WWE President Nick Khan Details Similarities Between Vince McMahon & Dana White

Following the confirmation that WWE and UFC will merge to become TKO Group Holdings under the Endeavor umbrella, there have been questions as to how powerhouse promoters Dana White and Vince McMahon can and will co-exist going forward. Nick Khan, President of WWE under TKO, Nick Khan, addressed exactly that during "The Bill Simmons Podcast". 


"So I think a couple things, when Dana put out a quote when this deal was announced, which was just after WrestleMania LA in April, Dana's quote was something to the effect of I'm looking forwards to working with Vince and team, Vince is a savage in the wrestling business, something to that effect," he started, "Vince is as complimentary about Dana."

Khan continued, saying that he sees a lot of "shocking" similarities between White and McMahon, "Both single-parent households, both grew up without much money or resources, and both had to fight their way to the inside from the outside." 

He also noted that both men had made it their mission to build WWE and UFC, respectively, having grown the companies exponentially while at the helm. He said that in actuality, he doesn't see either White or McMahon getting involved in each other's product. Instead, they will be more focused on coming together to make their joint enterprise the "biggest thing in the world", and that is something that Khan feels they will work on pretty well.


If you use any quotes from this podcast, please credit "The Bill Simmons Podcast" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.