Eric Bischoff Confirms Which Member Of The McMahon Family Is The Better Kisser

In the lead-up to his match against Shane McMahon at SummerSlam 2003, Eric Bischoff made things a tad too personal with the McMahon family by kissing Shane's mother Linda. The segment saw Bischoff invade Linda's home and kiss her, much to the chagrin of an onlooking Shane from the arena where "WWE Raw" was held. On "83 Weeks," Bischoff was asked if the angle was pitched by Vince McMahon or any other member of WWE's creative, and whether he had any reservations about going through with it.


Bischoff revealed the pitch came from Bruce Prichard, who asked him to fly to Connecticut to the McMahon residence, so as to create a sense of realism. "Bruce didn't give me all the details," Bischoff recalled. "He just said, 'We need you to come to Stamford, we're going to shoot a scene with you. It's going to be at Vince's house.' That's all I knew going into the scene." Upon arriving at the McMahon residence, Prichard was welcomed by "two huge dogs" before coming across Vince McMahon "cooking eggs in his kitchen," a sequence of events that felt "surreal" to him.

Once he was clued in on the purpose of his visit, Bischoff realized he was going to embark upon something unique. "It wasn't until I got there that I found out exactly what I was going to be doing," Bischoff recalled. "And I thought, 'Oh, well, this is different, but let's give it a shot.' It was awkward, for sure."


'Vince wanted it to look very forceful'

As he continued to describe the events, Bischoff detailed Vince's involvement in his kiss scene with Linda, "Vince wasn't in the room, I think he was watching from a monitor in another room. Fortunately, we nailed it in one take, and that was the end of it. Vince thanked me, he was excited about it. He had a big grin on his face, he was happy with the scene. As long as Vince was happy with it, I was happy with it." Although Vince wasn't physically present, Bischoff recalled the pre-shoot talk he received from McMahon whereby the WWE Chairman made it clear to him that the scene wasn't meant to be "romantic" in nature.


"Vince wanted it to look very forceful," Bischoff said. "He didn't want it to appear like it was a purely romantic scene. He wanted me to force myself on Linda ... because the reason for the scene was to piss off Shane and to take Shane's hatred of me to another level. What better way than to sexually accost his mother? [Laughs] That would get anybody hot. People can relate to that, I guess." Bischoff stressed that once the initial awkwardness of kissing his boss' wife was out of the way, the scene "felt like any other scene" he had shot in his previous years for WCW and WWE.

"Once we [Linda and I] blocked everything out and took Vince's notes — he wanted to make sure I put her arm behind her back and forced her — that was it. We blocked it. We shot it. I went home."


'Linda Was A Better Kisser Than Stephanie'

For Bischoff, the takeaway from the Linda segment was that "she was such a good kisser." "I mean, I was really impressed," he added. "We had to make it look real, so we really had to get into it. She was awesome, by the way." Fans who lived through Bischoff's run as the dastardly General Manager of "WWE Raw" would remember that he also planted a kiss on Stephanie McMahon, nearly a year before subjecting Linda to his advances.


On the Halloween episode of "WWE SmackDown" in 2002, Stephanie was summoned to her father Vince's office, but upon arriving there, she found Bischoff wearing a Vince mask. Bischoff — in disguise — would start to praise Stephanie for doing a fabulous job as "SmackDown" General Manager before grabbing her and planting a kiss. In a bizarre turn of events, Stephanie would resist at first but then give in, in the heat of the moment. When asked to compare the kisses between the two McMahon ladies, Bischoff did not stutter and had a clear-cut answer. 

"I think she [Linda] was a better kisser than Stephanie, to be honest," Bischoff admitted. "Look, Stephanie — younger, obviously, you know, physically — because she's younger, much more attractive at the time that I made out with her, little witch hat on and boobs hanging out. You know, that was pretty fun! But there's something about, you know ... it's that MILF thing. It's just awesome. And you can tell she [Linda] had not had a lot of attention."