Why Darby Allin Says He's Okay Being The 'Guinea Pig' Of AEW

Darby Allin holds the daredevil distinction in AEW — whether he's being thrown downstairs in a bodybag or leaping from anything remotely vertical — and has drawn both ire and awe for his exploits inside and outside the ring. He addressed his status as "Guinea pig" for AEW on the "BJ & Migs Daily Podcast", saying that he is more than happy to carry the mantle if it puts the company on the map. 

"My big thing is, if I have to be the spokesperson for AEW to show, like, if I am the guinea pig of doing crazy stuff to get more eyes on the company, let me be that guy," he said, before declaring his desire to climb Mount Everest and go to space. "To me, I feel like a lot of a people in wrestling, like, 'What's your character?', 'I'm not scared of anything,' and then in real life, they're like, 'Please don't hurt me.'"

Allin said that he legitimately has no fear and is at peace if he dies trying to climb Mount Everest. He said that's why he asks AEW to allow him to "really make history," as he doesn't feel enough can be done within the confines of weekly television. 

"I'm thinking outside the box, like how do we get more random buzz from people who don't watch wrestling, and it's like, if you see it on the news: 'Pro wrestler climbs Mount Everest.' Like, 'What?', and then they look into it. That's my goal."

He revealed that he is currently preparing to make the Everest climb in April next year. Before that he will go to Switzerland in October, China in November, and New Zealand in February for training. Although he admitted he didn't feel the need to train, he says the company he is climbing with insisted. He said the climb will take two months to complete.