AEW Dynamite Results 9/6: All Out Fallout, Moxley Vs. Fox, MJF Speaks

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for September 6, 2023!

With both All In and All Out now in the rearview mirror, tonight marks a fresh start for the company as the dust settles on those events and the fallout begins to take place. That will include the tournament to create MJF's new number-one contender for the AEW World Championship commencing. Two quarterfinal matches are scheduled for tonight, with Nick Wayne set to take on his mentor, Darby Allin, in one of those.


The other will see Roderick Strong return to in-ring action as he challenges Trent Beretta. Strong has been trying to get Adam Cole to see that he shouldn't be friends with MJF, and is now embarking on a personal journey to do what Cole couldn't, which is take the title from him. 

Speaking of MJF, he is also expected to be on the show tonight to cut a promo following All In and All Out. While he has been involved in some big matches across those shows, it was the incident with Samoa Joe that might be his biggest talking point, after the ROH World Television Champion chose to push him unprovoked at the PPV last weekend.

There are also two title matches scheduled for tonight, with Kris Statlander putting her TBS Championship on the line against Emi Sakura. Meanwhile, fresh from defeating Orange Cassidy, Jon Moxley will defend the AEW International Championship for the first time against AR Fox. Meanwhile, Cassidy himself is set to appear on the show to talk about his title reign coming to an end. 


Le Sex Gods will begin their quest to become the AEW World Tag Team Champions as they team up to face Aussie Open, with Chris Jericho attempting to get back on the same page as Sammy Guevara. Finally, fans will hear from Adam Page.  

Orange Cassidy Adresses His Loss

Orange Cassidy kicks off the show with a resounding ovation from the AEW fans for his title run. Cassidy thanks the fans and reveals he was told to stay home, but decided not to. Championship or no championship, he will be here every single week because he is "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy...and he does not have a catchphrase. 


Jon Moxley (c) vs. AR Fox (AEW International Championship Match)

Jon Moxley immediately goes for a clothesline but AR Fox bends onto his hands to avoid it, but the champion quickly gains control anyway with some chops in the corner. Fox responds with a springboard dropkick which takes the champion to the floor and Fox dives over the top rope to wipe him out again. Moxley manages to scrape the back of Fox, but as he tries to get back into the ring Fox cuts him off and then DDT's him to the mat. 

The brawl then continues outside the ring with Moxley driving Fox into the barricade. Moxley then wraps Fox's leg around the ring post which he follows with a German suplex. Moxley then nails a few kicks, which Fox responds with one of his own as he then picks up the pace with a neckbreaker. However, as he goes for a splash Fox gets caught in a choke, yet he is able to roll out and then deliver a cutter. 


Moxley kicks out and rolls out of the ring as Fox then vaults off the ring post to attack the Blackpool Combat Club star. He follows it with a 450 Splash, but Moxley kicks out. Moxley responds with his elbow strikes and tries for a lariat but it is blocked, so Moxley goes again and this time nails the King Kong Lariat. That's followed with the Death Rider to defend his title. 

Winner (and still AEW International Champion): Jon Moxley

After the match, Darby Allin shows respect to Fox in the ring, while Nick Wayne is shown backstage being confronted by Christian Cage. He says he watched Wayne's father's footage, and he's even worse than he thought. Cage suggests if Wayne wants a real mentor, he should look at a champion.

Kris Statlander (c) vs. Emi Sakura (TBS Championship Match)

Emi Sakura comes out the gates hot with a roll-up attempt and then a Tiger Driver, but it's not enough. With Kris Statlander on the ring apron, the challenger then charges into her with a crossbody, sending them both out of the ring. Sakura follows up with another crossbody as Statlander is leaning on the steel stairs, continuing to dominate the early stages of the match.


Inside the ring they exchange chops until Sakura hits a back elbow and then a big lariat. The champion responds with a roundhouse kick as they both then try for clotheslines at the same time, which leads to them both falling to the mat. Statlander manages to follow up with an elbow drop, but Sakura fires back with a backbreaker, as Statlander kicks out at two.

Sakura gets a little too confident heading to the top turnbuckle and Statlander picks her up onto her shoulders and face-plants Sakura to the mat. She follows that up with a huge spinning clothesline and then Saturday Night Fever, retaining her title. 

Winner (and still TBS Champion): Kris Statlander

Roderick Strong is then shown backstage as he claims his parents didn't know how to do that due to his mother having drug issues and his father being an alcoholic. Wrestling gave him an opportunity as nobody judged him. This isn't a business to him, it is his everything. Adam Cole already knew that, and he says he grew up alone and will win the tournament alone. 


Le Sex Gods vs. Aussie Open

Mark Davis uses his strength to control Chris Jericho early, and while he responds with an eye rake and some chops the Aussie Open star quickly establishes himself with a clothesline. Jericho fights back and brings in Sammy Guevara as they work together with a double-shoulder tackle to take down the bigger man. Le Sex Gods look for another double team but Davis does a cartwheel and then hits a double clothesline as Kyle Fletcher tags in.


They exchange chops until Guevara takes Flether down with a dropkick and then Le Sex Gods work together again with a double-standing suplex. However, Aussie Open end up taking control with a scoop slam from Davis to Guevara outside the ring. Aussie Open then hit some quick double teams of their own as they isolate him, but Guevara scrambles away and Jericho comes in hot. 

The veteran drops both men with shoulder tackles, but his axe handle attempt fails and Aussie Open hits stereo forearms to him. They try to repeat it, but Guevara cuts Davis off with a diving cutter, while Fletcher does connect with Jericho. He then sends Jericho into the turnbuckles, but he bounces back with a Codebreaker, yet Fletcher kicks out of the pinfall attempt. 


Jericho dropkicks Fletcher out of the ring as Guevara dives out to both members of Aussie Open. Jericho then leaps over the top rope but Aussie Open but Guevara in the way and he takes out his own partner. They then connect with a double team but Jericho kicks out. Davis attempts to charge into Jericho yet Guevara cuts him off with a Spanish Fly, while Jericho gets nailed by a thrust kick from Fletcher. 

That is followed up by a brainbuster, but Jericho kicks out again. However, as he charges to Fletcher he avoids it and Jericho blasts Guevara off the ring apron. Fletcher attempts a roll-up that doesn't work and Jericho nails a Judas Effect. 

Winners: Le Sex Gods

Jericho tries to raise hands with Guevara after but he pulls his arm down and then pushes Jericho away. The two men then start shoving each other until security gets into the ring and Guevara walks out on his partner. 

A video package from All Out is shown as Ricky Starks talks about how Bryan Danielson did not make him submit. He wants more opportunities or one day he will quit, and he doesn't want anyone to knock on his door to ask him back.

Let's Hear From MJF

Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita are shown backstage with Renee Paquette as Callis says Takeshita is the new God of pro wrestling. Next week they will reveal Takeshita's next target. 

MJF then makes his way to the ring and says he realized September 20 is Grand Slam, and he says he coming back to New York. He assures whoever wins the tournament will find out the hard way that nobody is on the level of the devil. He says there might be one person who needs to be taught a lesson, and before he can continue Samoa Joe makes his way down the ring. 


Joe asks what the problem is, kid. MJF presumes Joe confused his entrance music for an ice cream truck. Joe says the last time he had anything to do with an ice cream truck he was busy being the biggest star on the other company's network. He once again asks what MJF's problem is, kid. MJF then takes some cheap jokes of his own at Joe. Joe calls him a kid again and MJF says if he does it again he will knock Joe's teeth down his throat. 

MJF says Joe wants to skip the line but there's a whole tournament. MJF then says it's storytime as he talks about having a tryout with WWE and he got pulled aside by William Regal and we all know the story about him being too young. We know how that story ended as he knocked Regal out and sent him packing back to NXT, and if Joe plays his cards right he is next. MJF recalls being told he could be a security guard to walk a legend (Joe) to the ring. 


MJF recalls Joe shoving him into a brick wall that night, and he did it because he knew he could get away with it, but he's not a boy anymore, he is a generational talent. He tells Joe to stay out of his way or else he's going to kill him. Joe says it was a point beautifully made. He didn't think of him as a kid when he pushed him, he thought he was a little b*tch. MJF then slaps him, and Joe says he won't react, but he will enter the tournament and beat everyone in it. MJF then looks to leave the ring and Joe attacks him.

He holds up the title but MJF low blows him and then bites Joe and stomps away on him, but Joe then spikes MJF and looks for a Muscle Buster until Adam Cole arrives and chases him out. MJF and Cole go back up with the doctors as Roderick Strong appears for his match, pointing out Cole doesn't care about him. 

Roderick Strong vs. Trent Beretta (Grand Slam Tournament Quarterfinal Match)

Roderick Strong takes control with a front face lock early on, but Trent Beretta responds with a knee strike of his own, focusing on his neck problem of Strong's. The two men then begin unloading chops and forearms with Strong coming out of that situation on top, but Beretta then drops him back down to the mat. He follows up with an elbow strike and a DDT as the neck continues to be focused on. 


However, Strong goads Beretta in, and he then slams his head into the ring post before throwing him back-first into the ring apron. Back inside the ring and Strong hits a backbreaker and he then catapults him upward into the bottom rope. However, as he charges into the corner Beretta fights back and stomps down on Strong's chest. Beretta follows it with several suplexes, once again focusing on the neck as he then connects with a Death Valley driver, but Strong kicks out. 

Strong comes in with a sick kick, but it isn't enough to get the job done. He then places Beretta onto the top turnbuckle but he fights back with a hurricanrana. Strong tries to reverse things with the Strong Hold but Beretta counters that with a pinfall attempt that isn't enough. However, Beretta does nail a half-and-half suplex and then a piledriver, but Strong gets his foot on the rope to stop the pinfall. Strong then responds with a running kick and the End Of Heartache, scoring the win as his neck brace immediately gets put back on. 


Winner: Roderick Strong

Toni Storm is then shown backstage with Renee Paquette, but she doesn't seem to remember what she did at All Out due to how many performances she has made. Storm says next week there's a sneak peek into her life. Until then you know what they say, "chin up, t*ts out, and watch for the shoe," as she then launches one at her.

Adam Page Talks About His Future

Tony Schiavone welcomes "Hangman" Adam Page to the ring, congratulating him for his All Out win. He got the call about that match on Saturday and he booked a flight and won the match, giving the money to the Chicago Education Fund. It's near and dear to him due to him being a teacher and he shouts out the profession, saying they're underfunded and underappreciated. 


However, Page wants to look forward to the rest of 2023 and what he wants to do, but he is interrupted by Prince Nana and Swerve Strickland. He says being in a coffin gives you perspective and makes you think, and the first person he thought about was Page. He asks if he's doing charity now and has become a mascot for AEW. He also points out he was doing charity on the pre-show and Page doesn't have any shame for himself, so he will have shame for him. 

Strickland says Page was the cornerstone of AEW originally and was handpicked. He went all the way to being an AEW World Champion and setting records at All In off his back. Strickland claims Page doesn't want it anymore, pointing out he hasn't had any new wrestling gear or new merchandise in almost a year. He also thinks Page has been eating good and it is showing, that he doesn't have singles matches or promos anymore. He thinks Page has gotten comfortable.


If he'd had Page's opportunities Strickland believes he would be the first black AEW World Champion by now. He gives Page two options; either fade away and he will take the spot, or option B he cowboys up to show everyone what cowboy sh*t is all about. If he chooses to do this with him, Strickland will walk him like a dog, and either way he's coming for the spot that Page acts like he doesn't want. Page says if he goes to the back and asks for a match he'll get tone, but he's done with this. 

Strickland says it's a shame his wife and child have to see him like this. That fires him up but as Page goes back to Strickland he gets jumped by Brian Cage from behind.

Nick Wayne vs. Darby Allin (Grand Slam Tournament Quarterfinal Match)

The two men start competitively, going back and forth with different holds until Darby Allin dumps Nick Wayne out of the ring. He then launches himself out of the ring but Allin crashes and burns into the barricade. He manages to break the 10 count and Wayne showcases respect for his mentor, giving him time to get himself back together, yet he then takes control of the encounter with Allin not 100%.


Wayne connects with the Frog Splash but doesn't get the chance to go for a cover as Allin crawls to the corner and fires back with a shotgun dropkick. Allin applies a Figure Four Leglock and when Wayne gets out they both go for the crossbody, colliding in the middle of the ring. They then go back and forth with forearm strikes to each other, and then Allin asks for a microphone. He tells Wayne he hits like an 18-year-old, and he should hit him like he wants to win this. 

Allin then puts his hands behind his back and as Wayne loads up a punch he catches Allin out with a superkick, but Allin manages to kick out of the pinfall attempt. However, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus then make their way out and head to commentary. Wayne launches himself over the top rope and his leg connects with Allin's head. Wayne then hits a running knee strike on the ring apron before launching Allin back down to the floor. 


Wayne then heads to the top turnbuckle and hits a Frog Splash to the floor on Allin, and inside the ring, he connects with Wayne's World, yet Allin kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Wayne tries to hit a cutter from the top turnbuckle but Allin hangs on, but he delays on hitting the Coffin Drop and instead just goes to cover him, yet Wayne kicks out. Wayne then nearly catches him with Last Supper but Wayne kicks out so Allin hits a springboard crossbody.

They go back and forth with pinfall attempts but neither man gets the best of the situation. Allin yanks Wayne's arms back behind his head while he stomps on his head and that forces Wayne to give up. 

Winner: Darby Allin