Impact Emergence Results 8/27: Trinity Vs. Purrazzo II, SANADA Returns And More

Welcome to our live Impact Emergence Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Rebel Entertainment Center in Toronto.

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Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • Impact Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo
  • Josh Alexander & Time Machine (KUSHIDA, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs. Moose, Brian Myers, Bully Ray & Lio Rush
  • Back To School Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian
  • SANADA vs. Jake Something
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Subculture (c) vs. The Rascalz
  • Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly) (c) vs. Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans vs. The Death Dollz vs. The Coven
  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Johnny Swinger
  • No Disqualification Match: Eric Young vs. Deaner
  • Pre-Show: The Good Hands vs. Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura
  • Pre-Show: Mike Bailey vs. Alan Angels

Countdown Pre-Show Matches

Alan Angels vs. Mike Bailey

It doesn't take long for the action to spill out of the ring where Angels maintains control. Back inside, Angels goes for a cover multiple times but Bailey remains resilient. Once Bailey finally gets back to his feet, he hits a moonsault out of the ring to wipe Angels out. Back inside, Bailey fires away with kicks. Angels gets turned inside out and Bailey gets a nearfall. Bailey nearly kicks the ref, allowing Angels to rake the eyes. Angels gets a kick in before Bailey counters with two more kicks and then the tornado kick. Bailey connects with Ultimo Weapon for the win.


Winner: Mike Bailey

Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura vs. The Good Hands

After a brief promo battle, Hendry and Hotch start the bout. Yuya comes in shortly after and grounds Hotch with a headlock. Skyler knees Yuya in the back from the apron, which allows Hotch to take control. The Good Hands double stomp on Yuya while the ref keeps Hendry out. Skyler keeps Yuya separated from Hendry and traps him in a headlock on the mat. Hendry finally gets the hot tag and manages to double team Good Hands. Yuya and Joe finally get to work together and they score the pinfall victory.

Winners: Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura

The main card opens with an "In Memory of" graphic for both Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda followed by a 10-bell salute.


No DQ: Eric Young vs. Deaner

Deaner taunts EY with a VBD towel at the start. Deaner throws it down and they start throwing hands. EY sends Deaner into Kon and then plants him with a belly to belly suplex. A ladder is introduced as EY gets thrown into it. Deaner grabs a chain and starts choking EY on the floor. Deaner grabs a trash can lid and cookie sheets as they re-enter the ring. Kon hands Deaner a chair to get propped in the ropes. Deaner uses the pans and lids against EY before setting the ladder up inside.


Deaner puts the trash can on EY and strikes him with a chair. Deaner starts to scale the ladder, but EY finally gets up. He hits Deaner with a driver into the trash can. He goes for a cover, but Kon pulls him out and tries to choke him in the post. EY manages to grabs the handcuffs and gets Kon cuffed to the bottom turnbuckle. Back inside, EY staples Deaner's hand. He scales the ladder and hits a big elbow drop from the top. EY covers for a nearfall.

Kon breaks the cuffs and distracts EY. Deaner low blows EY from behind, which sets up Kon chokeslamming EY through two set up chairs. Deaner covers, but EY kicks out. Deaner retrieves a sheet of wood plastered in barbed wire. EY manages to hoist both Kon and Deaner up on his shoulders and drops them on the wire. EY hits Deaner with a piledriver on the barbed wire for the win.


Winner: Eric Young

Gia interviews Hendry and Yuemura about their future as a team.

We see Taylor Wilde is hurt backstage. KiLynn blames Jody Threat, but Santino books Threat to team with King in the tag match tonight.

Four-Way Knockouts Tag Title Match

MK Ultra (c) vs. Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans vs. Death Dollz vs. KiLynn King & Jody Threat

Masha and Shaw start the bout with a lock-up. After some grappling, Masha shoves Gisele and KiLynn tags in. Masha and King trade strikes until Masha gets caught in a wheelbarrow slam. Masha comes back by rolling King through and then booting her across the face. Kelly comes in with a pump kick. King manages to hit a stalling suplex but Rush breaks the cover. Jessicka hits elbows on King but then Shaw and Evans take over double teaming Kelly. Evans and Kelly duke it out until King tags in on Evans.


They trade blows again but King chokes Kelly and then drops her in the corner. King tags out to Threat who whips Kelly across to the ropes. Threat hits the double knees followed by a German. Threat gets excited and tags out to Rush, forgetting KiLynn is her partner. Death Dollz try double teaming Kelly, but she counters with a double DDT. Masha gets the tag and she kicks Evans and King. Masha tosses Rush with a suplex, Shaw and Threat break it up. Masha double dropkicks them out.

Rush rolls Masha up, two. Rush then hits a spear before Evans drops her with a running Samoan Drop. More action breaks down as everyone hits their signature moves. Threat drivers Shaw, but then Kelly clotheslines Threat out. MK Ultra double knees and double piledriver on Rush. They double pin to retain.


Winners: MK Ultra (c)

Digital Media Title: Kenny King (c) vs. Johnny Swinger

Gia asks Johnny Swinger if tonight is the night he wins a title. He's been thinking about this since he was 12.

They finally lock up and King backs Swinger into the corner. Swinger decides to roll out as King yells at him. King goes out and re-enters only for Swinger to accidentally low blow him by pulling the rope up. Swinger strikes and stomps until King gets a few shots in. They run around for a beat and then Swinger hits an elbow drop. King catches Swinger with a powerslam, cover. King chokes Swinger in the ropes and then Sheldon Jean gets involved behind the ref's back.


After a bit, Swinger acts like he's going to go for a dive, but Sheldon moves King to the other side. Swinger rolls King back inside. He goes up top but Jean gets on the apron and argues with the ref. As Jean gets down, Swinger slips and low blows himself on the turnbuckle. The ref ejects Jean. While that's happening, Heath runs in and hits King with Wake Up Call. Swinger covers, but King kicks out. Swinger goes up top again almost for a moonsault, but King puts him on his shoulders and hits Royal Flush to retain.

Winner: Kenny King (c)

After, King and Jean stomp on Swinger until refs break it up. Dreamer comes down with more security. King ends up attacking Dreamer and beating him down. 

Backstage, Alexander and Time Machine cut promos on their 8-man tag tonight.


Tag Titles: Subculture (c) vs. The Rascalz

Trey and Andrews start out working each other's left arms. Wentz and Flash come in next as Wentz focuses on a headlock at first. When Flash tries picking up steam, he falls out of the ropes when Trey pulls it open. Trey throws Flash back in so Wentz can cover. Trey keeps working Flash's left arm to prevent a tag. Wentz returns and does the same thing by trapping Flash in submission focused on the top of Flash's body. Trey drops Flash back first on the apron.


Flash finally crawls through Trey's legs and tags Andrews. Andrews double teams The Rascalz with a pele followed by running forearm shots. Andrews hits a Northern Lights on Trey, tosses Wentz, and then stomps on Trey. Andrews turns Trey inside out for a nearfall. Subculture double dropkicks Trey out of the ring and then they both flip out of the ring onto The Rascalz. Trey avoids a 450 from Flash. Andrews tags in and hits Trey with a sit out bomb. Wentz kicks Flash on the apron. Trey takes advantage and hits Andrews with a German.

Wentz hits an assisted double stomp on Andrews for a nearfall. The Rascalz hits superkicks, Subculture headbutts. Rascalz hit springboard kicks and all four go down. Rascalz try double teaming but it goes awry. Trey gets hit with a Canadian Destroyer and then Flash plants him for a nearfall. Andrews tags but Wentz pulls him out. Webster accidentally lands on his partner before Wentz launches Trey at them on the floor. Inside, Trey hits Andrews with Cross Rhodes. Webster breaks it. 


Trey sprays Andrews in the eyes as the ref is turned around. Ace and Bey come down, which prevents Trey from getting the cover. The Good Hands come down and brawl with ABC all over the ringside area. Dani Luna goes up top and takes out Good Hands with a crossbody. Flash tags in but Trey doesn't know. Andrews hits Stundog and Flash hits the senton (barely) for a close count. Trey 619s Flash in the corner and then double stomps as Wentz plants him. Wentz covers Andrews and The Rascalz win.

Winners AND NEW: The Rascalz

Back To School Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian

Bully Ray hypes up his team members. Lio Rush says he's focused but questions Bully about PCO. Moose has to intervene. 

Back To School Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian

We go to Kowalski's school in Massachusetts for the next bout. This is a cinematic style encounter. Both men are shown entering. They trade words over sayings they used to hear from their coach. When they start shoving, a ref comes between them. Frankie gets in the ring first followed Eddie and then the bout starts.


Kazarian throws right hands and then Eddie dips out to the next ring over. Eddie hip attacks before Frankie can enter. Eddie runs Frankie into the aprons and then they go back into the first ring. Kaz comes back with clotheslines and then tosses Eddie out. Kaz manages to take Eddie down with a headscissors. Kaz tosses Eddie around some more on the floor before the ref orders them back the ring. Kaz hits a leg drop as Eddie returns, cover.

Eddie comes back with a backpack sit out, cover. Kaz goes up and over but lands on his feet. Kaz hits a lungblower and drops Eddie back with a driver. Alisha runs in yelling and distracts Kaz. Eddie hits Kaz with Boston Knee Party from behind and covers for the win. 


Winner: Eddie Edwards

Alisha kisses Eddie before they leave. Kazarian looks at the school sign and is disappointed. Alisha strikes Frankie with a kendo stick before Eddie yells at him about what a disappointment he is. Eddie then smashes a picture frame over Frankie's face. 

SANADA vs. Jake Something

Jake shows off his strength at first as Sanada has to find his footing. After chasing each other outside, Sanada ties Jake's legs up in a knot in the bottom rope. Sanada then does a low dropkick to send Jake back out. Inside, Sanada throws Jake back, but Jake lands on his feet and bodies the IWGP champ. Jake hits a couple clotheslines for a cover. Something grounds Sanada with a headlock. Sanada comes back with a belly to back suplex and then dropkicks Jake off the apron.


Sanada launches out of the ring to knock Jake off his feet. Back inside, Something spears Sanada in the corner and goes for the cover. Sanada tries to take Jake down to the mat, but Jake initially counters. Sanada ends up turning it around and planting Jake off the ropes. Sanada hits a TKO, cover. Sanada hits a moonsault off the top for another nearfall. Jake catches Sanada with a driver. Sanada dropkicks but Jake follows it with a powerbomb.

Sanada lands a Shining Wizard but then Jake counters Death Fall with a big right hand. Something goes for his finisher when Sanada pulls out Death Fall for the win.

Winner: SANADA

Sanada and Something shake hands after.

8-Man Tag Team Match

Josh Alexander & Time Machine (KUSHIDA, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs. Moose, Brian Myers, Bully Ray & Lio Rush

Lio and Sabin were supposed to start, but Lio immediately tagged out to Myers. Lio then ambushed Sabin from behind. Myers tags out and Sabin unloads with shots against Rush. Shelley takes over and hyperextends Rush's left arm. Shelley and Kushida double team Lio and then Myers. Kushida twists around Myers' left arm and then tags Sabin. Moose steps up to Shelley but then requests Josh. Shelley lets Josh in and Josh gets chopped in the corner. Josh returns the favor with more chops on the other end.


Josh pushes Moose up top and Moose falls with the turnbuckle between his legs. Moose is hanging as Josh goes up and pretends to pledge to Canada. Josh drops a knee on his face, cover. Sabin gets the tag, but Bully knocks him off the top. Bully tags in and throws a shot at Sabin. After keeping Sabin down for a bit, Bully pulls a table out and props it on the outside. In response, Josh does the same thing on the other side. Bully drops an elbow on Sabin and tags out to Myers.

Sabin manages to superkick Myers. Josh finally gets the tag and he throws bodies around with German suplexes. Bully goes up top but Josh sends him crashing. Josh rolls Moose with a senton, drops a knee but Myers breaks it. Action breaks down and everyone as Kushida dropkicks Rush. Ray drops Kushida on his back and then Sabin missile dropkicks Bully. Moose falls out but Sabin accidentally kicks Shelley when Moose ducks. Moose slams Sabin against the apron and then uppercuts Josh inside. 


Moose goes for a dive off the corner but Josh catches him in the ankle lock. Josh turns it into a sharpshooter, but Myers hits the ref with an elbow drop as Moose starts to tap. Bully and Myers stomp on Josh. Myers hits Roster Cut but then Time Machine triple kicks Myers in return. Kushida kicks Moose off the apron. Sabin dives out, but Moose catches him and slams him through a table. Rush frog splashes on Kushida through the other table. 

Bully works Shelley on the ramp as Moose grabs another table. The lights go out and come back on. PCO is on the ramp. PCO throws elbows and then goes for a chokeslam but Myers low blows from behind. Moose and Myers help get PCO up and they triple powerbomb off the ramp through the table. A few seconds later, PCO pops back up and neutralizes Moose and Myers. Steve Maclin ambushes PCO from behind and then starts scrapping with Josh on the stage. Maclin goes after the repaired tricep and security tries to break them up.

Maclin is gone so Josh returns to the ring with one arm. Moose slams Josh but then Josh side steps Moose into the cornr. Moose rolls Josh up with feet on the ropes. Shelley tosses Moose out. Myers runs Josh into Alex and they come face to face. Shelley leaves the ring and Moose hits Josh with a spear for the three.


Winners: Moose, Brian Myers, Bully Ray & Lio Rush

We get a teaser for Jordynne Grace returning at Victory Road.

Knockouts World Title: Trinity (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Jade is the ring announcer while Gail Kim joins commentary. Allison Leigh is the referee for the main event.

Deonna goes right after the arm to start. Trinity arm drags Deonna across the ring to separate. Trinity with a headlock takedown, Deonna goes for the headscissors on the mat. Trinity hits the axe kick before Deonna rolls out for a breather. Trinity hits a dropkick in the ropes. Outside, Deonna plants Trinity with a reverse piledriver. Deonna is heeling it up and getting booed. Back inside, Deonna drops a knee on her face and then clotheslines. Deonna twists Trinity around for a lungblower, cover. 


Deonna grounds the champ with a headlock. They run into each other with clotheslines and hit the mat. Trinity gets up and throws a few kicks followed by clotheslines. Trinity catches Deonna with a Samoan Drop before running her face first in the turnbuckle. Trinity goes up top and lands the crossbody into the cover. Deonna pulls out a pump kick and covers. Deonna cranks the left arm and hits Side Russian Legsweep into Fujiwara armbar. Trinity crawls to the bottom rope to break.

Trinity plants Deonna face first and hits the split legged moonsault for a cover. Deonna follows Trinity up top and they trade shots until Deonna connects with the superplex. They start throwing forearms again as they rise to their feet. Trinity rolls Deonna through into a backslam for a nearfall. Deonna gets the armbar in for a second, Trinity rolls it back. Trinity gets Starstruck in for just a second, but her arm is weakened. Trinity runs Deonna into the corner to avoid Queen's Gambit. 


Trinity hits the Full Nelson Bomb for a nearfall. Deonna back elbows her way free and drags Trinity down but Trinity kicks to avoid the armbar. Trinity hits Code Red into Starstruck. Deonna eventually taps out.

Winner: Trinity (c)

Trinity offers the handshake and Deonna accepts. Trinity starts dancing but Deonna rolls out. Trinity celebrates as we go off the air. 

It's announced Will Ospreay will be at Bound For Glory on October 21.