Brian Gewirtz On John Cena Appearing In WWE During SAG-AFTRA, Writers Strikes

While the SAG-AFTRA strikes continue to fight for better pay in Hollywood, John Cena will be returning to WWE in September. This might cause some controversy as Cena mainly works as an actor these days, and returning to the squared circle means that he'll receive a payday while other people in his industry are protesting for better working conditions.


However, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz told WrestlingNewsCo's "10 Count" podcast that Cena's return to the sports entertainment promotion could be more complex than him collecting a check instead of showing solidarity with the strikes.

"My mindset is: If you're an actor or performer, typically doing TV and movies and that kind of thing, that it's not a great look to then go on WWE and be performing while these strikes are going on. Everyone has their own mindset. If I know WWE, I'm thinking this deal with John Cena — especially if he's booked to wrestle overseas or wherever Superstar [Spectacle] is — has been inked to paper a long time ago."

Of course, Gewirtz also stated that he doesn't know the terms of Cena's deal with WWE, so he can't comment fully on the matter. Additionally, he noted that Cena isn't doing anything illegal as WWE doesn't have to answer to the Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild of America, or any other union.


"I think it's up to the individual what they want to do, and certainly if things were agreed to upon months ago, I can see them sticking to it," Gerwirtz added before further stating that it's a bad look for wrestlers-turned-actors to return to WWE while people are fighting for better pay.

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