WWE NXT Results 8/29 - Four-Way #1 Contenders Match, Global Heritage Invitational Kicks Off

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on August 29, 2023, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

The next number one contender for Tiffany Stratton's "NXT" Women's Championship will be determined tonight, as Roxanne Perez, Blair Davenport, Gigi Dolin, and Kiana James collide in a Fatal Four-Way match. Not only have Perez and Davenport taken issue with one another over the past few weeks, but all four women came face-to-face with one another last week in a heated confrontation.


Elsewhere in the women's division, Kelani Jordan will be joining forces with her mentor Dana Brooke to take on Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice. The dynamic between Jordan and Brooke will be interesting to see play out, as there have been tensions between the two women ever since Jordan came up short to the aforementioned Davenport on the August 8 episode of "NXT".

The "NXT" Global Heritage Invitational begins tonight with two first round matches taking place. The Brawling Brutes' Butch will be making his return to "NXT" as he squares off with Charlie Dempsey in Group A while Joe Coffey of Gallus faces Nathan Frazer in Group B. Noam Dar announced the tournament last week, noting that the last man standing will receive a shot at his "NXT" Heritage Cup at "NXT" No Mercy on September 30.


Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid sent The Creed Brothers packing from "NXT" on July 4 after they defeated them in a Loser Leaves "NXT" match. Since then, Schism has been on high alert to ensure that The Creeds hadn't infiltrated their ranks, but their efforts proved not to be enough when Julius and Brutus disguised themselves as members of the group last week and challenged The Dyad to a Steel Cage match. Tonight, that match will come to fruition, and if The Creeds win, then they will officially be members of the "NXT" roster once again.

Additionally, Dijak will be going head-to-head with Eddy Thorpe as the two look to settle their issues.

We are live! The show kicks off with a video recapping the events of "NXT" Heatwave last week.

Vic Joseph and Booker T then greet audiences at home as The Creed Brothers make their way to the ring. The Dyad is already waiting inside as Schism members, including Joe Gacy and Ava, surround the ring.

The Dyad (w/ Schism) vs. The Creed Brothers in a Steel Cage Match - If The Creed Brothers Win, Then They Are Officially Part of the NXT Roster Once Again

Brutus is swarmed by Schism members on the outside as they all work together to attack him. Joe Gacy locks the Steel Cage Door, leaving Julius alone inside with The Dyad.

The bell rings, and the pair force him to watch what has happened to Brutus. Julius gets in a few shots at them. He levels Fowler with a back elbow, then delivers a suplex to Reid and catches Fowler with one of his own. The Dyad works to wear him down, but Julius overpowers them and delivers a double suplex. He jams Reid's face into the side of the cage before The Dyad levels him with a double clothesline. Reid rains down right hands on Julius, then looks to send him crashing face first into the cage with the help of Fowler. Julius puts a stop to his momentum, then levels both men with a clothesline. He delivers a single arm powerbomb to Reid as he has an Ankle Lock cinched in on Fowler. Fowler makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. The Dyad then deliver a double flapjack to Julius that sends him crashing into the cage.


Back from the break, The Dyad sends Julius repeatedly into the side of the cage face first. On the top of the ramp, Schism members are getting leveled left, right, and center as Brutus emerges and beats them down. Gacy holds up the key to the door he locked earlier, and Brutus chases him around the ring. He then levels all the Schism members on the outside while Gacy continues taunting him with the key. Brutus doesn't need it however, ripping the door off its hinges to officially enters the match.

Brutus levels Reid and Fowler with suplexes, then grabs the door and goes back and forth between Reid and Fowler hitting them with it. He executes the Brutus Smash on Reid before Fowler looks to level him with a German suplex. Brutus lands on his feet and sends Fowler into the Steel Cage spine first. He helps Julius up and assists him in sending Reid repeatedly crashing into the cage. Julius gets him in an Electric Chair position as Brutus ascends to the top, but Fowler saves his tag team partner. The Dyad then works to continue to wear down The Creeds and pick up the door of the steel cage. They jam it into Brutus' face, but Julius helps his brother out and pulls it off him. The Creeds do the same to The Dyad, and Julius gets them both in Electric Chair positions. Brutus then executes a Brutus Bomb, and The Creeds follow it up with a double clothesline to The Dyad before pinning them for the win.


Winners: The Creed Brothers

After the match, Ivy Nile joins The Creeds in the ring to celebrate their victory.

Back from the break, we head backstage to a conversation between Carmelo Hayes, The Family, and the Street Profits. They become distracted once we see a brawl between Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan, and Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice spill into the area they're standing in.

Back at ringside, Charlie Dempsey, Drew Gulak, and Damon Kemp head down as we see Meta-Four sitting in a lounge to watch the upcoming contest. Butch follows.

Butch vs. Charlie Dempsey (w/ Drew Gulak and Damon Kemp) in a Group A Match for the NXT Global Heritage Invitational

The bell rings and the two lock up. Dempsey lands a suplex before himself and Butch take turns wearing one another down with submission holds. Dempsey delivers a stomp to Butch's tricep, but Butch fires back with a clothesline and snaps his fingers. He then rains down right hands and delivers a stomp before hitting an enziguri. Dempsey fires back with a German suplex and a double underhook suplex, but Butch lands a kick on his head and ascends to the top. Dempsey meets him up there and delivers a double underhook suplex, then looks to follow it up with an uppercut. Butch sees him coming and snaps his fingers, then follows it up with The Bitter End for two points and the win.


Winner: Butch

Back from the break, Ilja Dragunov is waiting in the ring.

Meta-Four Confronts Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov says he stood in the ring face-to-face with a man who tried to prove himself last week. He says Trick Williams impressed him, then says he certainly isn't a sidekick and he deserves everyone's respect with the way he stood in the ring. He says nothing stands between him and the "NXT" Championship.


Noam Dar interrupts him from Meta-Four's lounge and says the Heritage Cup Invitational is a chance for the participants to lose to him at No Mercy. He says Meta-Four already has their tickets booked to California, and Dragunov says Dar is lucky that he still holds the Heritage Cup. Oro Mensah insults Dragunov, and Dragunov tells him to give him one good reason not to come up there. Lash Legend says Dar is not scared of anyone, and Jakara Jackson asks Dragunov where his title is. Dragunov looks to meet Dar in the lounge, but Meta-Four stops him. Mensah marches down to the announce desk and Dar looks to challenge Dragunov to a match. Mensah volunteers to take his place and gets in a ring before the two men begin brawling with one another.


Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice then head down to the ring. Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan follow. 

Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan vs. Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice

Lopez and Jordan begin the action. The bell rings and Jordan lands a dropkick. Vice tags in and Jordan looks for a DDT on her, but Lopez saves her and becomes legal. She rams Jordan's head into the mat, then whips her into the corner and follows it up with an elbow. Vice tags back in and delivers a spinning back fist, then follows it up with a knee to Jordan's midsection and looks for a second one. Jordan rolls her up, but Vice kicks out.


Jordan then lands a spinning back heel kick and tags in Brooke. Lopez tags in and sends her face first into the top turnbuckle repeatedly. She then fires off right hands and back elbows before delivering a series of clotheslines and a handspring elbow. She lands a bulldog and tags Jordan back in.

Brooke aids Jordan in delivering a moonsault before Lopez blindsides her from behind as she's temporarily distracted by Brooke being sent into the ring steps on the outside. Vice tags in, then delivers a roundhouse kick-spinebuster combination with Lopez to Jordan for the win.

Winners: Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice

After the match, Brooke throws a tantrum about losing.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Trick Williams congratulating Carmelo Hayes on his win at Heatwave. Williams says he talked to The Street Profits, but Hayes says he has to talk to him about something. He says he can't stand people thinking the only reason he won at "NXT" The Great American Bash was because of him, and Williams says he does. Hayes says he doesn't believe him and asks for his honest opinion. Williams hesitates, and Hayes says that was on him. Hayes walks off and Williams says out loud that he doesn't think Hayes can because he knows he can.


Back at ringside, Dijak heads down. Eddy Thorpe follows.

Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe

The pair begin brawling on the ramp, and Thorpe dropkicks Dijak into the ring steps. Thorpe tosses him in the ring, and the bell sounds. Thorpe then delivers a Brainbuster before Dijak lands a superkick. Thorpe fires back with a kick to his head and a clothesline.


While both men are down, Dijak wraps his belt around his fist. However, he drops it and Thorpe picks it up. They try wrestling it away from one another, but it ends up outside the ring. Thorpe then sends Dijak into the ring post shoulder first and goes flying over the top to level him on the outside. Dijak sends him crashing into the announce desk spine first and chucks him over top of it, then gets him back inside the ring and grabs a chair. Dijak ends up on the outside and Thorpe looks to go flying, but Dijak hits him with a right hand using the belt. He then gets back in the ring and delivers a kick to his face for the win.

Winner: Dijak

Back from the break, we head to a tribute for Bray Wyatt, showcasing a few highlights from his career in WWE.


Back at ringside, the Performance Center is lit up with fireflies as an empty rocking chair sits on top of the ramp.

Back from the break, Gallus heads down to the ring as we see Meta-Four hanging out in their lounge. Nathan Frazer follows.

Joe Coffey (w/ Gallus) vs. Nathan Frazer in a Group B Match for the NXT Global Heritage Invitational

The bell rings and the two lock up. Frazer ends up colliding with the top rope, and Coffey takes advantage. He lands a bodyslam and a right hand on Frazer's midsection, then sends him bouncing off the top rope and follows it up with a Sidewalk Slam. He then delivers a kick to him that sends him crashing into the announce desk.


Back from the break, Frazer plants Coffey and fires off forearms. He delivers a pair of back elbows and a twisting neckbreaker, but Coffey fires back with a Glasgow Send-Off. The action spills to the outside, and Frazer lands a tope suicida. He gets Coffey back in the ring and delivers a Frog Splash off the top rope. Coffey delivers a German suplex off the top rope, but Frazer fires back with a superkick and looks for a Phoenix Splash. Coffey fires back with a right hand on Frazer for two points and the win.

Winner: Joe Coffey

We then head over to a video of Thea Hail arriving late to class at Chase U. Duke Hudson invites her to go to study hall, but she opts to go out with Jacy Jayne instead.

Roxanne Perez then heads down to the ring. Gigi Dolin, Kiana James, Blair Davenport follow.


Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Kiana James in a Fatal Four-Way Number One Contenders Match for the NXT Women's Championship

The bell rings and Davenport and Perez toss James and Dolin out of the ring. The pair brawl on the outside as Perez and Davenport go at it in the ring. Davenport sends Perez crashing into the mat before James and Dolin get back in the ring and all four women take turns rolling one another up. Dolin sends Perez crashing onto the apron spine first and whips James into the barricade. Davenport delivers a double stomp to her spine, and James delivers a moonsault off the barricade to level her. Perez then goes flying and takes James down.


Back from the break, the four women have each other locked in a submission chain. Davenport breaks things up by leveling Perez with a forearm, then delivers an enziguri to her on the top rope. She climbs up to join her and looks to superplex her. James looks to give Davenport a hand, but Dolin pulls down all three women. She then catches James and Davenport with kicks before delivering a Hip Attack and dropkick to Davenport. Davenport sends her into the middle rope face first, but James rocks her with an enziguri and sends Dolin colliding with the ring post shoulder first.

James and Davenport exchange forearms in the center of the ring. Perez looks to level both women, but they catch her. Perez escapes and delivers a hurricanrana to James, then goes back and forth delivering uppercuts to Davenport and James. She fires off forearms on James in the corner, then looks for a Side Russian Leg Sweep on Davenport. Davenport levels her, then gets caught with a clothesline by Dolin. Perez delivers a neckbreaker to Dolin and goes for a pin, but James breaks the fall.


Perez looks for Pop Rox on James, but Davenport prevents her from hitting the move. She sends James crashing to the outside before getting caught with a Half and Half suplex from Dolin. Perez dumps Dolin out of the ring and executes a hurricanrana off the apron. She sets up for Pop Rox, and Davenport delivers a kick to her spine to assist her in hitting the move. Davenport then gets Perez back in the ring and delivers a double stomp off the top, but Perez manages to hit Pop Rox on her. Davenport rolls out of the ring before she can pin her.

Dolin then slides back in the ring and goes at it with Perez and sets up for the Gigi Driver. Perez fights her off, but Kiana James comes in out of nowhere and catches her with a 401K. She then delivers a knee to Dolin's face for the win.

Winner (and new Number One Contender): Kiana James

After the match, Tiffany Stratton appears and stares down James as she holds up her "NXT" Women's Championship.

As the show goes off the air, we see Carmelo Hayes walking into Shawn Michaels' office, telling him that they need to talk.