Ted DiBiase Looks Back On Match Against Randy Savage At WWE WrestleMania 4

A tournament to crown a new WWE Champion was held at WrestleMania 4. The finals clash saw the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage defeat Ted DiBiase to win the vacant gold. DiBiase reflected on facing Savage at WrestleMania 4 on the "Everybody's Got A Pod" podcast.


"I had no problems with Randy [Savage]," DiBiase said. "I've heard people have had problems with Randy, but Randy and I got along fine. Again, one more example of having something in common, we came from wrestling families. I think that played into it ... The first time Randy and I, I think, ever touched was at WrestleMania 4. The main event at WrestleMania 4. The first match we ever had, the first time we were ever in the ring together, I believe. 

"And for a guy who came from a wrestling background, he was somebody who liked to map it all out. I was kind of surprised, but I said, 'Okay.' But I would just add a couple of things in there. I would say, 'Look, as we're doing this, if I have something that comes to mind, give me the grace. Let's do it if it's a spot or whatever, but we're gonna always come back to this.' So as long as I gave him that security, he was fine."


According to Cagematch, DiBiase first faced Savage on a WWE house show at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama, on September 27, 1987. Before their WrestleMania 4 clash, they faced off twice more, once on a non-televised event and once on an episode of "Saturday Night's Main Event." The last time DiBiase stepped into the ring with Savage was at Madison Square Garden for WWE's Headlock On Hunger house show in January 1993.