AEW Collision Results 8/12 - AEW World Trios Title Match, The Acclaimed In Action

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the August 12 episode of "AEW Collison." This week's episode comes from the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews are set to defend their AEW World Trios Titles against CM Punk and the AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR. House of Black successfully defended their titles on last week's "Collision" in a match against Darius Martin, Action Andretti, Lee Johnson.


TBS Champion Kris Statlander will be in action and will be teaming with Willow Nightingale to face Diamante and Mercedes Martinez. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) are set to be in action too.

Ricky Starks is supposed to speak after losing to Punk and then attacking WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat on last week's show. He has been feuding with Punk for a Powerhouse Will Hobbs is also scheduled for a segment tonight.

Tonight's show opens up by showing what happened between Steamboat and Starks, then it goes to ringside with Tony Schiavone and Starks. Schiavone announces that Starks has been suspended from wrestling for 30 days because of him attacking Steamboat. Starks says that Steamboat cost him the match and that's why he had to hurt him. 


"Absolute" calls himself a good guy and reveals that he has a "manager license," which allows him to be on the show every week. He says that Punk is the reason why Steamboat got whipped with the belt. He proclaims that he is going to set this whole company on fire and will start next week. 

The Acclaimed Vs. Iron Savages

The Acclaimed come out without Billy Gunn. Bowens and Bronson start the match with a lockup. They exchange shots and Bronson gets the upper hand until Bowens tags in Caster. Boulder gets tagged in. Boulder threw Caster in the corner.


Caster tries to lift up Boulder but couldn't and Bowens is in the match now. Boulder has both Caster and Bowens and throws them down. It goes to a commercial break. Back from the break and Bronson misses hitting Caster and Caster goes for the tag to Bowens. Bowens is in the match and he hits Bronson repeatedly until Boulder gets tagged in. Boulder gets a two-count. Bronson throws Caster out of the ring. Bronson is on the shoulders, but Caster hits a drop kick and gets a tag made. Caster finally hits the Fireman Carry Powerslam

Bowens hits the "scissor me timbers" and a double famouser for the pinfall.

Winners: The Acclaimed

Post-match, Caster is on the mic, he says that The Acclaimed is back. This Wednesday they will be wrestling again and says that they have the "spirit" of Billy with them because of his boots. Bowens takes the mic and tells the crowd to say goodbye to Gunn with the scissors.


Backstage to the Bullet Club Gold, where they just talk about how they are the best and it cuts to a commercial.

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale Vs. Mercedes Martinez & Diamante

The match starts off with Statlander and Diamate locking up. Statlander kicks and then Diamante hits a hurricanrana. Statlander tags in Nightingale. Nightingale misses her move due to Martinez holding back Diamante from hitting hit. Martinez tags herself in and she gets a two-count.


Nightingale elbows the face of both of them before she gets tripped on again. Martinez and Paradise lock on and double dropkicks to Nightingale. Diamante hits a lateral press and gets a two-count.

Back from the break, Diamante tags in Martinez. Spinbuster to Martinez and a urangi. Nightingale tags in Statlander. Irish Whip to Martinez and a drop kick. Statlander also dropkicks Diamante. Statlander tells Nightingale to get in the ring and a double senton. Martinez pushes Nightingale into Statlander, she falls off the ring apron. Martinez throws Diamante on both Statlander and Nightingale.

Diamante pushes on the back of Martinez, so Nightingale couldn't get out, during the pin. First, Nightingale tried to go for a roll-up, but it got reversed.


Winners: Mercedes Martinez and Diamante

Backstage and Toni Storm says how it's horrible that she lost her title.

Samoa Joe Vs. Andrew Everett, TNT Championship Match

Samoa Joe comes out and he's going to face Andrew Everett, who is already in the ring. The match starts with strikes to Everett into the corner. Joe is dominating the match. Kicks in the midsection. Everett gets some offense but doesn't last when Joe gets him in the coquina clutch and he taps out. It's another fast match for Joe.


Winner: Samoa Joe

Post-match, Joe has the mic and is waiting for Punk's answer for All In. He calls him a "real b**ch right now" and a coward because of the silence. Punk still ignores him and never comes out.

Back from the break and the announcers talk about Wembley Stadium and All In. Christian Cage is next to speak. His music plays and Luchasaurus is with him. They air what happened on Rampage when Darby Allin got attacked.

Cage makes fun of the crowd and basically calls them inbred. He says that he's far superior to any other wrestler from North Carolina including WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. He goes on about how he feels disrespected by Allin and tells him how he will never touch the title again.


Arn Anderson comes out and interrupts him. His son, Brock Anderson is out with him. Anderson speaks about how Greensboro is "Horsemen" country and then his son is going to face the TNT Championship. 

While Anderson puts up a good fight, Lucharusus keeps getting the upper hand on the second-generation star. Christian tries to intervene in the match, but Arn chases after him. Rights to Luchasaurus, but it quickly turns into a chokeslam to Anderson and the win. 

Winner: Luchasaurus

Post-match, Allin comes out of nowhere and attacks with his skateboard and demands a match next week with Cage.

Powerhouse Hobbs Promo, Miro

Back from the break and Tony Schiavone is in the ring. Hobbs is announced to come and join him. Hobbs talks about last week and how he has never found any peace. He has the "Book of Hobbs" in his hands and the next chapter is entitled, "Redemption." He's trying to redeem himself since after losing the tnt title and the Owen Hart tournament. He calls out the "Redeemer" Miro to come out. Miro's music hits and it takes a few seconds to come out.


Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto come out and attack Miro. They are QT Marshall's associates. Miro gets thrown in the ring and is busy with Solo and Comoroto Hobbs hits him from behind and then puts the book on a fallen Miro.

It's been confirmed that Allin and Cage will be having their match next week on "Collision." It's also announced that up next is the Trios match. JR's music plays and he goes to the commentary table. They talk about how he had a lot of travel issues.

AEW Trios Title Match: The House of Black (c) Vs. CM Punk & FTR

The main event match starts off with Matthews and Punk. They stare down at each other before locking up. Punk is in the corner, the ref breaks it up. Punk has Matthews in a headlock. Matthews blocks some shoulder hits and he tags in Wheeler.


Head scissors to Wheeler. Wheeler tags in Harwood and they chopped Matthews. Matthews tags in King. Big chops to Harwood and then Harwood tries to chop him, but he doesn't even move. King has him in the corner. Almost a big boot, but Wheeler trips him and has him on one knee. He gets some offense then tags in Wheeler and Punk. Big right lariat to King and double dropkicks next. Black holds King back and tells him to "calm down."

Black gets tagged in the crowd cheers. It's Punk and Black in the ring and the crowd cheers. Wristlock, but Black gets out of it and an arm drag. Shot in the lower back, but Black kicks Punk in the face. Punk tries to go for the GTS, but Black gets out of it. Punk mimics Black and sits down, then Black does it. Matthews and King get in the ring, and so does FTR. All six men are in the ring and they start throwing fists. Goes to commercial break once the carnage starts. 


Back from the break, it's just Matthews and Harwood in the ring now. Harwood is on the ring apron. Matthews tags in King, who now has Harwood in the corner. He is slapping around Harwood. Black is in the match now, he goes for a cover, but Harwood kicks out. Kicks to Harwood and he falls.

The House of Black Retain

King is tagged back in now. Chops to Harwood and now a quick tag is made back to Black. Black gets a two-count. Harwood gets a move, and hits a DTE. Matthews is tagged in and so is Punk. Punk hits a reverse DTE. Punk has Matthews ready for the GTS, but Matthews gets out of it. Punk is on the top rope and Punk gets pushed down. He's outside of the ring and King is tagged in.


Back from the break and Punk is getting no offense. King hits a suplex and tags in Matthews. Headlock to Punk. Running knees and Murphy goes the "GTS," but Punk reverses and he does his move instead. He doesn't go for a pinfall, too weak, but tags in Wheeler. King is in the ring and has several dropkicks and a powerslam.

Matthews goes falling and King is finally down. Wheeler flies onto the House of Black. Big Bulldog and he gets the two-count. The crowd is chanting "This is awesome." A double DTE to Wheeler and Harwood.

On the top rope and they are exchanging punches. Harwood tags in Wheeler. Double superplex and Punk is the legal man, he gets a two-count after hitting a flying elbow. King gets the Shatter Machine and a spinebuster to Matthews but Black does some kicks to the other members. Everyone is down.


Harwood does a flying headbutt to King. Wait, Joe comes out and has Punk in a submission hold. A spinning Lariat to Wheeler and King gets the pinfall and retains for his team!

Winners: House of Black