Road Dogg Admits He Was 'Scared To Death' Of Attitude Era WWE Star

The WWE Attitude Era is synonymous with scary wrestlers such as Kane and every member of The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness. However, the one performer who scared Brian "Road Dogg" James didn't have a horror gimmick, but he was a real-life tough guy.

On a recent episode of "Oh... You Didn't Know," James explained that Steve Blackman used to terrify him, especially after witnessing him get into a dust-up with John Bradshaw Layfield at an airport. James stated that some stories about the fight may have been blown out of proportion, but it was enough to make him wary of ever getting on Blackman's bad side.

"I was scared to death of him," James said. "I was present at the fight between him and Bradshaw, where it's told so and so was knocked out cold and this was that. None of that happened, but it was a scary place to be and Bradshaw was not on the happy end of it."

James recalled Blackman throwing a kick during the fight and getting his foot stuck in the baggage claim, which resulted in a bag flying across the floor and instilling more fear in Road Dogg. "[The brawl] wasn't all that it was cracked up to be," he added. "But it was dang sure a fight... it scared me."

In addition to being a pro wrestler, Blackman was known for his legitimate shootfighting skills. In fact, his martial arts skills were so impressive back then that Bob Holly believes Blackman would have won the Brawl for All tournament, which was WWE's attempt at integrating combat sports into the product.

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