Former WWE Star On What It Feels Like To Take A Spear From Goldberg

Bill Goldberg's spear is arguably one of the most devastating moves in the history of pro wrestling. Former WWE, WCW, and ECW wrestler Stevie Richards — who struggled with some health issues earlier this year — described what it was like to get speared by the WWE Hall of Famer on his YouTube channel


"Knocks the wind out of you, it doesn't feel great," Richards said after detailing every step of the move on a screen behind him. "But as you saw when I slowed it down, Bill actually does more damage to himself than his opponent. So how can I be mad? 

"He knocked the wind out of me. [I] took a little bit of a rough bump. He's never injured me. He's never hurt me. I feel a little sore today after wrestling Goldberg, but that's plenty of people within the business throughout my 30-plus-year wrestling career." 

The clip Richards showed was from his one-on-one clash with Goldberg on the July 28, 2003, episode of "WWE Raw" in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Goldberg, who was chasing the World Heavyweight Championship at the time, picked up the win with ease in just one minute and 12 seconds. 


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