Ken Anderson Explains Why His WWE United States Title Reign Was So Short

WWE might be busy celebrating the lengthy title reigns of Roman Reigns and GUNTHER as of late, but not every champion gets a long run, as Ken Anderson found out when he won the United States Championship. He held it for just 42 days before his reign came to an end, but that wasn't something that upset him at the time, as it might've done others.


"I realize to be the World Heavyweight Champion in these companies is a big deal. However, at the end of the day, the titles are just props, they are props used to tell stories or further storylines and I have always felt that way," he told "The A2theK Wrestling Show." "So, it was cool to me, but I wasn't sleeping with the title, I don't have any pictures of me with the title on my mantel or anything like that." While Anderson might've felt that way about titles, the reason why he ended up losing the belt so quickly was also likely a big factor in him not being too phased by the situation. That's because he was walking into a feud with The Undertaker, one of the biggest stars in WWE history.


"'Taker actually went to Vince and told him that he wanted to work a program with me, and they always felt that the United States Championship was beneath 'Taker," Anderson revealed. "So, it was something that wouldn't further our storyline, so it was not necessary for me to have it." The fact that Undertaker never held the United States Championship throughout his career with the company would back up that statement, with the "Deadman" typically being used in the main event scene or competing for a World Title.

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