Seth Rollins Defeats Finn Balor At WWE Summerslam, Retains World Heavyweight Title

Seth Rollins retained the World Heavyweight Championship in his SummerSlam match against Finn Balor, despite the Judgment Day's best efforts to come to Balor's aid.

Balor came out to the ring initially without the Judgment Day, with "SEVEN" written on his surgically repaired shoulder, the shoulder Rollins injured seven years ago at SummerSlam, causing Balor to relinquish the title the next night on "WWE Raw." Rollins also came out playing mind games, wearing the same ring vest he wore the night he injured Balor.

Balor began the match focused on Rollins' shoulder with multiple submission attempts. The challenger dominated the first portion of the match before the champion was able to get in any offense or gain momentum. Shades of seven years prior, Balor was the one to throw Rollins into the ring barricade this time with a buckle bomb. Rollins was able to come back with multiple buckle bombs inside the ring into the turnbuckles.

After a flurry of offense from both competitors, Priest came out with the Money In The Bank briefcase and the distraction almost cost Rollins the match as Balor went for the roll-up. Priest brought out Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley, who came out through the crowd to further distract Rollins. Priest attempted to hand Balor the briefcase to seemingly hit Rollins with, but he refused in confusion. Balor was still able to kick out after Rollins rolled him up following a Stomp. The match ended when Priest once again went to get the briefcase to Balor, this time leaving it at the edge of the ring and going to distract the referee, giving Balor time to grab the case. Rollins was able to stomp Balor's head onto the briefcase and pin him for the victory.