Santos Escobar Explains Why It's Important To Him To Represent Mexican Culture In WWE

Santos Escobar is one of WWE's most popular Hispanic performers, one who has gained the love and adoration of fans across the globe for his personality and in-ring prowess. While to many fans, Mexican wrestlers or 'luchadors' are some of the most exciting performers in the world, the true roots of the craft run a lot deeper in their home country. In an interview with "After The Bell", the second-generation star explained the importance of lucha libre to the Mexican people throughout the years. 

"Lucha libre is, for the lack of a better expression, a cultural expression in Mexico," Escobar said.

"It is a sport, it is entertainment... but the roots of it run deep within the culture of the Mexican society. Every family in Mexico knows about lucha libre. Lucha libre is embedded in the culture of our families and our tradition, and it's also part of the culture of the country. I would even go as far to say that this is the most important sport that we have, probably followed by soccer. Families go to lucha libre every week and we're talking about families that are not wealthy... people work really hard to give this to their families."

Escobar also explained how because of his upbringing, lucha libre is more than just a business or a career to him, describing it as his "life." After dominating for companies such as AAA and CMLL under the El Hijo del Fantasma moniker, the leader of the LWO signed with WWE four years ago, becoming a champion in "NXT" before being called up to the main roster last year under the guidance of Triple H, where he has become a prominent fixture on "WWE SmackDown" each week. 

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "After The Bell" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.