AEW Dynamite Results 8/30: All In Fallout, International Championship Match, Cole Speaks

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for August 30, 2023!

The show will not only serve to provide all the fallout from AEW's historic All In event this past weekend, but it will also be the go-home episode for All Out this weekend.


Adam Cole is expected to address the live crowd following his rollercoaster evening in London, England. It is expected he will discuss winning the ROH World Tag Team Championship alongside MJF, while also reacting to the fact he failed to capture the AEW World Championship. With neither man currently booked for All Out this weekend, this promo could give a glimpse into their future.

Something that will absolutely have a direct impact on the upcoming PPV is the match between Orange Cassidy and Penta El Zero Miedo. The two men will compete for the International Championship on this show where the winner will move on to All Out where they will defend the gold against Blackpool Combat Club's Jon Moxley.


Coming off the back of winning the AEW World Trios Championships at All In, The Acclaimed have teased that they have a surprise for Billy Gunn on tonight's show after his successful return to the ring.

Tonight we will also find out what the fallout will be from Saraya winning the AEW Women's World Championship at All In. While her stablemates would normally be happy for that achievement, Saraya and Toni Storm showcased tension during the match and it remains to be seen what the impact will be, particularly in relation to Ruby Soho's upcoming TBS Championship match.

Jon Moxley vs. Komander

Jon Moxley immediately takes the fight to Komander dropping him with a big chop as he follows up with several strikes until the maxed man sends Moxley out of the ring with a head scissors. He follows it up with a huge crossbody outside the ring, wiping out Moxley on the floor. However, as they head back to the ring Moxley scrapes the back of his opponent only for Komander to knock Moxley down to the ring. 


Komander takes too long though and crashes and burns with his high-risk move and Moxley follows that by throwing him into the air as Komander's back crashes onto the mat. Moxley then takes it out of the ring as he launches Komander around and into the barricades, as he continues to focus on Komander's back by hitting a backbreaker inside the ring. However, as Moxley looks for a powerbomb he is countered with a facebuster which leads to them going back and forth with strikes.

Komander follows it with a hook kick as he then drops Moxley with a short DDT. He then lifts Moxley and hits a lung blower, forcing Moxley to kick out straight after. However, Moxley then hits a King Kong Lariat and then a piledriver, and Komander kicks out, but that ticks Moxley off. He follows up with his hammer and anvil elbow strikes and then a choke hold, transitioning into an arm submission that forces Komander to tap out. 


Winner: Jon Moxley

A video package from backstage at All In is shown as FTR confronts The Young Bucks and asks why they didn't shake their hands. They admit they were just disappointed, but The Bucks then apologize about it only for Bullet Club Gold to appear. They say this room is for winners so Young Bucks should leave. FTR suggests them and Young Bucks face them all at All Out and White accepts.

Let's Hear From Chris Jericho

Toni Storm is shown backstage with Renee Paquette, who says she is very happy for Saraya, but she went off script in her performance and now she has no title or friends. Storm says Ruby Soho hates her now, and she can't trust Saraya. It's safe to say Wembley went tits up. She walks away saying she can't trust anyone, including her shoes which she throws at Paquette.


Chris Jericho then makes his way to the ring and says we enjoyed the spectacle and majesty that was All In. It was one of the greatest weekends of his career, but there is something he'd like to forget, which is how he treated Sammy Guevara, and he calls him to the ring. He apologizes to Guevara and says he saw what he did with the bat so he apologizes for not thinking Guevara did enough and he holds out his hand. 

Guevara shakes it and says he always has his back, and a little push won't break it up. Jericho says he has been thinking about what he could have done or maybe Guevara could've hit Will Ospreay harder. Guevara makes Jericho say that again. He points out that if Jericho had hit him a little harder with the Judas Effect, maybe he could've got it done. Jericho says sometimes when he asks Guevara to do something it doesn't turn out how he envisioned it. 


Guevara asks if it was him flying to London and leaving his pregnant wife to have his back, and Jericho points out that people in the locker room would've killed for that spot. He has been thinking if he wasn't so worried about having Jericho's back, maybe he could've wrestled on it, while Jericho says if he follows his advice maybe next year he will be, and Guevara says he will learn how not to lose on the biggest show they've ever done.

Jericho says it's getting out of control and they've been together from day one so they need to get back to what they do best. He wants to reunite the Sex Gods and go after what they've earned, a chance to become AEW Tag Team Champions. Next week he wants to start that road and Guevara agrees.

Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta (NJPW Strong Openweight Championship Match)

Wheeler Yuta slaps Eddie Kingston to start which fires up the champion, but Yuta focuses on the taped elbow of Kingston, dropping him to the mat with it as he then stomps away on the injury. He drops several knee strikes to the area before taking the fight outside the ring and sending Kingston into the ring post, but the champion fires back with a chop to try and create separation only for Yuta to respond with a senton.


Kingston responds by dumping Yuta out of the ring and when he returns the "Mad King" unloads with his chops in the corner before throwing Yuta across the ring. Yuta fires back to try and hit a rolling elbow and while Kingston blocks it he can't do the same for the German suplex that the Blackpool Combat Club star connects with. He tries to follow that with a move from the top turnbuckles but Kingston gets the knees up only for Yuta to regain control by lifting and dropping Kingston back down to the mat, driving the elbow down again. 

Yuta begins unloading with elbow strikes to Kingston, but then he counters with a half-and-half suplex before the spinning back fist connects. Yuta withstands the first one and asks for another, which Kingston obliges with to retain the title. 


Winner (and still champion): Eddie Kingston

Post-match, Claudio Castagnoli walks around and completely ignores Kingston, despite the fact he tries to call his rival into the ring for a fight.

A video is shown of MJF and Adam Cole backstage, and he says there will be a battle royal on "AEW Rampage" to decide who will face them for the ROH World Tag Team Championships at All Out. Then there will be a tournament to see who faces him for the AEW World Championship at "Grand Slam," so he's taking a week off. 

Don Callis is then shown trying to talk to Sammy Guevara, but he tells Callis to get lost. 

Story Time With Adam Cole...Bay Bay

Adam Cole thanks everyone for making All In the most special night of his life, but it wasn't quite perfect. It hurt to lose the main event, but he knows one day he'll get another shot at the AEW World title. He says MJF is banged up but he will be ready to go, and then Roderick Strong and The Kingdom make their way to the ring. Strong says Cole cares more about MJF's neck than his own. 


However, Cole says this is getting ridiculously absurd. He doesn't know if it's because he's listening to The Kingdom, but Mike Bennet cuts him off and says he is doing storytime. He takes him back to 2010 in Ring Of Honor and they competed against each other and they got each other jobs and he felt like they were bonded to life after that. He says they picked each other up during their worst moments and celebrated their best, but Cole cares too much about what the fans think and not what they meant to him. 

Matt Taven then pipes in and says this is who Cole is. He needed The Kingdom to take over ROH, and then he jumped ship to Bullet Club to get the merchandise money, then he went to Florida and surrounded himself with their friends to prop him up to hold the title. Now he's latched onto MJF because he thinks it is the gateway to the AEW World title.


Cole is sorry if he's made them feel that way, but he has learned that it is important to be understanding regarding friendships and they need to accept that MJF is his best friend. However, Strong says he doesn't accept it and he is entering the Grand Slam tournament to do what Cole couldn't do, he will become the AEW World Champion and he will do it with his friends by his side.

Cole says it's a bad idea as Strong's neck is not in good condition. Strong says he doesn't need a roll-up or a diamond ring, or a neck that is 100%.

Kris Statlander, Hikaru Shida, & Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura, & Marina Shafir

Emi Sakura attacks her opponents straight away but Hikaru Shida quickly regains control and then tags in Britt Baker, despite Kris Statlander being open to it. Baker comes in with a slingblade but Nyla Rose attacks her from behind and the heels take control. Marina Shafir unloads on Baker in the corner as the heels then make frequent tags to take control as Baker becomes isolated.


Sakura returns to the action, but Baker takes her down and manages to take Statlander in who nails Rose with a big boot and then starts unloading hammer blows to Shafir before connecting with a big boot. She knocks Rose off the apron once again and then lifts up Shafir onto her shoulders and face-plants her, but Rose and Sakura break up the pinfall. Shida then comes in and takes out Sakura, but as she holds Rose for Baker she moves out the way and Baker's superkick nails her own partner. 

Rose then takes out Baker only for Statlander to take her and Shafir out of the ring. The champion then heads to the top turnbuckle as she dives out with a crossbody to everyone on the floor. Statlander then hits Wednesday Night Fever to Shafir for the win. 


Winners: Kris Statlander, Britt Baker, & Hikaru Shida

Shida and Baker then argue backstage and while that happens Ruby Soho hits the ring and nails the champion with No Future, leaving Stalander laying in the ring. 

Backstage, Don Callis is showing Konosuke Takeshita all of Kenny Omega's injuries and the moves he should hit him to exploit that.

The Acclaimed Surprise Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn starts out by saying he has good news to share...Daddy Ass is back. He says last Sunday was a really good day for them as they became the Trios Champions. Max Caster says 80,000 people witnessed them capture the titles, but they thought it was fitting they came back to Chicago, who one year ago lifted up The Acclaimed to the next level, and promise to lift up these titles to lift up the division. 


That is why he wanted to kickstart things with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Gunn jokes that Caster only has a little one (scissors) and they should use his big one (scissors), and Gunn then cuts the ribbon. Anthony Bowens says this is their house now, and they welcome us to the house of ass. Bowens says that these titles are kind of dull so they have a surprise for Gunn. 

The Acclaimed then surprise Gunn with new custom title belts which have a hot pink leather strap. On top of that, the straps also scissor at the back, with Gunn claiming he can just scissor himself now. Bowens says they need to break them in, and on "AEW Collision" this Saturday they're going to defend the titles.

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo (AEW International Championship Match)

The two men start out by countering one another as they each try to take advantage early on. It is Penta El Zero Miedo that gets the first moment of impact in though by catching the champion as he attempted to dive outside the ring, only to launch Orange Cassidy into the barricade. Penta then swipes away the legs of Cassidy with a huge kick before throwing him into the barricade once again. 


Inside the ring, Penta wraps the champion up on the ropes and then hits a big chop, but the two then go back and forth with roll-up attempts but neither man gets the job done. Cassidy then avoids a sliding attack from his challenger which he quickly follows up with by hitting a dive to the outside, wiping Penta out. However, as he looks for the Orange Punch off the stairs Penta catches him with a superkick as he then gets back into the ring only to leap over the top ropes to wipe out Cassidy once again. 

Cassidy then nails a DDT to Penta, but he manages to kick out. Penta comes back with a backstabber of his own, and this time it is Cassidy having to kick out as the encounter continues to go back and forth. Penta then places a focus on the arm of Cassidy by pulling it down on the ropes, but the Lucha Brother bites his ear at the same time. The two then go back and forth with forearm strikes and it is Penta that comes out on top as he drops the champion with a thrust kick. 


Cassidy then blocks a submission by holding his hands in his pockets and he then slowly slaps and chops Penta, yet he then picks up the pace with a Canadian Destroyer only for Penta to hit one of his own and then Cassidy to nail another! Cassidy tries to follow it with an Orange Punch but Penta reverses into Made In Japan, yet the champion kicks out! Penta then kicks the hand of Cassidy and stomps away on it as he continues to be unable to put the champion away.

The two men head to the ring apron and trade thrust kicks as Penta nails Fear Factor on the apron, but he manages to get his hand on the ropes during the pinfall attempt. Penta then drags him to the middle and stomps on the arm again as snaps it backward before hitting another Fear Factor only for Cassidy to kick out again! With Penta shocked, Cassidy quickly rolls him up and catches him out. 

Winner (and still AEW International Champion): Orange Cassidy

Post-match, Cassidy says he is so tired and hurt. After every match, the bagpack gets a little heavier, but he is here fighting every week. This is what AEW is, putting someone who was told he was too skinny, too short, too different, but he is the champion and he will continue to defend it for as long as he wants and there is nothing anyone can do to take it from him. He tells Moxley he'd better bring more than a fork, because he's "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy, and he does not have a catchphrase. 


Moxley then heads to the ring and shoves the face of Cassidy who responds with a punch of his own as they then stare each other down.