Steve Mongo McMichael Health Update Following Admission To Intensive Care

In 2021, news circulated that Chicago Bears legend and former wrestler Steve "Mongo" McMichael was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). At the time of the initial report, McMichael had already lost 50lbs and could no longer lift his arms; since then, updates have revealed he has gotten sicker. Many feared the worst following McMichael's recent spell in ICU for sepsis and pneumonia; however, his family has stated via FOX 32 Chicago that his health has improved.


"Steve will be in the ICU for a few more days on IV antibiotics to clear this infection. He also has some fluid in his lungs which he is being treated for as well," said McMichael's wife, Misty. "He's as feisty as ever. Our Mongo is back! Please keep the prayers coming."

While to most, McMichael is known for his NFL career, to wrestling fans, McMichael is known for his memorable WCW run, which saw him win the United States Championship at a Clash Of The Champions event in 1997. Despite his short in-ring career, McMichael was also a member of the Four Horsemen stable and even had a brief spell in TNA as a guest referee for a Monster's Ball Match.