Impact X NJPW Multiverse United 2 Results 8/20: Shelley Vs. Tanahashi And More

Welcome to our live Impact x NJPW Multiverse United 2 Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our live coverage starts at 4:30 p.m. ET. Please share coverage of tonight's Viewing Party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the Comments section below.


Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • IMPACT World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • NJPW STRONG Women's Championship: Giulia (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw vs. Momo Kohgo
  • Lio Rush & Trey Miguel vs. Mike Bailey & Hiromu Takahashi
  • TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr. & Shane Haste) vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards
  • DOUKI vs. Sami Callihan
  • Bullet Club (David Finlay, KENTA, Alex Coughlin, Clark Connors, Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. The World (PCO, Josh Alexander, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, El Phantasmo & The DKC)
  • Scramble Match: Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Rich Swann vs. El Desperado vs. MAO vs. BUSHI vs. Kevin Knight vs. YOH
  • TJP & Francesco Akira vs. Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita
  • Pre-Show: IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
  • Pre-Show: Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura & Heath vs. Master Wato, Rocky Romero & Ryusuke Taguchi

Pre-Show Matches

Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura & Heath vs. Master Wato, Rocky Romero & Ryusuke Taguchi

Heath and Romero start things off with a lock up. Heath hits an atomic drop and clothesline to take control. Taguchi helps Romero stomp on Heath in the corner. Hendry gets the tag, followed by Wato. Wato runs Hendry into Heath and then hits a double bulldog. Heath throws Wato into the ropes and then tags Hendry in to take over on offense. Hendry squats with Wato and Team Impact keeps him grounded for a bit.


Wato finally hits a ZigZag on Hendry to break free. Romero returns with flashy offense on Hendry and Heath. Yuya comes in and levels Taguchi with a corner clothesline and bulldog. Taguchi and Yuya trade roll-up attempts. Yuya flies off the turnbuckle with a crossbody. He covers Taguchi for the three.

Winners: Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura & Heath

Impact Digital Media Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Lock up turns into them trading wrist locks. King hits an arm drag and shows off for a beat. Kanemura gets to his feet and they lock up again. Kanemura applies a headlock. He goes for a shoulder tackle but King no sells and does push-ups. Kanemura does a headlock takeover. King manages to turn things around into a camel clutch. King goes for a legdrop off the ropes, but Kanemura evades. 


Kanemura tries for a moonsault but lands on his feet. He plants King with a spinning DDT, cover. Kanemaura finally lands the moonsault for another two-count. King rolls Kanemura up out of the corner and then hits a spinebuster, cover. King hoists up Kanemura, but Kanemura grabs the ref's shirt. Kanemura takes a shot of Golden Amber and sprays but King avoids it. King plants Kanemura with the Royal Flush to retain.

Winner: Kenny King (c)

Eight-Man Scramble Match

Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Rich Swann vs. El Desperado vs. MAO vs. BUSHI vs. Kevin Knight vs. YOH

All eight men lock up like a huddle and then back up. They split into each corner before four men dive out onto the other four. Kevin Knight is first on his feet. In the ring, Swann and Mao dance off for a beat. Swann dropkicks, Mao bridges out of the cover. Yoh hits a kick to Swann's head before Knight runs in and hits a hip toss followed by dropkick. Knight splashes into a cover. Sabin hits Knight with a missile dropkick. Kazarian comes in to work Sabin and hits a legdrop off the ropes.


Bushi dropkicks Kaz out of the corner. Desparado comes in followed by Mao, who cutters Bushi. Desparado offers Mao a handshake, but Mao punches. Everyone applies a chain submission hold, but the ref breaks it when Bushi sits on the rope. Everyone stomps on Bushi and then takes turns hitting a corner clothesline. They target Swann until he starts tossing bodies out. Knight lands a frog splash on Swann, cover and Yoh breaks it. Yoh dropkicks Sabin and Kaz. 

Knight hits Yoh with a Sky High, but Kaz puts Knight in the chicken wing. Kaz lands the cutter on Knight, Desparado spinebusters Kaz. The action continues to break down until Sabin plants Knight and Yoh at the same time. Cradle shock on Yoh, Sabin pins for the win.


Winner: Chris Sabin

Bushi mists Sabin before running off.

TMDK's Zack Sabre Jr. & Shane Haste vs. Eddie Edwards & Moose

Eddie and ZSJ start with chain wrestling. Haste gets the tag and takes over with offense — snapmare, dropkick and cover. ZSJ goes back to targeting the left arm and stomps on it. Haste works over the arm as well. Moose finally gets the tag and whips Eddie into Haste. Moose dropkicks Haste so Eddie can hit the backpack stunner. Moose keeps Haste grounded before Eddie returns with a big chest chop. ZSJ gets the tag and he briefly applies an abdominal stretch. He tries to bot Moose, but Moose doesn't budge.


ZSJ punts Moose on the apron and then locks Eddie's arm up in the ropes to a big pop. Eddie tosses ZSJ with a big suplex. Eddie chops and ZSJ kicks until Eddie lands a Blue Thunder Bomb. Haste uppercuts Moose and tries for a suplex but Moose goes for an urinagi. Haste escapes and cannonballs in the corner, cover. ZSJ DDT's Moose, but Eddie clobbers him with a clothesline. Everybody is down.

Moose and Haste trade blows in the center until ZSJ flies in with an attempted triangle. Moose hoists him up and ZSJ pivots to a sleeper. Haste hits a running knee strike, but Eddie breaks it. ZSJ kicks Eddie's left arm, but Eddie fires back with Boston Knee Party. Haste side steps Moose and rolls him up for a nearfall. Eddie kicks Haste from the ropes, so Moose spears and pins Haste for the win.


Winners: Moose & Eddie Edwards

NJPW STRONG Women's Title 4-Way

Giulia (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw vs. Momo Kohgo

Deonna headlocks Shaw, while Giulia headlocks Momo. Deonna and Giulia have a brief staredown until Giulia tackles Deonna. Shaw and Momo try roll ups before all four stand back up. "Women's wrestling" chant breaks out. Shaw showboats and takes credit for the chant, but her three opponents all attack her and send her out. Deonna double clotheslines Momo and Giulia. Giulia ties up Deonna until Momo superkicks. Momo hits a crossbody off the top on the champ.


Momo hits a 619 on Giulia but Shaw breaks the cover. Shaw double stomps Giulia and Momo in the ropes, attempts covers on both. Purrazzo returns and takes Shaw down with a Side Russian Legsweep into the Fujiwara Armbar. Shaw counters Queen's Gambit with a body drop. Giulia gets pulled out by Deonna, allowing Momo to hit a double crossbody out of the ring. Shaw has a nasty spill trying to dive out onto the field. 

Back inside, Shaw slams Giulia and covers. Shaw fights off Momo, but Giulia chases her up top and lands a huge Butterfly superplex. Momo dropkicks, Deonna pump kicks, Momo kicks Deonna. All four women down. They get up and trade blows in the center. Shaw boots Momo and then spears Giulia when Deonna moves. Deonna hits Momo with a lungblower before booting Shaw. Shaw cuts Deonna off up top and hits a huge Spanish Fly. Momo and Giulia break the cover.


Shaw delivers chops and an uppercut to the champ. Momo plants Shaw with a DDT. Giulia suplexes Momo. Deonna hits Giulia with Queen's Gambit for a nearfall. Fujiwara applied. Shaw stops Momo and applies her own arm hold. Deonna and Shaw kick each other and throw slaps to break the holds. Shaw drops Deonna with Shock and Awe. Momo superkicks Shaw, but Shaw fires back with a spinebuster. Giulia rolls Shaw up and then slaps her. Giulia hits a Northern Lights Bomb on Shaw for the three.

Winner: Giulia (c)

Momo strikes Giulia right after the bell, but Giulia hits her with a driver in return.

South Philly Street Fight: Douki vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan gets on the mic and says it feels like we've been missing some hardcore action tonight. He pitches this to be a South Philly Street Fight. Douki agrees and immediately attacks Sami.

Douki grabs a chair and sits Sami on it outside. He goes for a running kick but Sami moves. He pops Douki up for a DVD on the floor. Sami launches chairs into the ring. Sami grabs his own 8x10 photo and uses it to slice between Douki's fingers and then his armpit. Sami piles chairs on Douki and then strikes him with one. He props a chair in the turnbuckle but Douki fights his way out. Enzigirui connects and then Sami runs into the chair. Douki retrieves a kendo stick.


Douki strikes Sami but Sami thumbs Douki in the eye to steal the stick. Douki blocks the stick with a chair and then drop-toeholds Sami onto a chair. Douki piles the chairs and goes up top for a stomp, nearfall. Sami catches Douki with a twisting neckbreaker off the ropes, cover. Sami grabs a ladder and props it in a corner. Douki counters the piledriver, sending Sami into the ladder. Douki plants with a DDT and covers.

Douki goes for Douki Bomb but Sami moves and Douki lands on the ladder. Sami plants Douki but Douki somehow kicks out at one. Sami lands Cactus Driver for a super close nearfall. Callihan stands a few chairs up. They both stand on top of the chairs. Callihan grabs a handful of Douki's crotch before hitting a big Cactus Driver 97 on the chairs. Sami covers for the win.


Winner: Sami Callihan

TJP & Francesco Akira vs. TMDK's Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita

Akira and Fujita start as Akira goes for the legs. Fujita ties him up in a waist lock. They stare down and lock up again, Fujita gets the headlock. Akira hits an arm drag but then gets cut off with a dropkick. Fujita chops Akira's already bruised chest. TJP comes in and dropkicks the back, cover. Eagles tags in and surprises TJP with a dropkick. Akira's knees get smashed into the canvas off a double team. Robbie sits on the knee and covers. Fujita applies a leg lock, but Akira reaches the bottom rope.


TJP dropkicks Robbie on the other side before Akira hits Fujita with an assisted hurricanrana. Akira dives out onto TMDK and partially hits the barricade. TJP helps Akira senton onto Fujita, TJP covers. Eagles returns with a hurricanrana on Akira followed by a spinning heel kick. TJP eats a dropkick as well. Eagles hits a double running knees on Akira with force and then dropkicks the knee. Akira gets tied up in the center of the ring. TJP breaks the hold, but Fujita tosses him right back out.

Akira tries for a roll up and then lands a reverse rana. TJP and Fujita get tags at the same time. Fujita dropkicks a couple times to keep TJP down. TJP almost steals the win before Akira superkicks Fujita. Double stomp to the chest connects before Akira dives onto Eagles. TJP's splash on Fujita gets a nearfall. Robbie shoves Akira off the top. TMDK double teams TJP. Fujita hits a belly to belly for another close fall. Eagles accidentally kicks Fujita when TJP ducks. Akira pulls Eagles out and Catch 2-2 face plant Fujita together. They hit a double running knee strike and TJP covers for the win.


Winners: TJP & Francesco Akira

Bullet Club vs. The World 12-Man Tag

Bullet Club (David Finlay, KENTA, Alex Coughlin, Clark Connors, Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. The World (PCO, Josh Alexander, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, El Phantasmo & The DKC)

Tonga and Finley start the bout with a head-to-head. Finley spits in his face and then they start throwing punches. Tama clotheslines David out of the ring and then leaps out. Bullet Club attacks Tama and everyone starts brawling. Back inside, PCO and Coughlin chop each other. Coughlin hits PCO with a gut wrench, but PCO pops right back up and clotheslines Coughlin out. Both teams break out into another brawl. DKC and Connors get tags and DKC takes control. Connors keeps DKC in the Club's corner so Coughlin can tag in.


Finley unloads on DKC before Bullet Club gangs up while the ref is turned around. Josh gets in the ring for the first time since March. He throws bodies around with German after German. Ace flips Josh off the top and Bey uppercuts. Connors tries for a cover. Ace takes over, working Josh's left arm. ABC double teams again. Kenta finally tags in and kicks Josh in the back, cover. ABC try again for a double team but Josh counters with a double suplex. 

Finley and ELP are legal. BC tries holding ELP in the corner but he breaks free and lands a big crossbody. ELP dives out, rolls back in and moonsaults Finley, Ace breaks it. Loa comes in for the first time with clotheslines. The World circles Finley and each man takes shots at him until PCO hits a chokeslam, DKC splashes, but BC breaks it. Josh counters Kenta's GTS and applies an ankle lock. Meanwhile, Ace dives out onto the field. PCO sends Kenta out and then does a dive of his own.


PCO goes to the top for a PCOsault. DKC tries to splash on Finley, but he gets his knees up. Finley powerbombs DKC for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club

The bell doesn't stop them as Bullet Club continues beating people down and clearing the ring until they're left standing tall. 

Lio Rush & Trey Miguel vs. Mike Bailey & Hiromu Takahashi

Trey and Takahashi start the bout. Trey backs him into the corner and stomps. Lio and Bailey get tags. They meet in the middle as Bailey offers a handshake but Rush slaps his face. They flip around each other until Bailey kicks Rush across the chest. Rush tries to escape Takahashi but ends up gaining control thanks to an assist from Trey. Trey tags in and continues punching away at Takahashi. Trey and Lio double team with a dropkick before knocking Bailey off the apron.


Bailey eventually returns as the legal man and unloads with kicks on Trey. Bailey does a running shooting star, kickout. Rush charges Speedball in the corner. He dodges kicks and manages to plant Bailey with a fisherman's driver for a two count. Takahashi dropkicks Trey to save Bailey. Bailey then moonsaults out onto Trey. Lio dives through the ropes on Bailey. Hiromu and Trey get the tags and they slap each other repeatedly. Trey lands a few kicks, but Takahashi plants him anyway for a nearfall.

Bailey saves Takahashi from Trey's cover. Outside, Rush tries to choke out Bailey. Takahashi counters Trey and hits a pop up powerbomb. Bailey and Takahashi double sueprkick Trey. Takahashi holds Trey on his shoulders so Bailey can hit Ultimo Weapon, but Rush breaks it. All four men are down and the crowd comes alive. Trey rakes Taka's eyes, Lio gets the tag. Rush hits Rush Hour stunner on Takahashi for a nearfall. Trey hits Bailey with Meteora on the floor. Rush flips off the ropes to knock down Takahashi.


Back inside, Rush goes for Final Hour, but Taka gets his knees up. He dumps Rush into the corner and tries for Time Bomb, but Rush low blows him while the ref deals with Trey. Rush pins Takahashi for the win. 

Winners: Lio Rush & Trey Miguel

Bailey checks on Hiromu as Lio cuts a brief promo. Lio says he's not the only champ around town and he wants more gold. He makes it clear he wants the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title. 

Impact World Title: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

The main event starts with Tanahashi backing the champ into the corner. They lock up again and Shelley pivots Tana into the corner. He backs up after a few counts. Tana does some rock star posing before applying a headlock. Shelley elbows his way out and then blasts Tana's left arm in the rope for separation. Tana breaks free from the champ and pulls Shelley into the ring post between his legs. Tana starts stomping away at the left leg on the floor.


The champ takes back over and stomps on Tanahashi's elbow on the apron. It only fuels Tanahashi to go right back after Shelley's left leg with more corner targets. Shelley plants Tanahashi with Sliced Bread and then applies the Border City Stretch until Tana reaches the ropes. On the other side, Tana uses the ropes to dragonscrew Shelley's hurt leg. Tanahashi goes to take out the leg again, but Shelley hits an enziguri and they both go down. They trade blows while rising to their feet. 

Tanahashi hits three Twisted Shells in a row. Tanahashi lands the slingblade but only gets a two count. Tana goes for the splash off the top but Shelley rolls out of the way. Instead, Shelley hits the running knee to the back of the head followed by a ripcord clothesline for a nearfall. Tana throws Shelley back into a bridging suplex, kick out. Another slingblade connects before Tana goes up top. Shelley pops up and cuts him off. Shelley extends the left arm before headbutting. 


Shelley drops Tana with an air raid crash from the top, but somehow The Ace kicks out again. Shelley picks Tanahashi up for Shell Shock and that secures him the three-count.

Winner: Alex Shelley

New Japan officials hand the Impact World title to Shelley and the champ celebrates to send us home.