Why Cathy Kelley Would Like To See WWE Use Social Media More With Storylines

Storylines in professional wrestling can be created in all manner of ways, but with the growth of social media, there is a new option for the creative team at WWE to tap into. Whether it be X, Facebook, Instagram, or something else, it is another medium in which fans take in the product. Furthermore, it's a method Cathy Kelley wants to see WWE utilize more often.

"That was something that I always, when I was working with digital in a bigger capacity, I thought that there was this opportunity, even though we have hours of television time, there's so many more stories that can be told elsewhere," she said in an interview with "Out Of Character with Ryan Satin." "TikTok seemed like it was just an easy avenue to tell those stories."

Kelley now primarily works as a backstage announcer for WWE, but she still sees the potential in kickstarting storylines or enhancing them on social media. Considering how often fans find themselves on those various platforms and how well-followed WWE is as a company, it would no doubt prove to be successful.

"I still think that's something that WWE can do in the future of like stories can start in a digital exclusive," she said. "I think they do a great job actually at utilizing Twitter or X, utilizing social media to create matches and start feuds or whatever that is, but there's still such an untapped side to all of that."

Wrestlers such as MJF, Matt Cardona, and Karrion Kross have all shown that using social media can be a great way of developing a character and connecting with fans, which is why this idea is something that has the potential to work.

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