Impact Wrestling Results 8/24: Shelley Defends Against Myers, Trinity In Action

Welcome to our live Impact Wrestling Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois.

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Here is what's in store for tonight on the go-home show for Emergence:

  • Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Brian Myers
  • Trinity vs. Jody Threat
  • Samuray Del Sol vs. Chris Sabin
  • ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. The Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler)
  • Deaner vs. Laredo Kid

PCO Attacks; Trinity vs. Jody Threat

PCO wastes no time in attacking both Champagne Singh and Shera before a match can begin. PCO crashes through a table with Singh on it. Bully Ray then appears on the tron and calls his attention. Bully knows that PCO wants to get to him, but Bully's not leaving his hotel room because Impact cannot guarantee his safety. Bully wants to make sure he's the person to take out Perfect Creation One.


Trinity vs. Jody Threat

Threat goes for a waist lock and eventually takes Trinity down into a brief arm hold. They get back on their feet for a staredown. Trinity applies a headlock and then slides to avoid a clothesline. She hits a hip attack and does the splits for a quick cover. Threat takes back control with a suplex into a cover. They trade several blows until Trinity splashes in the corner with a forearm. Trinity jumps off the top and rolls through only to get clobbered with a clothesline. 

Threat hits the double running knees in the ropes and tries for the German, but Trinity back elbows. Threat hits a driver and covers. Trinity plants Threat and nearly puts it away. After more back and forth, Trinity hits the full nelson bomb into the cover for the win.


Winner: Trinity

We see a vignette for Jake Something.

Impact wishes the best to the family of Terry Funk.

Deaner vs. Laredo Kid

We see a recap of Multiverse United 2.

Gia interviews Josh Alexander about his journey to returning. Josh says 5 months may not seem like a long time, but it was a lifetime to him. He says that after Emergence, he's back at the World title.


Deaner vs. Laredo Kid

Deaner takes Kid down with an arm hold. Back on their feet, Deaner applies a headlock before Kid takes him down with a takedown and backbreaker. Kid slides out of the ring and face to face with Kon. Kid turns around to a clothesline from Deaner. Back inside, Deaner hits a neckbreaker and tries for the cover. Deaner yells at Kid and slaps his face before Kid makes a comeback. Kid hits a missile dropkick and then sits out with a driver, cover. Kid goes up top and decides to jump out onto Kon out of nowhere. Back inside, Deaner catches Kid with his signature DDT for the win.

Winner: Deaner

Deaner grabs a mic and sends a message to Eric Young. He challenges EY to a No DQ match at Emergence this Sunday.


A vignette for Johnny Swinger airs ahead of his Digital Media title match this weekend.

Gia tries to interview PCO but he keeps yelling out for Bully Ray.

ABC vs. The Good Hands

John Skyler runs down Chicago on his way to the ring.

Austin and Skyler start the bout. Ace works the arm before pivoting to a headlock. Skyler takes Ace to the heel corner and tags Hotch. Ace does his best to work both of them before rolling across and tagging out. Bey double stomps Skyler and then takes Hotch down into a cover. Ace comes back in and tries for another pinfall attempt. Ace with a snap suplex, tag to Bey who lands an elbow.


After the break, Ace takes Skyler to the corner. Ace knocks Hotch off the apron but then Skyler runs Ace into the post. The Good Hands take advantage and double team Ace for a beat until Hotch tries the cover. Skyler does the same thing but doesn't have luck. Hotch wraps himself around Ace and works the left arm particularly. Bey finally gets the hot tag and takes on both Good Hands alone. He then hits the DDT combo and kips up. 

Bey slingshots himself back inside with a DDT for a nearfall on Skyler. Ace returns but struggles to hit 1 2 Sweet at first. Skyler takes advantage and shoves Bey into Ace. Bey gets tossed out, but Aces goes for the roll up. Ace gets his arm dragged into the rope. Good Hands hit the Famer but Bey breaks the cover by dropkicking Skyler. Bey hits Famouser off the rope and then dives out to Skyler. Ace tags Bey and they double kick in the corner. 1 2 Sweet connects for the win.


Winners: ABC

We hear from Subculture as they'll defend against The Rascalz at Emergence.

Joe Hendry and Yuya Uemura will test their tag team skills on the Emergence pre-show.

Samuray Del Sol vs. Chris Sabin

We see a video package on Trinity vs. Purrazzo II for Emergence. 

Samuray Del Sol finally makes his awaited Impact debut after getting attacked by Bully Ray a few weeks back.

Samuray Del Sol vs. Chris Sabin


They start with chain wrestling as Sabin tries focusing on the left arm. Del Sol hits a few arm drags and chops at the chest. He flips off the ropes and launches Sabin across the ring. Del Sol teases diving out by poses in the ring. Back inside, Sabin grounds Del Sol by slamming his knees against the canvas. Del Sol crawls to the bottom rope to break up a leg hold. Sabin dropkicks the knee and goes back into a leg submission. Del Sol eventually reaches the rope again.

Sabin wraps Del Sol's leg in the rope and dropkicks it again, cover. Del Sol tries to make a comeback before the break but doesn't have much luck. We return to Sabin hitting a neckbreaker. He pivots to another hold, this time stretching the arms. Del Sol finds a way out and kicks Sabin a few times. Del Sol manages to spike Sabin into the mat with a short hurricanrana. Del Sol launches off the ropes with a crossbody, cover. 


Sabin clotheslines Del Sol in the corner and then Del Sol's knee gives out. Sabin hits a powerbomb, nearfall. Sabin switches to an STF and the bridges into suplex and cover. Del Sol hits SDS out of nowhere but Sabin rolls out to avoid the pin. Del Sol wipes out Sabin at ringside. They go up top but eventually roll through. Sabin hits an enziguri followed by Cradle Shock for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley vs. Brian Myers

Crazzy Steve sits down with Hannifan for the third and final interview. Steve wants Tom to help him carry his message. He's tired of being abandoned and forgotten. If he can't be the antidote to evil, perhaps he needs to be the plague. Steve says there is nothing casual about this kind of blindness. He pleads with Tom to help him. Officials try to calm Steve down, but he loses control and tries choking one of them while spewing green mist out of his mouth. Steve says he's comfortable with evil. 


We see a vignette for MK Ultra ahead of their four-way defense at Emergence, followed by a vignette for Edwards vs. Kazarian.

Footage is shown of PCO running in the halls of Bully's hotel searching for him.

Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley vs. Brian Myers

Lock up starts. Shelley takes Myers to the corner before backing off. Myers gets to his feet and they lock up again. Myers with a midsection shot before Shelley backslides him into a cover. Shelley pivots to the Border City Stretch for a moment before Myers reaches the bottom rope. Shelley hyperextends the elbow twice at the request of Chicago. Myers manages to trip Shelley in the ropes and then runs the champ back-first into the apron.

After the break, Myers slams Shelley a couple times and tries for covers. They trade blows in the center and then Shelley explodes with one more forearm for space. Shelley drops Myers face first in the turnbuckle and then applies Border City Stretch. Myers rolls it into a cover. Back up, Myers kicks the champ and drops him with an implant DDT for a nearfall. Myers pulls out the spear for another nearfall. Shelley goes for the stretch, Myers almost reaches the rope. Shelley rolls Myers back and fully applies the stretch for the tap out.


Winner: Alex Shelly (c)

Moose and Bully Ray immediately attack Shelley after the bell. Bully whips Shelley with the world title until Alexander and Kushida run down. Meanwhile backstage, Lio Rush attacked Sabin. Back in the ring, the other six men continue brawling as Bully bites Josh's forehead. Josh returns the biting favor as everyone continues fighting and the show goes off the air.