AEW Rampage Results 9/1 - #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Gringo Loco And Bryan Keith Debut

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "AEW Rampage" on September 1, 2023, coming to you from the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois!

AEW World Champion MJF and Adam Cole will be defending the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship for the first time this Sunday at All Out. Tonight, their opponents will be decided as Aussie Open, Dark Order, The Hardys, Best Friends, The Butcher and The Blade, Gates of Agony, The Wingmen, The Righteous, The Outrunners, and Action Andretti and Darius Martin compete in a Number One Contenders Tag Team Battle Royal.


A huge women's tag match is set, as Willow Nightingale teams up with Skye Blue to take on Taya Valkyrie and Anna Jay. The dynamic between Jay and Valkyrie will be interesting to see play out as this will be their first time joining forces while Blue and Nightingale have tagged together on a few occasions, both televised and non-televised.

After joining forces with Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi in a losing effort to Konosuke Takeshita and Bullet Club Gold at All In last Sunday, "Hangman" Adam Page looks to redeem himself tonight as he takes on a debuting Bryan Keith. Keith has appeared in promotions such as Reality of Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, GCW, PROGRESS, DEFY, Impact, and WWE.

Another star is also set to debut, as Gringo Loco teams with Kip Sabian to take on AAA Mega Champion El Hijo Del Vikingo and Nick Wayne. Loco is perhaps best known for his appearances in GCW, facing the likes of Mance Warner, Blake Christian, Komander, and Ninja Mack among others.


We are live! Excalibur, Chris Jericho, and Tony Schiavone greet audiences at home as the teams in the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tag Team Battle Royal are waiting in the ring.

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tag Team Battle Royal

The bell rings and everyone begins brawling with one another. Butcher levels The Outrunners with a double shoulder tackle as Aussie Opens waits on the outside to enter the match. Turbo Floyd and Truth Magnum are eliminated by The Butcher and The Blade, and The Gates of Agony.


Eliminated: The Outrunners

Bishop Kaun is pulled out from under the bottom rope by Aussie Open as Chuck Taylor throws Ryan Nemeth out of the ring. He lands a Sole Food on "Pretty" Peter Avalon and The Hardys follow it up with a Twist of Fate each. Avalon is then dumped out of the ring.

Eliminated: The Wingmen

Best Friends and The Hardys go back and forth with deletes and hugs before Dark Order and The Righteous level them from behind. Dark Order sends Taylor into the ring steps as Aussie Open has entered the ring. Kaun looks to dump Kyle Fletcher out of the ring, but Mark Davis helps his partner out and eliminates Kaun. Toa Liona takes The Blade out of the match. Kyle Fletcher tries blindsiding him, but Fletcher eliminates him with a kick.


Eliminated: The Gates of Agony

Back from the break, Action Andretti delivers a kick to Butcher's head. Dutch sends him over the top rope.

Eliminated: The Butcher

Jeff Hardy sends Vincent packing as Matt Hardy goes after Dutch. Vincent helps his partner out and sends Matt packing. Dark Order then sends Jeff over the top to join his brother on the outside while Action Andretti and Darius Martin eliminate Dutch

Eliminated: The Righteous and The Hardys

Davis and Fletcher then go after Andretti. Andretti delivers a kick to Davis. Fletcher sends him over the top and onto the apron, and Andretti looks to go flying over the top, but Davis pushes him to the outside, taking him out.

Eliminated: Action Andretti

Trent Beretta goes at it with Alex Reynolds in the corner. Beretta looks to eliminate Reynolds, but Reynolds hands on and Silver helps him out. Darius Martin delivers a kick to Silver and tosses Reynolds over the top. Silver then eliminates him.

Eliminated: Alex Reynolds and Darius Martin

Silver charges at Taylor, but Taylor rocks him with a knee. Fletcher lands a thrust kick on him, and Aussie Open eliminates him.

Eliminated: Chuck Taylor

We are down to four: Aussie Open, Silver, and Beretta. Aussie Open levels Beretta and Silver follows up. Davis gets Beretta on his shoulders for the Aussie Arrow, but Beretta catches Fletcher's leg. Fletcher looks to send Beretta over the top, but Beretta hangs on and sends him packing.


Eliminated: Kyle Fletcher

Davis looks to send Silver onto the floor, but Reynolds catches him and brings him over to the ring steps to keep him in the running. Beretta delivers a Half-and-Half suplex to Davis, then looks to pull him over the top and does just that. Silver then eliminates Beretta.

Eliminated: Mark Davis and Trent Beretta

Winners: Dark Order

Back from the commercial break, Aussie Open gets in Chris Jericho's face and beat him down. Sammy Guevara comes to Jericho's hand with Floyd the Bat in hand, forcing Aussie Open to back down. 

We then head over to a video from Mike Santana explaining his journey getting back to AEW. 

Back at ringside, Nick Wayne and El Hijo Del Vikingo head down. Gringo Loco and Kip Sabian are already waiting in the ring.

El Hijo Del Vikingo and Nick Wayne vs. Gringo Loco and Kip Sabian

Loco and Vikingo begin the action. The bell rings and Loco looks for a tijeras. Vikingo avoids it and Loco lands an arm drag. Vikingo then delivers a kick to his midsection and a tijeras before landing a kick on his knee. Wayne and Sabian tag in, and Sabian delivers a boot to his midsection. Wayne fires back with a tijeras and an uppercut. Loco tries to interfere, but Wayne fights him off and looks to run the ropes. Penelope Ford hops up on the apron, allowing Sabian to pull Vikingo off the apron and land a moonsault on Wayne off the ropes and to the outside.


Back from the break, Sabian delivers a senton to Wayne in the corner and tags in Loco. Loco delivers a moonsault off the top rope before Vikingo tags back in and delivers an arm drag to Loco. He sits Loco on the top rope and delivers a kick to his spine, then delivers a reverse hurricanrana. Wayne delivers a cutter out of the corner to an interfering Sabian, then goes flying over the top rope on the outside. Back in the ring, Vikingo delivers a 630 Senton for the win.

Winners: Nick Wayne and El Hijo Del Vikingo

We then head over to the latest meeting of the members of QTV.

"Hangman" Adam Page then heads down to the ring. Bryan Keith is already waiting inside.

Adam Page vs. Bryan Keith

The bell rings and the two lock up. Keith delivers a chop, but Page fires back with a pair of his own and whips him into the corner. Keith lands an uppercut, but Page levels him. The two go back and forth with forearms before Keith lands a suplex and looks to hit a clothesline. Page stays on his feet and delivers a Fallaway Slam, then looks for a moonsault to Keith on the outside. Keith evades the maneuver and runs the ropes, but Page catches him with a Buckshot Lariat for the win.


Winner: "Hangman" Adam Page

Back from the break, we head over to a sit down interview between Renee Paquette and Roderick Strong. Paquette asks Strong about his actions during the main event of All In, and Strong says it's between himself and Adam Cole. Paquette tries pushing for an answer, but Strong becomes agitated and storms off alongside Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.

Back at ringside, Taya Valkyrie and Anna Jay head down. Willow Nightingale and Skye Blue follow.

Willow Nightingale and Skye Blue vs. Taya Valkyrie and Anna Jay

Nightingale and Jay begin the action. The bell rings and Jay quickly tags out to Valkyrie. The pair look for suplexes on one another, but both block each other from landing it. Valkyrie lands a forearm before Nightingale delivers a suplex and tags in Blue. Blue and Nightingale deliver double kicks to Valkyrie's spine. Nightingale tags back in and Jay delivers a cheap kick to her spine as she looks to run the ropes.


Back from the break, Valkyrie delivers a kick to Nightingale's jaw. Blue and Jay tag in, and Blue fires off forearms. She delivers a jawbreaker and a dropkick, then lands a step-up knee and connects with a kick to Jay's head. She charges at Jay in the corner, but Jay ducks out of the way. Blue then ascends to the top and delivers a crossbody. She follows it up with a knee to her face.

Nightingale and Valkyrie get inside the ring and begin to brawl. Nightingale delivers a spinebuster and a shoulder pounce, then gets Valkyrie in an Electric Chair position as Blue ascends to the top. Jay pushes her off and delivers a kick to Nightingale's jaw as Valkyrie holds her in place. They look to do the same to Blue, but Blue ducks out of the way and inadvertently hits Valkyrie. This opens the door for Blue to deliver a thrust kick and Code Blue for the win.


Winners: Willow Nightingale and Skye Blue 

After the match, Valkyrie blindsides Blue but Nightingale provides her hand to her tag partner and Valkyrie backs down.