WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley Weighs Which Is Worse: Barbed Wire Or Thumbtacks

WWE Hall of Famer and hardcore legend Mick Foley is no stranger to using all kinds of brutal weapons in hardcore matches, having gone through many a table or steel cage roof in his decades-long career. On a recent episode of his "Foley is Pod" podcast, he compared the likes of thumbtacks to barbed wire, two things he knows quite a bit about.

Foley called the question of which was worse an 'easy one,' stating that thumbtacks rank 'very highly' on the Foley risk/reward ratio as they don't leave too much of a mark.

"I don't want to say [the risk is] very low, but when your biggest concerns are making sure you're closing eyes if you're dumb enough to take it face-first, which I was on a couple of occasions, and then you also want the clean tacks, right?" Foley said. "For years I thought I had, like, a skin rash that wouldn't go away no matter what kind of creams I was putting on it. Then I realized it wasn't a rash, it was hundreds of tiny hole puncture scars that made up something that looked like a rash."

As for the barbed wire, Foley said it's easier to take when it's attached to a bat, like his infamous "Barbie," a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he carried with him to use against opponents. The Hall of Famer explained that barbed wire, when used in place of ring ropes rather than in addition to, is the worst.

"[Barbed wire] can catch and tear you and change your life in a major way and I think the best example of that is when Sabu got something like what would have been a hundred stitches if he didn't superglue it himself, and that to me was one of the gutsiest moments in wrestling," he said.