WWE SummerSlam 2023 Results 8/5: Roman Reigns Faces Jey Uso, Balor Vs. Rollins, More

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WWE presents WWE SummerSlam from Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Eight matches are currently announced for the show, which is expected to be headlined by a Tribal Combat match as Roman Reigns battles his own family member, Jey Uso.

Elsewhere on the card Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar will aim to settle their issues once and for all with their third encounter against each other. Meanwhile, Gunther defends his Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre and Asuka puts her WWE Women's Championship on the line against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair.

Logan Paul and Ricochet are set to collide in singles action while the friendship between Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler will implode as the two of them clash in an MMA Rules encounter. Finn Balor will also once again look to dethrone Seth Rollins as they meet in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout.


Announced Card:

- Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal

- Ronda Rousey vs. Shayna Baszler in an MMA Rules match

- Logan Paul vs. Ricochet

- Gunther (c) vs. Drew McIntyre in an Intercontinental Championship Match

- Asuka (c) vs. Bianca Belair vs. Charlotte Flair in a WWE Women's Championship Match

- Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar

- Seth Rollins (c) vs. Finn Balor in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

- Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso in Tribal Combat for the Undisputed Universal Championship

Logan Paul vs. Ricochet

Ricochet starts out getting the best of Logan Paul with a dropkick, and he then teases diving out of the ring toward him, but instead bounces back off the ropes into the middle of the ring. Back inside the ring and Paul catches Ricochet with a big elbow to the face. He then catches Ricochet on the ropes and drops Ricochet down onto the ring apron as he talks trash to Samantha Irvin.


Paul hits a running powerslam, mocking Ricochet's former tag team partner, Braun Strowman, but Ricochet is able to kick out. Paul then taps into his inner Hulk Hogan, hitting a big boot and then his own version of the leg drop, which sees him fall into the splits on Ricochet. However, Ricochet fights back and then channels his own inner-Rock but instead of a Rock Bottom it's a standing moonsault at the end. 

Paul responds with a huge back body drop and then a Spanish Fly off the apron, but the two men stick the landing and then brawl until they hit another one. Paul then launches himself to the floor with a Buckshot Lariat move as he connects with a high crossbody back in the ring, followed up with a standing moonsault. Ricochet manages to avoid Paul who crashes into the ring post, and then at the top turnbuckle, Ricochet nails a hurricane neckbreaker!


Ricochet nails a back elbow and a springboard clothesline and then hits his own standing 450, but Paul kicks out. Ricochet then catches Paul after he attempts a moonsault, but that is reversed immediately by the YouTube star into a DDT! Despite that, Ricochet fires back with a Recoil and then aims for a Shooting Star Press, but Paul gets the knees up and then almost catches Ricochet out with an inside cradle. 

Paul then plants Ricochet face-first into the mat and springboards across the ring to hit a Frog Splash! He then aims for his punch but Ricochet hits a superkick and then the detonation kick. Ricochet springboards off the top rope, but yet again Paul kicks out. Ricochet then attempts the 630, but Paul moves out of the way and one of his friends then appears and gives him brass knuckles. He connects with a right hand with the knuckle dusters and gets the win. 

Winner: Logan Paul

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes jumps Brock Lesnar immediately, but then is sent across the ring with a German Suplex. Despite that, Rhodes fights back with two disaster kicks only for Lesnar to swat him down on the third attempt as he then charges his shoulder into Rhodes several times until he goes to the well once too many and knocks into the post. The "American Nightmare" follows that with a suicide dive as the fight goes to the outside. 


Lesnar drives Rhodes into the ring post, and inside the ring, he slows the pace down and starts launching Rhodes around the ring. Lesnar continues with the German Suplexes, and as Rhodes tries to get back into the ring, Lesnar smashes him to the floor saying, "Save yourself." Despite that, Rhodes gets back in only to be suplexed again and dumped out once more. Rhodes continues to push back into the ring so Lesnar heads out and F5's him on the floor as Lesnar demands Michael Cole tells him to stay down. 

Yet again he gets into the ring before the 10 count and he takes the fight to Lesnar briefly before being suplexed back out again. This time, Lesnar follows him and F5's him through the announce table. Rhodes gets back into the ring once again only to meet the same fate of being thrown around the ring. Rhodes then gets suplexed again, only this time he rags the top turnbuckle off as he tries to hang on. 


Rhodes then aims to use the steel stairs but Lesnar kicks them away, but Rhodes fights back and launches Lesnar into the ring post. He then uses the stairs against Lesnar and hits a disaster kick and a Cody Cutter! Rhodes follows that with another Cody Cutter, this time from the top turnbuckle, but the "Beast" manages to kick out. He attempts Cross Rhodes, but Lesnar reverses that into the Kimura Lock, but Rhodes makes it to the ropes. 

Rhodes then manages to drive Lesnar into the exposed turnbuckle as he then locks in his own Kimura Lock, but Lesnar escapes by drilling him into the mat. Rhodes responds with two Cross Rhodes and then a third, picking up the win!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match the two men staredown and Lesnar gives Rhodes a handshake and raises his arm.

Slim Jim Battle Royal

Before the match begins, MVP makes his way out and reveals Omos is the final entrant. The rest of the wrestlers begin to brawl but he then enters and immediately throws out Apollo Crows and JD McDonagh. Rick Boogs attempts to fight Omos, but he is thrown out for his efforts. This leads to a group of wrestlers working together as all Brawling Brutes members beat his chest.


Omos fights his way out of the situation though, meanwhile, Otis is eliminated by Imperium. This leads to Chad Gable suplexing Giovanni Vinci out of the ring, but he is then dropped by Ludwig Kaiser. Tommaso Ciampa manages to eliminate both of The Viking Raiders, but he is then nailed by Shinsuke Nakamura. the two of them brawl until Ciampa hits Widow's Bell and he eliminates Nakamura only for Bronson Reed to throw him out. 

Austin Theory nails Ridge Holland with a forearm which eliminates the Englishman, and he then ends Cameron Grimes out for good measure. However, he then turns to face Santos Escobar who eliminates him straightaway, but he is booted out by Karrion Kross. Kaiser tries to eliminate Gable but he hangs on, lifts his legs up, and pulls Kaiser out to eliminate him. Meanwhile, Omos keeps dominating as he gets rid of Riddle and Butch.


LA Knight then starts charging into him and this leads to all the existing members of the match working together to attack him and then eliminate Omos. Grayson Waller and The Miz then start working together, but they don't realize they failed to eliminate Knight and he comes back and gets rid of Miz while Sheamus eliminates Waller. 

Styles hits Kross with a Pele Kick which eliminates him, and Reed pushes Gable up and out.

Final Four: Sheamus, Reed, Knight, Styles

Knight then attempts to drag Reed out and he achieves it, sending him to the floor. Styles then tries to hit his finisher, but Kross grabs his foot which allows Sheamus to eliminate him with a Brogue Kick. Knight attacks him though, nailing an elbow drop, but Sheamus responds with a big knee. Sheamus tries to eliminate him but it doesn't work and Knight joins Sheamus on the top turnbuckle and hits a belly-to-belly on him which leads to Knight eliminating him. 

Winner: LA Knight

Shayna Baszler vs. Ronda Rousey (MMA Rules Match)

It is revealed beforehand the match can only be won by submission or knockout. Before the match, Ronda Rousey offers to touch gloves for the first time in her career, but Shayna Baszler denies it. Rousey manages to take down Baszler several times andthen takes shots to the kidney, but Baszler then responds by grounding down her former friend.


Baszler then connects with a high kick which rocks Rousey, sending her out of the ring, but she returns and is able to continue. However, Baszler locks in a submission, focusing on her leg, but Rousey responds with a huge jumping knee. Baszler then gets caught in a submission, but she spills over the top rope to break things up and save herself. Two officials then check on Baszler, but Rousey throws them away and that leads to the two of them trading punches inside the ring. 

Baszler then connects with a suplex and looks to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch, but Rousey breaks out and tries for the Arm Bar, but Baszler gets out and applies an Ankle Lock of her own. Baszler then locks in the Kirifuda Clutch once again and this time she doesn't let go and manages to sink in the move. She keeps it tight and bites her glove to showcase the pressure, and Rousey fades out.


Winner: Shayna Baszler

GUNTHER (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (Intercontinental Championship Match)

GUNTHER immediately hits a shoulder tackle to Drew McIntyre, but it doesn't make an impact. However, when the challenger responds with the same move, the champion falls to his feet. GUNTHER gets up and nails an uppercut and then takes down the Scotsman to the mat. Things then spill to the outside with McIntyre slamming the champion into the ring apron, and inside the ring, he connects with the Glasgow Kiss. 


GUNTHER tries to catch a breather outside the ring but McIntyre keeps up the attack only to be driven into the ring post. They then go back and forth with punches until GUNTHER drops McIntyre with a huge chop and then a double under-hook suplex. McIntyre gets frustrated by the clothesline attempts so he starts hammering back with some of his own, but GUNTHER hits a German Suplex only for McIntyre to get up and then hit a big clothesline of his own to drop the champion. 

The two men then exchange chops as McIntyre suplexes GUNTHER and hit a neck breaker for good measure. He follows that with a powerbomb and a Futureshock DDT, but GUNTHER manages to kick out. He aims for a Claymore Kick but GUNTHER gets out of the ring, which leads to McIntyre diving over the top rope to wipe him out. Yet when he aims for the Claymore again, GUNTHER intercepts it with a dropkick and a powerbomb and McIntyre is forced to kick out. 


GUNTHER then takes a high risk by diving from the top turnbuckle, which he connects with, yet McIntyre kicks out again. He then unloads with slaps and clubbing blows to the back of the challenger's head and once again a chop-off begins which ends due to a Claymore, but GUNTHER kicks out! THey then head to the top rope, but McIntyre crashes and burns on the ropes. Gunther takes advantage with a splash, a huge clothesline, and then a Powerbomb to wrap things up.

Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Gunther

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Finn Balor (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Seth Rollins heads to the ring wearing the same vest he did the night he injured Finn Balor, while Balor has the word 'Seven' written across the area where he got injured that night. Balor jumps Rollins before the match begins and the two then go back and forth early on in an aggressive manner. Balor takes control by focusing on the arm of Rollins, sending him into the turnbuckles while also yanking down on the injured area. 


The champion turns things around with a series of kicks to the heads as he then drops Balor to the mat to create some breathing space. He picks up the pace and then nails a trio of suicide dives, but back inside the ring Rollins takes too long going to the top rope and Balor attacks the arm once again and then launches him into the ring post arm-first as well. Outside the ring, Balor looks for a Buckle Bomb in the same place he got injured but Rollins reverses and drops him on the ring apron, but Balor is able to hit the move and then inside the ring, he nails a Slingblade. 

However, Balor then runs into a kick to the face only for Balor to respond by driving him to the mat and locking in an arm bar. Rollins powers out though and then hits Balor with two Buckle Bombs inside the ring, which he follows up with a Frog Splash, which Balor kicks out of. The challenger fights back though and dropkicks Rollins into the drop zone, but Rollins climbs up and hits the superplex, but Balor counters the Falcon Arrow with a roll-up and then an overhead kick. 


The two men then trade forearm strikes until Balor drives Rollins into the corner again with a dropkick. Balor misses with the Coup De Grace as Rollins nails the Pedigree only for Balor to kick out. However, Damian Priest then heads to the ring and he nails Rollins with a right hand when the official isn't looking which leads to a Pedigree, but the champion kicks out! Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio then appear and distract the official as Priest offers the briefcase as a weapon. 

Balor turns it down and wants, 'Plan A,' but when they argue Rollins takes advantage with a Stomp, but Balor kicks out! Rollins then takes out Priest and Mysterio, but he gets back to the ring to be nailed with a Slingblade and then the Coup De Grace...but Rollins kicks out! Priest then throws in the briefcase and distracts the official, but as Balor bends to use it Rollins Stomps Balor's head onto the briefcase.

Winner (and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Seth Rollins

Asuka (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair (WWE Women's Championship Match)

Asuka hangs Bianca Belair's legs on the top rope, but she then gets caught into a back suplex by Charlotte Flair who turns to face Belair as they square off one-on-one. Flair gets the upper hand with a big knee strike to the chest, following with a big boot only for Asuka to pull her out of the ring as Belair dives out onto both of them. Belair then gets caught with a big knee strike from Asuka, but Flair stops the pinfall attempt with a boot of her own. 


Asuka suplexes Flair across the ring though, regaining control in this one, but Flair comes back into things with a double crossbody from the top rope as she begins unloading chops on both women. They each eat a big boot as Flair then hits a double Natural Selection, but they're each able to kick out. Flair aims for a Figure Four to Belair, but Asuka stops it with a Codebreaker and all three women then exchange blows as they get back to their feet. 

Asuka uses Belair's hair to dump her outside the ring, but she returns and drops both of them at the same time. Belair regains control and looks for a double springboard moonsault but they get their knees up. Flair gets caught in the Asuka Lock, yet Belair comes in, and this time she nails the move which ends the submission attempt. Asuka smashes Belair off the top rope and Flair does the same to her as she then heads to the top turnbuckle to hit a moonsault on Belair outside the ring.


Asuka avoids it though and she nails a big boot before dropping the Queen from the top rope with a DDT only for Belair to break it up. An Asuka Lock gets set but Flair boots the champ and that sets up the KOD, but Flair lands on her feet only to be dropped face-first. However, Asuka dumps Belair out and Flair regains control, but she doesn't see Belair coming as she connects with a powerbomb. But as she hits that Asuka sets her into a submission which is broken when they both have to kick out of Flair's attempt. 

Flair goes to the top rope and hits a double moonsault, but they each kick out, and then they stop the double Figure Eight. Flair dumps Belair to the outside whose knee slams onto the steps, creating an injury. Meanwhile, Asuka and Flair brawl to the top turnbuckle as Asuka nails a superplex. The two of them then brawl as Asuka lights up Flair with strikes only to be Speared.

She locks in the Figure Eight but Belair fights off the doctors and heads back to the ring, to nail a 450 to Flair, breaking up the submission yet she kicks out. Belair and Flair exchange forearm strikes and then Flair locks in the Figure Eight after knocking Asuka to the floor again. Asuka comes in and blows the mist to her and then tries to kick Belair's head. However, she ducks, and despite still being in the submission, Belair rolls up Asuka to win. 


Winner (and new WWE Women's Champion): Bianca Belair

Post match, Damage CTRL hits the ring and IYO SKY cashes in her Money In The Bank briefcase! SKY hits her moonsault and pins Belair. 

Winner (and new WWE Women's Champion): IYO SKY

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso (Tribal Combat For The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship)

Roman Reigns showcases his power advantage early with a shoulder tackle which drops Jey Uso and he slows the pace down until Uso nails a superkick and then clotheslines the champion out of the ring, following with a suicide dive. Uso sets up a table outside the ring but a distraction from Paul Heyman allows Reigns to come from behind and attack him as he takes it back to the ring.


Uso attempts to pick up the pace with another dive outside the ring, but he is swatted in mid-air with a kendo stick. Reigns then hammers down upon Uso consistently inside the ring and he then continues the attack with his clotheslines in the corner. He looks to follow with a Spear but Uso uses a kendo stick to block it and he unleashes several attacks to the point it splits the kendo stick. 

Uso sends Reigns out of the ring and then launches himself over the top rope to wipe him out again. However, back inside the ring, Uso gets plucked out of the air with a Superman Punch to counter a crossbody attempt. He then reverses a spear with a superkick and then nails the Uso Splash, but Reigns kicks out. Uso then pulls out a chair and despite Heyman pleading with him to stop he continues to attack his cousin. 


He then throws a ton of steel chairs into the ring, littering the canvas with steel, but it is Reigns who takes advantage of that by power bombing Uso into them. The "Tribal Chief" then pulls a table out and sets it in the corner, and Uso gets ready to try to Spear him through it, but Reigns sees that coming. He puts the challenger onto the ring apron as they go back and forth with punches as Uso hangs on above the table outside the ring. 

Uso manages to lift Reigns up though, hitting a Samoan Drop which drives both of them through the table outside the ring. Uso then pulls out a leather strap and starts whipping Reigns with it as he backs away through the fans. Uso keeps in control of the match but then Solo Sikoa turns up and attacks him and plants Uso through a table. Sikoa drags Uso to the ring and delivers a Spinning Solo, but Reigns then accidentally Spears Sikoa as Uso moves, and then he hits Reigns with the move, who kicks out. 

Uso then uses a chair to attack both men, but Sikoa rises to take him out with a superkick. However, Sikoa isn't pleased with Reigns for Spearing him and they argue, which allows Uso to Spear Reigns through the barricade. Sikoa then tries to put his brother through the announce table, but Uso fights back and splashes down on Sikoa to put him through it instead. Back inside the ring Uso hits another Spear and then heads to the top rope to nail the Uso Splash, but then he gets dragged out of the ring by...Jimmy Uso!


Jimmy nails his brother with a superkick and he then dumps him into the ring as Reigns Spears him through the table in the corner of the ring to retain. 

Winner (and still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion): Roman Reigns

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