Sammy Guevara Turns On Chris Jericho After Singles Loss On AEW Dynamite Grand Slam

After a back-and-forth affair between former Inner Circle and Jericho Appreciation Society members, the namesake of the latter prevailed when Chris Jericho countered a shooting star press from Sammy Guevara into a codebreaker to earn the victory on Wednesday's episode of "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam." The main story of this encounter, however, began and ended only after the closing bell, as the protege turned on his mentor to extend the feud and further a few other storylines, to boot.

Guevara, wearing gear that was a nod to Jericho's attire at Wrestlemania XIX, shook the hand of his former mentor and gave him a hug — just before delivering a low blow to "Le Champion," a note-for-note remake of Jericho turning on Shawn Michaels all those years ago. Jericho's facial expression mimicked that of Michaels' utter shock, as well, but his disappointment had only just begun. Immediately afterward, Don Callis came down the ramp and escorted Guevara to the back, indicating a likely alliance between Guevara and the Don Callis Family. In a backstage segment later in the show, Renee Paquette tried to get Guevara to confirm the affiliation, but Callis cut her off and gave a non-answer, only saying, "All will be revealed this Friday on Rampage."

As the two walked off, with Paquette looking on curiously in the background, Guevara crossed paths with another former stablemate in Daniel Garcia, with the two nearly coming to blows. Perhaps teasing a future encounter between the two — or maybe another recruitment to "the family" – Callis pulled Guevara away, saying of Garcia, "This kid's money."