it would kill him if he opened himself and was rejected by the fans. 

However, he's not scared anymore and that's because of all the fans. He admits he is still a scumbag, but he's ready to be the fans' scumbag. A person who taught him he can trust and be vulnerable, and that he deserves a friend...Adam Cole. He makes his way down and admits MJF impresses him every day. It's not just because he's one of the best in the world, but because of the man he's becoming.

Cole admits he used to be a jerk because he was scared as well, and he says Max is becoming the man he was meant to be. He says he's incredibly proud of MJF, and so are the fans. He says he called Cole out because he made him a promise, that was that he'd give him a shot at the AEW World Championship. He's concluded that Cole doesn't deserve a match ... he doesn't deserve just any match, he deserves THE match, in front of the most historic crowd in the main event...Wembley, All In. 

Cole signs the contract that MJF provided him and then they hug it out as the graphic is shown to make it official. Backstage, Roderick Strong is shown freaking out about the entire situation, but The Kingdom points out he's forgotten about his other friends. 

The Elite vs. Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, & Satnam Singh

Jeff Jarrett gets the best of Kenny Omega early on with a few bodyslams, and he then pokes Omega in the eye allowing Jay Lethal to come in. Matt Jackson also tags in and attacks the arm of Lethal as Nick Jackson does the same. Satnam Singh then tags in as he looks down on Matt Jackson, but neither of his partners wants to tag in, yet Matt tags in his brother anyway. 

The Young Bucks hit several dropkicks to no avail only for Singh to hit a running crossbody to the brothers. Lethal hits a neckbreaker to Nick and then isolates him away from The Elite with Jarrett then tagging in only to be caught by an elbow strike. Nick then connects with a superkick as Kenny Omega comes in and starts cleaning house until Satnam Singh grabs him by the throat as he goes to the top rope.

While Omega dives back Lethal is able to get the knees up only for The Young Bucks to hit a superkick party on everyone, including Singh who they bring down to size by attacking his knees with a V-Trigger finishing him off. Omega then aims for a One-Winged Angel, but Sonjay Dutt breaks it up while Karen Jarrett distracts the official until Brandon Cutley sprays him in the face. 

The Hardy Boyz then appear and they attack Dutt, meanwhile, in the ring, Jarrett tries to use his guitar only for Adam Page to appear and hit a Buckshot Lariat, then Omega finishes things off with the One-Winged Angel to Lethal. 

Winners: The Elite

Page then says they've re-signed with AEW. They're happy to be here, and here's to the next 200. Omega says whether it be, Dynamite, Rampage, ROH, or even Collision, you'll see more of them. 

A video package is then shown of AR Fox and Swerve Strickland showing up as Nick Wayne trains and they jump him and those he's working with, leaving Wayne a bloody mess.

Aussie Open (c) vs. Kommander & El Hijo Del Vikingo (ROH World Tag Team Championship Match)

Kyle Fletcher starts things out with El Hijo del Vikingo with the highflying star getting the best of the champion early on as he then nails Mark Davis with a strike as well with Kommander tagging in to walk on Vikingo and then hit a hurricanrana. Davis tags in and shows his power with a big boot to Kommander as the champions then work together well with a series of moves to attack the masked man. 

Kommander is able to hit both men with boots to the face only for Davis to throw him into a big boot to the face of Kommander. Fletcher then launches from the top rope to drop Kommander down to the mat, but he is able to kick out. Kommander then hangs on the top r and slips under it to avoid an attack from Fletcher as Vikingo tags in and sends Davis outside as the lucha stars hang Fletcher on the second rope so Vikingo can hit a diving leg drop.

Aussie Open quickly turn things back around outside the ring though as they grab an opponent each, run around the ring and sandwich them together. Kommander lights up Davis with his strikes, but the power of the champion proves to be too much with one chop dropping Kommander to the mat. Fletcher gets involved and drops Kommander to the mat, but it's not enough to win. 

He then misses wildly in the corner and Davis does the same with a senton as Vikingo hits a big springboard dropkick to Davis and another strike to Fletcher. However, he then eats a tandem superkick when he attempts to dive from the top turnbuckle, but the following double team from the champions doesn't get the job done. They then hit Vikingo with double elbows, but as Vikingo is on Davis' back, Kommander jumps onto him and then wipes out Fletcher. 

The two of them then hit double moonsaults from the top rope down to Aussie Open which is followed by a double 450 Splash to Davis only for Fletcher to break it up. Outside the ring, Fletcher launches Vikingo into the barricade, but Kommander misses with his next aerial attempt. The champions then squash him with a double clothesline before nailing another double team move, slamming Kommander face-first onto the mat.

Winners (and still ROH World Tag Team Champions): Aussie Open

Toni Storm (c) vs. Hikaru Shida (AEW Women's World Championship Match)

Hikaru Shida immediately takes the fight to the champion as the two of them brawl back and forth until Toni Storm retreats. Storm heads back into the ring, but is dropped with a shoulder tackle straight away as the challenger continues to dominate things early on. Outside the ring, Shida connects with a knee strike and then launches Storm into the barricade, but Storm manages to swipe the leg so Shida's head bounces off the barricade. 

Despite that, Shida suplexes Storm into the turnbuckles inside the ring and then hits another one in the middle of the ring for good measure. Storm gauges the eyes though and that sets up the Hip Attack which sends Shida to the floor with the rest of The Outcasts jumping her while the official isn't looking. Storm then throws Shida across the ring before locking in a full Nelson. 

Shida gets out of it though and then hits a German suplex and an enziguri, allowing her to charge in with a running knee strike as she hammers down right hands in the corner. The challenger then hits the Meteora, but Storm kicks out. They then head to the top turnbuckle but a distraction from Saraya allows Ruby Soho to help Storm turn the situation in her favor which sees Storm nail the Hip Attack in the corner and then a DDT, but Shida kicks out. 

The women then go back and forth with forearm strikes and chops. Saraya then slids in the kendo stick when both women are down and they argue with it. Shida wants to use it and Storm asks for it, but instead she hits Saraya and Soho, but as the official takes it away, Storm sprays paint in Shida's eyes and then connects with Storm Zero...but she kicks out! Shida then ends up reversing Storm with a high stack pinfall and she gets the win!

Winner (and new AEW Women's World Champion): Hikaru Shida 

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