Impact Wrestling Results 9/21: 10-Knockouts Tag Main Event, Ultimate X & More

Welcome to our live Impact Wrestling Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York.

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Here is what's in store for tonight's continuation of the 1,000th episode that began last week:

    • Trinity, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Jordynne Grace & Mickie James vs. Angelina Love, Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans
    • Ultimate X Match: Mike Bailey vs. Alan Angels vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Ace Austin vs. Rich Swann vs. Samuray Del Sol
    • Josh Alexander vs. Trey Miguel
    • Eric Young vs. Kenny King
    • Jake Something vs. Dirty Dango (10-minute time limit)
    • Feast or Fired results revealed

Ultimate X Match

We open with a recap of last week's festivities.

Ultimate X: Mike Bailey vs. Rich Swann vs. Samuray Del Sol vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Alan Angels vs. Ace Austin

Ace is the first to try and jump at the X. Del Sol flips over Wentz and takes down Angels. Likewise, Del Sol ducks, allowing Wentz to flip out of the ring onto Angels. Swann climbs the turnbuckles and flips out onto the trio. Inside, Bailey scales the ropes until Ace pulls him down. Ace kicks Bailey and Swann before hitting a leg sweep and leg drop on Speedball. Ace dives out with Soar to Glory on the field. Ace scales the truss, followed by Angels, who knocks him down. 


Bailey, Del Sol follows Angels up. All three decide to backflip off the truss simultaneously to wipe out the others. Angels pulls Del Sol off the apron and nails him with a suplex on the floor. Bailey follows Angels up the truss. Swann joins in and throws punches while Wentz gets in. Wentz then hits Swann with a cutter from the top rope. Bailey and Angels continue climbing all the way to the top. Angels' leg gets caught and he hangs upside down. Del Sol climbs on the opposite end. 

Del Sol and Bailey inch toward the X. Ace tries to jump at Del Sol. Angels and Wentz shake the cables, allowing Ace to dropkick Del Sol down. Bailey hangs on and inches. Wentz kicks Swann, Swann fires back with a cutter and poison rana on the mat. Angels hits a headscissor on Swann off the top rope. Bailey is still ip in the air as Wentz sprays Swann in the face. Ace suplexes Wentz before Wentz sprays Del Sol. 


Bailey tries to grab the X with his toes as Ace, Wentz, and Angels approach on each side. Wentz sprays Ace to knock him down. Bailey kicks away at Wentz to knock him off. Bailey and Angels kick each other and then fall to the mat. Angels goes back up and slides down the cable. Ace and Bailey start climbing but Ace unhooks the X. Ace and Angels fall but Angels escapes with the X to officially win.

Winner: Alan Angels

Dirty Dango vs. Jake Something

Backstage, Angels cuts a promo on being the future frontman of Impact. He's cashing it in next week for a shot at Chris Sabin's X-Division Championship.

This next match has Chase Stevens in the Fox Box as the judge for the 10-minute time limit. Alpha Bravo cuts a promo to introduce Dango


Dirty Dango vs. Jake Something

Dango escapes Into The Void and regroups with Bravo outside. Dango puts Bravo in front of him before shoving him into Jake. Jake is barely phased and then powerslams Dango on the floor. Inside, Jake hits a clothesline and covers. Dango side steps Jake, setting him to run into the corner. Dango hits a few running uppercuts, brief cover. Jake makes his come back and spears Dango in the corner before sending him out of the ring.

Jake goes to launch out, but Bravo gets on the apron with a flashlight in hand. Dango sneaks up on Jake from behind. Bravo accidentally hits Dango with the flashlight, allowing Something to hit Into The Void for the win.

Winner: Jake Something


Backstage, Maclin complains about Rhino costing him a shot in Feast or Fired last week. Rhino runs up out of nowhere and spears Maclin into travel cases. Santino yells at Rhino and says he went too far. Rhino says Maclin tried to end his career and that it's on him what happens next.

Team Canada & America's Most Wanted Unite

Kenny King vs. Eric Young

Scott D'Amore accompanies EY to represent Team Canada.

EY starts the bout with a hip toss on King. Jean attacks EY from behind for the quick DQ. D'Amore clears King and Jean out before Shark Boy's music hits. As the deputy DOA, he's not gonna let the match end like that. 


Winner by DQ: Eric Young

Eric Young & Scott D'Amore vs. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

Deaner and Kon attack EY to immediately cause yet another DQ. Shark Boy reiterates we're not ending it like that. He books an eight-man tag bout. Out comes America's Most Wanted.

Team Canada & America's Most Wanted vs. The Design, Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

The babyfaces clear the ring before the bell rings. Once it's official, EY and Jean start by working each other's arms. EY clobbers him and then tags Scott. D'Amore with an armbreaker, then tags Harris, who continues working the arm. Storm gets the tag and he continues the trend. Jean finally tags King. Storm with a shoulder block before King knocks him down. Storm comes back, tags Harris who hits a bulldog and covers.


Deaner comes in and D'Amore hits a knee drop. EY returns and stares down Deaner. Kon takes EY down while the ref is dealing with Deaner. King tags in and slams EY, followed by a legdrop off the ropes. Kon tackles EY to keep him grounded. Kon charges the corner, but EY counters and manages to hoist him up off the turnbuckle for a DVD. Jean and Storm get tags. Storm atomic drops and slaps Jean. Storm manages to double team King and Jean, cover. 

Jean forearms Storm before Wildcat knocks King to the floor. EY flies in with an elbow drop on Jean, kick out. King hits blockbuster on EY, Wildcat clobbers him. Kon knocks D'Amore off the apron. Kon and Harris meet face to face before throwing hands. Harris clotheslines Kon out and then AMW throw King onto Kon. Deaner eats Last Call. Storm hits lungblower on Jean to set up D'Amore's Sky High. EY hits Jean with a piledriver for the win.

Winners: Team Canada & America's Most Wanted

Feast or Fired Results

We see footage from last week of Team 3D following their reunion. 

Backstage, Dave LaGreca is presiding over the Feast or Fired reveal. Yuya and Hendry share they're hoping for a tag title shot. Bey and Moose also want a tag title shot as Ace and Myers are alongside them, respectively. Steve's answer is cryptic.


Steve starts with Case #1. It's a shot at the Digital Media title. He repeats, "the world was full of dreamers" over and over before exiting.

Moose opens Case #2 for a shot at the World title. He's smiling despite saying he was hoping for a tag title shot.

Bey opens Case #3 for a tag team title opportunity.

Hendry and Yuya are in shock. Yuya cracks open Case #4 to reveal that he's fired.

Trey Miguel vs. Josh Alexander

Trey and Josh start off quick and spill to the outside. Back in, Josh catches Trey on his shoulders and then tosses him with a German suplex on the neck. Josh pulls Trey into the ropes and then slides out only to run into Wentz. Trey takes advantage of the distraction and flips out of the ring to knock Alexander down. After the break, Trey has Josh in the corner but Josh starts coming back. He runs the ropes and Wentz trips his foot. Trey takes advantage again and grounds Josh in the corner.


Trey stomps on Josh and covers. Trey pivots to a headlock in the center until Josh punches his way out. Josh turns Trey inside out with a suplex. Josh comes back with forearm shots and a back body drop. Josh goes for C4 Spike but Trey slipped out and kicked Josh in the head. Josh chases Trey off the top rope. Trey assaults the left arm, but Josh clotheslines with his right. Josh goes up top with Trey on his shoulders, but Trey elbows out. Trey claps Josh's head and then flips him down to the mat.

Trey connects with meteora, but Josh rolls through with the ankle lock. Trey whips Josh out of the ring, allowing Wentz to hit a knee strike. Wentz rolls Josh back in whiel the ref checks on Trey. Shelley marches down and takes Wentz out. Trey attempts Lightning Spiral, but Josh fires back with C4 Spike for the pinfall.


Winner: Josh Alexander

Josh grabs a mic and sarcastically thanks Shelley for being in his corner tonight, which he could've used last week or at Emergence. Shelley tells Josh not to mix his signals. He wanted to hurt The Rascalz, not help Josh. Alexander lays down the challenge — he wants his world title shot at Bound For Glory.

All-Star Knockouts Main Event

Also made official: Will Ospreay vs. Mike Bailey for BFG. Backstage, Gresham checks on Bailey. They poke fun at each other for not winning their respective matches. Except Gresham has been a world champion before. After more bantering, they agree to a match.


John Skyler argues with The Rascalz about their deal. ABC walks up and reminds them they have a guaranteed title shot. Rascalz run off while Skyler goes off. Skyler looks stunned that he was ditched.

Next week: Memphis Street Fight with Dreamer & Heath vs. King & Jean, Bailey vs. Gresham, Yuya's goodbye ceremony, plus Angels vs. Sabin for the X-Division title.

Trinity, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Jordynne Grace & Mickie James vs. Angelina Love, Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans

Love and Trinity start with a lock up. Love backs Trinity to the corner but Trinity pivots to a headlock. Love shoulder blocks and poses before Trinity trips her. Trinity gyrates a little before slamming Love. She follows it with the splits. Love plants her boot in Trinity's throat. Jordynne and Gisele get tags. Grace powerslams Shaw a couple times, but Shaw blocks the third. Grace nails the Juggernaut Jack Hammer, Evans breaks the pin. Shaw accidentally hits Evans and Grace takes advantage.


James comes in to the bout with a seated senton before knocking Deonna off the apron. Tasha comes face to face with Mickie, but James boots Tasha and slaps her. Deonna tags in but eats a kick and flapjack. Mickie goes up top but Tasha shoves her off. Evans gets the tag and she legdrops James. They trade forearms until Mickie lands the neckbreaker. Purrazzo legal again but Mickie escapes and tags Gail.

Kim hits shoulder tackles on Deonna, followed by a clothesline. Back elbows in the corner is followed by a crossbody, Shaw breaks the cover. Gail takes Shaw down while dragging Deonna by the arm. Kim kicks Vidal, but then Velvet yanks Gail off the apron. Mickie checks on Gail on the floor. Tasha tries to get Gail up and slams her into the apron. Tasha rolls her back in, cover. Tasha applies a camel clutch until Gail elbows out. 

Love comes in and hits side slam, cover. Shaw whips Gail into the ropes, but Gail counters with octopus. Shaw runs Gail into the turnbuckles to break it. Gail slaps away at Shaw, but Shaw hits a backbreaker and flatliner. James breaks the cover. Deonna comes back in with a headlock. Once free, they clash with a double crossbody. Kong and Shaw get tags. Kong chokeslams Deonna, slaps Tasha and meets Evans face to face. 


Evans elbows out and tries her own chokeslam, but Kong clotheslines her. Love and Deonna stop Kong from slamming Evans. Mickie and Trinity hit double Thesz Press on Deonna and Love. Trinity launches out. Mickie whips Tasha out before Evans boots James. Jordynne uses Gail's body to take out Evans. Jordynne grabs Shaw and they scale the ropes. Gail goes up, shoves Shaw and dives out onto the field. Shaw backs into Kong and eats a backfist. Kong chokeslams Shaw. Kong pulls Shaw up by her hair and nails the Implant Buster for the win.

Winners: Kong, Kim, Grace, James & Trinity

Vidal and Sky get into it, leading to Love hitting Vidal with Botox Injection. Sky and Love place a paper bag on Jai's head. The babyfaces raise arms in the ring and James eyes Trinity's Knockouts title.