AEW's The Butcher Explains Why No Wrestler Comes Close To Bryan Danielson

While some wrestling fans would call Bryan Danielson the greatest technical wrestler in the world, AEW's The Butcher believes he is much more than that, claiming he's the Michael Jordan of professional wrestling when speaking to "NotSam Wrestling."


"I don't think there's a pro wrestler even close. I think that his gap is like, he can do everything. How do you get better than that? You can put him in comedy, you can put him in deathmatch, you can put him in technical, that dude does everything good," he said. "Everyone should watch that guy wrestle." 

Throughout his time in AEW alone, Danielson has showcased a wide variety of different skills. From his more violent side in the recent strap match with Ricky Starks to his technical masterclass against Zack Sabre Jr. However, it isn't just what the "American Dragon" offers between the ropes that makes him so special in the eyes of the Butcher. Danielson has taken on a variety of roles in AEW, from helping with creative to giving advice to talent such as Jade Cargill. This desire to help others makes him special to the Butcher.


"On top of that, there's not a bad bone in that dude's body. He's one of the best," he said. "At any point in time, you can pull that dude aside and have any type of conversation, either he'll give you advice — he's nurtured me before. He's done everything."

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