Jim Ross Lays Out The Reason Why Christopher Daniels Never Made It To WWE

In the late-90s, WWE brought in an independent wrestler for a tryout by the name of Christopher Daniels but ended up passing on the future ROH World Champion. On the latest "Grilling JR," WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross explained that Daniels' fate came down to one man.


"Vince [McMahon] didn't see it, he didn't feel it," Ross explained. "Chris is not the biggest dude in the fight but he's a tremendous talent, very skilled. It's just that one guy — and I also don't know what Russo thought of Christopher Daniels. If it had been brought to me and they said 'We want you to hire Christopher Daniels because we've got a creative idea for him,' I'd have no problem with that because he's a good guy, he's a soldier, and he's a good worker, can work a lot of different styles," he continued. "But that never came across my purview. I know we brought him in for a tryout and I don't recall it being bad. He was known as a 'highspot guy' but he could work as well. Just didn't work out for him, I guess."


Ross stated that if it had been solely up to him, he would've hired the former TNA X Division Champion. Daniels went on to a successful career in promotions like ROH, TNA, PWG, and now is involved backstage AEW as a member of the talent relations team. However, a stint in WWE was never in the cards due to how the head of WWE perceived him.