WWE HOFer Ric Flair Discusses One Of His Most Famous Catchphrases

In a recent chat with "Everyone Talks to Liz Clamon," Ric Flair was asked about the source of his charisma, and whether he had to consciously work on building his aura, or if it was an intangible quality he was born with. "The Nature Boy" was proud to admit that he came out of his mother's womb a charismatic person.


"It's a gift god gave me ... I swear," Flair responded. "People, to this day, walk up to me and ask me, 'Who wrote down all that stuff?' I say, 'Nobody, man.' Right after a night out in Buckhead, and two cups of coffee [laughs]. Buckhead was fun in those old days [laughs]."

Amazingly, Flair revealed that he wrote his popular "Rolex-wearing, diamond ring-wearing, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine riding, jet flying, son of a gun" promo after one of his nights of debauchery. Flair added that it was easier for him to write outrageous promos as he was playing a heel as part of The Four Horsemen stable.

"Everybody hates the bad guy. Everybody hates the truth," Flair admitted. "To this day, the line about the 'Rolex-wearing' ... if I am at an event, or a signing, I hear that same line. 'Say it one time for me.' People ask me to say that line and turn on their recorders. I laugh because it [the promo] is something I thought of one morning at 9 o'clock after about four cups of coffee ... no sleep and being out in Buckhead all night."