Impact Wrestling Results 8/17: No DQ Match, Tag Tournament Finals

Welcome to our live Impact Wrestling Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois.

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Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • #1 Contender's Tag Team Tournament Finals: Sami Callihan & Rich Swann vs. The Rascalz
  • No Disqualification Match: Bully Ray vs. Black Taurus
  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. KiLynn King
  • Eric Young vs. Kon
  • Savannah Evans vs. Jessicka vs. Killer Kelly

Deonna Purrazzo vs. KiLynn King

Deonna goes for a wrist lock at first before King bucks her off. Deonna manages to trap King into the armbar for just a moment. Once King returns to the ring, Deonna hits another couple of takedowns. Deonna follows it with a baseball slide to knock King off her feet on the floor. King is rolled back in but she then counters a takedown by slamming Purrazzo face-first on the canvas for a cover. 


King hits a couple corner elbows and then Deonna delivers a few of her own. King manages to boot Deonna off the apron and goes for a dropkick but Purrazzo evades. Deonna leg sweeps King spine-first into the apron. They trade forearm shots in the ring until Purrazzo hits a couple clotheslines. Running knee strike is followed by a leg sweep into the Fujiwara armbar. Back up, Deonna pump kicks into a cover. King fires back with a DDT and then a cover of her own. 

King goes for a neutralizer, but Deonna elbows her way free. Another pump kick connects before Deonna hits a flatliner into a koji clutch. King rolls into the cover, kickout. King kicks Deonna in the head and drops her with the neutralizer for a nearfall. Deonna counters King's Curse and drags King down into the Fujiawara armbar again. She switches to Venus de Milo and the ref calls it.


Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

We see Trinity watching the bout from backstage.

Gia Miller interviews Kenny King about Johnny Swinger challenging him for the DMC at Emergence. King then has words for Heath after he keeps attacking people from behind.

Killer Kelly vs. Jessicka vs. Savannah Evans

Santino is speaking to Kevin Knight when Bully Ray interrupts and tells Knight to get lost. Bully pleads for protection from PCO. Moose and Myers walk up, so Bully changes his tone. Myers asks for a match against Shelley tonight. Moose calls everyone a coward until Knight returns and defends Kushida. Santino books Knight vs. Moose for tonight and Myers vs. Shelley for next week.


Killer Kelly vs. Jessicka vs. Savannah Evans

Jessicka and Evans have a staredown while Kelly keeps trying to interrupt. Jessicka tells Kelly she has to be "this tall" to ride this ride. Kelly leaps off the top with a double crossbody. Kelly kicks Jessicka across the chest and goes for a cover. Headbutt to Evans connects. Kelly charges but gets hit with a sitout bomb followed by a big German, Jessicka breaks the cover. Jessicka elbows Evans and then drops her to the mat. Running splash on Evans, Kelly breaks it.

Kelly tries for a sleeper on Jessicka until she gets bucked off. Evans drops Jessicka with a DDT, cover. Kelly breaks it again and then drops Evans onto Jessicka. Kelly pins Jessicka for the win.


Winner: Killer Kelly

A vignette for Dirty Dango airs as he runs down Jake Something.

Moose vs. Kevin Knight

Moose shoves Knight to start and then quickly slams him to the mat. Moose delivers big chest chops. Knight fires back with chops of his own until Moose gets mad and cuts him off. Moose grabs Knight and hits him with Sky High out of the corner. To Moose's surprise, Knight kicked out. Moose throws punches on the mat and then gets in the ref's face to argue. Moose steps on Knight to hold him down. 


Knight escapes a powerbomb and hits a superkick. Knight tries knocking Moose off his feet but doesn't have much luck. He leaps off the top but is met with a standing urinagi. Moose continues to keep Knight grounded and slaps him across the face a couple times. Moose throws Knight to the ropes, but Knight explodes back with forearm shots. Moose is down on a knee as Knight goes for a DDT. Moose catches him, though, and launches him out of the ring.

After the break, Moose pump kicks only for Knight to follow it with a big dropkick. Moose rolls out and Knight launches himself over the ropes. Moose catches him but Knight twists him over onto the ramp. Back inside, Knight lands a missile dropkick. Knight catches a couple roll ups before hitting a Code Red for an even closer nearfall. Moose finally hits Knight with a spear to end it.


Winner: Moose

The Rascalz have a confrontation with Santino backstage.

Eric Young vs. Kon

Lock up to start. Deaner hops on the apron and Kon flattens EY off the distraction. Kon chokes EY in the ropes in front of Deaner, who then strikes EY when the ref backs Kon off. Kon clobbers EY back to the mat and clutches on his shoulders. EY breaks free and manages to drop Kon with a huge Death Valley Driver. EY covers for a two. EY goes to hit Kon with a piledriver with Deaner strikes EY with a chair for the DQ.


Winner: Eric Young by DQ

After, Deaner sits on the chair while Kon chokeslams Young. Deaner hits EY with a DDT onto the chair as well. 

Joe Hendry and Yuya Uemura have a music video montage on working together.

Crazzy Steve sits down with Tom Hannifan for Part 2 of their interview. Steve says he grew up in a trailer park and a broken home with an alcoholic father. Their mother battled cancer and Steve had to take care of his sister. He worked hard for 12 years before signing with Impact Wrestling. In March 2014, that dream came true. It should've been the best day of his life, but it wasn't because his mom took her own life three weeks before that. He portrayed a clown at first, but he is no clown. Nor is he crazy. Tom said he's never heard most of that story. Tom then asks why he's telling this story now. To be continued...


Chris Sabin cuts a promo on Lio Rush. After Emergence, Sabin is coming back for the X-Division title. Samuary Del Sol walks up and says he didn't come here to get attacked in his hometown. Sabin agrees to face Del Sol next week.

No DQ: Bully Ray vs. Black Taurus

Bully walks down to the ring with two trash cans in hand. They start off quickly as Taurus shoulder-tackles Bully a few times in a row. Bully ducks out of the ring only for Taurus to launch himself out onto Ray. Bully gets tossed into the steel ring post. Taurus grabs chairs from under the ring and tosses them inside. After the break, Taurus clubs Bully with a big right hand. Taurus slams a trash can against Bully's back and then repeats it with a chair shot.


Bully rakes the eyes to get some space. He props the ladder in the corner and whips Taurus only for Bully to get whipped face-first into it. Bully punches Taurus in the face until Taurus comes back with a headbutt. Taurus hits a Samoan Drop and then a twisting senton for a two-count. Taurus goes for another twisting senton but lands on the ladder. Bully capitalizes and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Bully Ray

PCO appears in the ring behind Bully. They scream at each other before Bully slams PCO through the table. PCO pops right back up and Bully runs to the back.

Eddie Edwards is upset about what happened to Alisha last week. Kazarian interrupts and security keeps them split while they keep trading words. Eddie says they'll settle it in the ring like men. Kaz says Kowalski wouldn't want it to end like this. Kaz says they'll end it in Massachusetts at Kowalski's school. 


Tom runs down the Multiverse United 2 card, which takes place this Sunday in Philly. 

Sanada vs. Jake Something is announced for Emergence

Set for next week:

  • Del Sol vs. Sabin
  • Trinity vs. Threat
  • ABC vs. Good Hands
  • Deaner vs Laredo Kid
  • Myers vs. Shelley for the World title

Tournament Finals: The Rascalz vs. Rich Swann & Sami Callihan

Trey and Swann start initially until Sami takes over and works Trey's left arm. Sami and Swann double team Trey for a moment until Wentz hits Swann with a cutter in the ropes. Sami drops Trey with a DVD on the apron. Swann flips out of the ring to wipe out The Rascalz. After the break, Trey kicks Swann and keeps him grounded. Trey whips Swann to the corner for a chop. Swann breaks free with a rolling clothesline.


Wentz and Sami get tags. Sami hits the flatliner DDT combo on The Rascalz. But they quickly fire back with tandem offense resulting in a shooting star press into a cover from Wentz. Trey returns but Sami hits Wentz with a piledriver onto Trey. Swann gets the tag and he superkicks Trey and Wentz before hitting a headscissors on Trey who landed on Wentz. Trey double kicks with a springboard but Swann comes back with a scissor kick as Sami drops him with the sideslam. 

Trey spikes Swann onto the canvas before Wentz dropkicks Sami off the apron. Wentz double stomps on Swann, Trey gets the nearfall. Rascalz, Sami, and Swann all hit simultaneous super kicks on each other and fall down. Swann covers Wentz and then tags out. They hit double knees before Trey breaks it up. Wentz dives onto Swann outside. Inside, Trey sprays Sami while the ref is away. Rascalz double team Sami and double pin for the win.


Winners: The Rascalz

The Rascalz will challenge Subculture at Emergence.