Salina De La Renta Makes Surprise Return To MLW

Over the weekend, one of the more important figures in recent MLW history made a return at the promotion's Fury Road event. Salina de la Renta — who has been away from MLW for the last couple of years — showed back up as the mystery guest of Sessions by Saint Laurent, re-establishing herself as a luchadores power broker once more while seeking retribution along the way. 


Never regarded as simply a wrestling manager, Salina de la Renta is the founder of Promociones Dorado, which brings Latin American stars to the United States for the purposes of sports and entertainment. Serving as representation for some of the premiere luchadores, she became integral to MLW when the company sought to feature more lucha libre on its cards. However, a deal she struck with Cesar Duran several years ago effectively led to her mysterious exit from MLW. But recently Duran was knocked out of a position of power, seemingly opening the door for Salina de la Renta's return. With the MLW now put on notice that she is back, it'll be interesting to see what type of role "The Empresaria" will play in MLW going forward. 


Following her departure from MLW in 2021, she did participate in a WWE tryout, where she was called upon to showcase her skills as a wrestler — a bit of a departure from her typical role as more of a personality. However, that ended up not going anywhere as she never heard back any further from WWE.