Ted DiBiase Details His Beef With Ultimate Warrior In WWE

Backstage issues and tension between wrestlers are subjects that are widely reported nowadays. However, this doesn't mean they didn't exist before the rise of social media. WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase had the chance to share a locker room with some of the biggest personalities in wrestling history, and he ended up having a problem with one Hall of Famer.


"If there's one guy, and there is that one guy that I had an issue with, it was The Ultimate Warrior because quite frankly I think he got a break he didn't deserve," DiBiase said on "Everybody's Got A Pod." "He didn't respect wrestling, he didn't grow up in wrestling, and he had one thing going for him: a good body."

Regardless of whether he 'deserved' the big break that he got, Ultimate Warrior became one of the biggest stars of the industry during his time in the business. His physique played a big part in his success due to how important that side of the industry was then, but he did make plenty of enemies during his journey. Jim Ross has previously stated he had never met anyone who said Warrior was a good guy, proving DiBiase's opinion is shared by others.


"If you go back and listen to any of the interviews that he did, when he got through, I would look at somebody and go, 'What the hell did he just say,'" DiBiase revealed. "There's other guys that I worked with that got a break, but they're good people and they were appreciative."

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