NWA Owner Billy Corgan Discusses The Free Education He Got In TNA

Due to his inability to achieve ownership of TNA back in 2016, Billy Corgan turned around and purchased the NWA a year later, assuming control of the legendary wrestling organization and becoming its new creative force. The legal battle surrounding TNA soured the Smashing Pumpkins frontman's experience there, but on a recent episode of "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Corgan was able to find some silver living from his time with TNA. "As much as it was a crazy legal thing, I got a free education in how to run a wrestling company."


Corgan launched his vision for the NWA by recording episodes of "NWA Powerrr" in GPB Studio in Atlanta, Georgia — giving wrestling fans an old-school vibe, reminiscent of the NWA and World Championship Wrestling shows that aired on TBS in the 1980s. Corgan has since evolved the programming after stating his goal was to never run a nostalgia promotion, wanting to grow his company as a modern product. As a result, he has been using the tools learned during that TNA stretch.

"The most valuable asset I learned was learning how to shoot the promos and produce segments," said Corgan, "which allowed me access to deal with talent more behind the scenes and getting inside character and how character animates in-ring product."


According to Corgan, the key to success in wrestling is having distinct and memorable personalities to enhance the actual matches. He pointed to that same model as what turned WWE into a billion-dollar behemoth — financial resources he is well aware he doesn't have at his disposal. 

"Because of the economic situation with the NWA, I'm not always able to do creatively what I want to do," said Corgan. "Right now, let's say we are the very straightforward and lean version of what I want to do. But I think you see the emphasis on character is really important."