Impact Wrestling Results 9/7: Contract Signing, Tag Team Main Event

Welcome to our live Impact Wrestling Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Rebel Entertainment Center in Toronto, Ontario.

Our live coverage starts at 8 p.m. ET. Please share coverage of tonight's viewing party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.


Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • Josh Alexander & PCO vs. Steve Maclin & Bully Ray
  • Victory Road contract signing for Trinity vs. Alisha Edwards
  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Dani Luna
  • Lio Rush vs. Kevin Knight
  • Subculture vs. Sami Callihan & Rich Swann
  • Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura in tag team action

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Dani Luna

After a video package recapping last week, we send it to the ring for Knockouts action.

Lock up to start. Deonna is backed into the corner and uses it to her advantage for the separation. They lock up again and Luna applies a headlock. Deonna takes Luna down into the armbar, but Luna quickly grabs the bottom rope and they're forced to break. Luna takes Deonna down and hits a low clothesline for a cover. Luna then hits two suplexes, but Deonna blocks the third.


Luna moves Deonna to the apron, but Purrazzo throws a forearm. Luna moves to the apron and they trade blows before Purrazzo pulls Luna's shoulder into the apron. Back inside, Luna kicks Deonna and throws a forearm shot. Luna lands a running dropkick followed by a powerbomb for a nearfall. Deonna escapes from Luna's shoulders and then turns her inside out with the exploder suplex for a cover. Luna escapes Queen's Gambit and hits a spinning back elbow. Purrazzo answers with the legsweep into the fujiwara. Luna is forced to tap.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

A vignette for Crazzy Steve airs as he challenges Black Taurus to a match at Victory Road.

Tommy Dreamer cuts a backstage promo on putting his career on the line at Victory Road against Digital Media Champion Kenny King. He gets emotional before Heath walks up and expresses his concern.


Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura vs. Champagne Singh & Shera

Singh and Yuya start the bout with fast action. Yuya body slams Singh before tagging Hendry for a moment. Yuya quickly returns and hits an elbow drop, cover. Singh finally gets offense in and then tags Shera to take over. Shera powerslams Yuya and then hits an elbow drop. Singh hits a flatliner and covers again. Yuya throws punches and then hits a big clothesline. 


Hendry tags in and runs Singh over with clotheslines followed by a suplex. Hendry kips up but runs into Shera. Hendry suplexes Shera but then gets run over with a clothesline after Singh booted him. Yuya takes Shera out, but then Singh hoists him up. Yuya breaks free and kicks him in the head. Hendry spins Singh around and throws him to Yuya for a cutter. Hendry covers for the win.

Winners: Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura

Steve Maclin and Bully Ray cut promos on their upcoming matches backstage. They end up arguing.

Gia Miller interviews Josh Alexander about Maclin. Josh says he's all too familiar with Bully for tonight's tag match and that's why he recruited PCO.

Subculture vs. Rich Swann & Sami Callihan

Swann and Andrews kick things off with grappling. Swann had a left wrist lock in before Andrews switches it around. Andrews takes Swann to Subculture's corner and tags Webster. Swann kicks Webster off of him and then hits a dropkick. Sami comes in with a side slam and cover. Webster wipes out Sami and Swann on the outside heading into commercial.


We come back to Subculture double teaming Swann before Webster tries to pin Swann. Swann is trapped in an arm hold. He breaks free but then eats a dropkick. Swann continues to get beat down until Sami finally gets the hot tag and double teams Subculture with offense. Webster hits a Falcon Arrow with an assist. Andrews throws Swann out of the ring. Sami punches both of them but then Andrews counters with Stun Dog Millionaire. 

Webster misses the 450 and then runs into Sami with a double clothesline and both go down. Swann gets the tag and meets Andrews with a super kick. Webster throws a headbutt to Swann but then Sami counters with a Cactus Driver 97. Swann runs from the ramp and into the ring with a cutter on Andrews. Sami lifts Andrews up, Swann kicks, and Sami drops him. Swann hits Andrews with the 450 for the win.


Winners: Rich Swann & Sami Callihan

Gisele Shaw says they got screwed over at Emergence. But they eliminated MK Ultra in last week's battle royal. Shaw and Evans are coming for the tag gold at Victory Road.

The Rascalz cut a promo on facing Motor City Machine Guns when The Good Hands interrupt and claim they deserve a title shot. 

Lio Rush vs. Kevin Knight

Lio lays on the turnbuckle to taunt Knight. Knight charges and Lio gets his boot up. Lio runs in circles around Knight until he gets cut off by a kick. Rush ducks to the outside to regroup. Back inside, Knight lands a splash for a brief cover. Rush manages to kick Knight off of him for a second before Knight launches himself at Rush for another cover. Lio throws corner chops before Knight fires away with punches and kicks. 


The ref has to pull Knight away as Lio rakes the eyes. Knight falls to the floor and Lio hits a heel kick to knock him off the apron. Lio dives through the ropes and into the barricade. After the break, Rush clotheslines Knight twice but can't put him away yet. Knight manages to flip Lio off with top rope with a leaping hurricanrana. Knight hits another clothesline and a corner splash followed by a splash off the top, nearfall. 

Lio gets a few slaps in but Knight once again drills the champ in the ropes. Knight cuts him off with a dropkick and Lio slowly collapses. Knight goes for the crossbody, Lio evades. Rush goes up top and connects with the Final Hour frog splash for the win.

Winner: Lio Rush


Rush immediately hammers away at Knight after the bell. Rush applies the Hover Board Lock to send a message until Kushida makes the save. Kushida goes for the lock but Rush escapes with his title in hand.

Dango and Bravo discuss IMPACT 1000 out on the pier. Dango names some of the talent he remembers from the early days and then asks if Dixie Carter is single.

Victory Road Contract Signing

Santino Marella welcomes Alisha Edwards to the ring. Eddie accompanies her and they have champagne in hand. Knockouts World Champion Trinity enters next. Alisha makes fun of Santino and all the other "stupid" Canadian accents. Alisha says she's been here for a very long time and people thought she was just a champion's wife. But she realized she needed to change and went on to win the battle royal. Alisha signs the contract and then so does Trinity.


Alisha says she cut all that trash and Trinity didn't have any decency to speak. Trinity finally speaks and says she doesn't understand Alisha's stupid accent. The crowd pops. Alisha takes off her fluffy jacket and looks ready to fight. Trinity says she respects Alisha. When she first arrived, she was excited about all the potential opponents and admits she overlooked Alisha. But, Alisha has grabbed her attention and has earned this opportunity.

Alisha says she doesn't need Trinity to tell her what she's earned. Alisha says Trinity was handed the opportunity, but Trinity counters and says she chose Impact because this is where the fiercest competition is. Eddie interjects and says they've been here longer than anybody. Alisha says she'll have her man at Victory Road, but Trinity's man can't be there. Trinity calls out Eddie for turning his back on the company. She tells "Mr. Alisha" to pipe down.


Alisha tosses her drink in Trinity's eyes and the hoops come off (and the lashes). Trinity finally kicks Alisha and drags her across the table for a brawl. Alisha gets thrown into the turnbuckle. The fans chant "table" so Trinity goes for it but Eddie stops her. Eddie hits Trinity with a Blue Thunder Bomb through the table! Eddie and Alisha take off while officials check on Trinity.

Bully Ray & Steve Maclin vs. PCO & Josh Alexander

Josh and Maclin start off by slapping each other. Josh tries for the ankle lock but Maclin crawls away and tags out. Josh decides to tag PCO, so Bully tags Steve. Maclin ambushes PCO but PCO clobbers him with a clothesline. PCO stomps on Maclin in the corner. After the break, Maclin is chopping Josh in the corner before Josh counters with arm drags into a left arm hold. Josh chops in the corner before tagging out. 


Maclin drives a knee into PCO's gut. Josh returns with more chops and then a boot. Maclin fires back with a back elbow and then tags Bully who comes in with a stomp. Bully takes Josh to the corner with jabs. Josh lands a dropkick off the ropes. Across the ring, Josh throws punches on top of Bully. Maclin tries to ambush, but Josh punches him out. Bully throws more jabs but Josh cuts him off and pulls him into the top rope.

Josh goes to run the ropes but Maclin pulls the rope down and Josh falls out. Maclin becomes legal and grounds Josh with a chinlock. Bully returns with a clothesline to keep him down. PCO gets the tag and plants Maclin with a DDT. Maclin knocks Josh off the apron before getting knocked down again. PCO hits a lungblower with Maclin on the top rope. PCO hits a legdrop from the top before diving through the ropes.


Bully is scared of PCO again and rolls in the ring. PCO follows and Bully offers a hand. PCO goes for a chokeslam but Maclin attacks from behind. Bully low blows PCO while the ref is ducked from almost getting hit. Bully rolls PCO up for the win.

Winners: Bully Ray & Steve Maclin