Ted DiBiase Shares His Memories Of Bruiser Brody, Reaction To His Murder

On a recent episode of "Everybody's Got a Pod," WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase recalled joining Mid-South Wrestling at the beginning of his career. Upon joining the promotion, he traveled with Bruiser Brody, noting that it was his first road trip with one of the roster members. According to "The Million Dollar Man," Brody was a standout presence who was over with fans all around the world.


"He was... bigger than life," DiBiase said of Brody before noting that both he and Stan Hansen were two of the biggest American stars to ever compete in All Japan Pro-Wrestling. Unfortunately, Brody's life was cut short following a tragic incident.

On July 16, 1988, Bruiser Brody was stabbed in the locker room shower before he was scheduled to face Dan Spivey at a World Wrestling Council show in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The scuffle that led to the stabbing took place after José Huertas González, a wrestler and booker in WWC at the time, was purported to have asked Brody to step into the shower to talk about business. Afterward, González allegedly attacked Brody with a knife he had hidden under a towel. Brody died on July 17, and his death had an impact on DiBiase.


"I was just sick. I mean, for a guy of his stature to die that way... He gets knifed by a guy who's hiding a knife. It wasn't like a 'C'mon, let's fight.' It's like... they'd had a confrontation, and Brody ain't gonna back out from anybody. And he kind of put the guy in his place, really. And [the guy] couldn't stand that, so he gets knifed and shower and basically bleeds to death."

DiBiase also said that he believes Brody would have survived if the ambulance arrived sooner. Furthermore, the incident was enough to stop DiBiase from ever working shows in Puerto Rico. "I wouldn't even consider it after that," he said.

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