Sukeban Premiere: Japanese Women's Wrestling League Announces Date For NYC Debut

Word has been circulating across the wrestling industry for months of a new Japanese women's wrestling promotion that'd be launching in the fall out of New York City. Lo and behold, today brought many more specifics surrounding the mysterious venture. Sukeban — billed as a Japanese female wrestling league — announced its world premiere for September 21 at Capitale down in The Bowery of New York City, with tickets now available for the show.

Promising "Joshi fighters unlike any the world has ever seen" in an anime-style coming soon trailer, Sukeban is built around four stables: The Vandals, Cherrybomb Girls, Dangerous Liasons, and the Harajuku Stars. The main event of the premiere will see the Harajuku Stars' Ichigo Sayaka (portrayed by Unagi Sayaka — best known as a former champion in Stardom) facing off against Dangerous Liasons' Countess Saori, who'll be played by current Goddess of Stardom Champion Saori Anou. The winner of that bout will wrestle for the Sukeban World Championship at the yet-to-be announced second event in the U.S.

There aren't many other details available about Sukeban's future plans, other than its goals to bring more Joshi wrestling around the world — and particularly to the United States. Japanese women's wrestling has become easier to watch in the United States in recent years with several streaming options adding it to various libraries. However, Sukeban looks to be aiming to bring the Joshi product live to American audiences, so a close eye will be paid to how its premiere later this month is received.