WWE Fastlane Results 10/7: Cena & Knight Vs. Bloodline, Last Man Standing Match

Welcome to WrestlingInc.com's live coverage of WWE Fastlane 2023. Tonight's show emanates from the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • John Cena & LA Knight vs. The Bloodline's Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa
  • Last Man Standing WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • WWE Women's Championship: IYO SKY (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: The Judgment Day's Finn Balor & Damian Priest (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso
  • Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar & TBD vs. Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits

Tag Team Titles: Judgment Day (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso

Pat McAfee voices the cold open for the show. 

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: Judgment Day (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso

Priest and Jey start the bout by circling the ring before locking up. Priest backs Jey to the corner before Jey pivots with the headlock. Jey takes control with offensive strikes before Cody tags in and continues the attack on Priest's leg. Jey comes back in but gets flattened by a clothesline. Balor gets the tag and he unloads with punches. Cody tags in and drops Finn on his face with a stalling suplex. Jey returns with a headbutt as the faces continue quick tags.

Priest sneaks a tag in and kicks Jey in the back from the apron. Balor comes right back in and covers Jey before switching to a headlock. Low dropkick, another cover. Priest strikes Jey and goes for a cheap shot but Cody blocks it. Balor returns and attempts another cover. Balor applies a headlock. Rhodes finally gets the hot tag and meets Balor with punches. Powerslam connects, followed by the Disaster Kick, cover for two.

Priest gets involved from the apron, allowing Balor to take control. Rhodes escapes but Balor catches him with a sling blade followed by a corner dropkick. Balor goes up top but Rhodes cuts him off. Rhodes positions him for a stalling suplex and finally they hit the mat. Rhodes grasps his neck. Priest and Jey get tags as they slug it out in the middle. Jey spits on his hand and strikes. Jey uppercuts and goes for a Samoan Drop but Priest is too heavy. Priest claps Hey's head but then eats an enziguri.

Jey lands a crossbody from the top, cover. Priest hits a big kick from the apron. Back inside, Priest plants Jey on his face, cover for two. Priest grabs Jey for Razor's Edge, but he escapes and strikes Balor off the apron. Priest falls over the ropes and then Jey dives out onto the champs. Jey connects with the Uso Splash, but Finn breaks the pin. Rhodes runs in with a Cody Cutter on Finn, but it hurts him as well.

Jey charges but Priest kicks him. Jey spears Priest and then goes up top again as Dom and Rhea run down. Jey superkicks Dom at ringside and goes face to face with Mami. Rhea waves and Jey questions what she's doing. He side eyes her while trying to go up top again. Finn runs up but Jey kicks him off. Priest goes up top and hits a hurricanrana. Balor tags and hits Coup de Grace, but Rhodes breaks it.

All four get to their feet and slug it out. Priest tries launching off the ropes but Rhodes kicks him. Finn slingblades Cody. JD tries to distract Jey but Jey rolls Finn up. Jey gets shoved into Rhea using the briefcase in the ropes. Balor rolls Jey up but still he kicks out. Priest chokeslams Rhodes on the apron. Priest clears the announce desk and JD accidentally hits Priest's bad knee with the case when Cody moves. Cody hits Priest with Cross Rhodes on the table.

Jey dives over the ropes to wipe out Finn and JD. Cody tags in. Jey superkicks Finn, Cody hits an assisted Cutter, like a 1D. Cody hits Finn with Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso

Bobby Lashley & Street Profits vs. LWO & Carlito

We see a Pizza Hut sponsored backstage interaction between Booker T, Wade Barrett, and Xavier Woods. The next match is sponsored by Pizza Hut.

Bobby Lashley & Street Profits vs. LWO & ???

The match starts without the mystery partner. Ford takes it to Escobar at the start but Escobar gets his knees up on Ford's backflip. Escobar hits Ford with a hurricanrana from the top, Lashley breaks the pin. Lashley tags in and hits Escobar with a swinging neckbreaker. He goes for Hurt Lock but Escobar slips out. Lashley hits a stalling suplex and tags Dawkins who goes for the cover. Rey comes in with offense against Dawkins. Lashley tags in while Rey runs for the 619. Dawkins gets a cheap shot in as Lashley sends Rey to the floor.

Back inside, Lashley sends Rey crashing to the mat. Ford tags in and hits a standing frog splash, cover. Ford works him down more before tagging Dawkins. After Escobar is taken out at ringside, Zelina gets involved with a Meteora on Ford, allowing Rey to make a comeback to faceplant Dawkins. Rey has no one to tag as Ford returns and continues the beatdown. Rey starts to crawl back to his corner as Carlito's music hits.

Carlito gets the hot tag and he clotheslines Ford. Carlito lands a dropkick after avoiding Lashley and Dawkins in the corner. Carlito sends Dawkins out, allowing Rey to hit a seated senton. Lashley runs over Rey before Escobar dives out onto him. Ford ambushes Carlito, but Carlito counters with the backstabber for the win.

Winners: Carlito, Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar

Xavier Woods eats Pizza Hut with Graves and Cole. We also see a commercial for Crown Jewel on November 4.

We then see footage from the pre-show as Jade Cargill arrived at the venue and greeted Triple H with a handshake.

Women's Title: IYO SKY (c) vs. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

IYO SKY enters alone as she told Damage CTRL to stay backstage during the preshow. Asuka mists Charlotte right away. Asuka roundhouse kicks her, but Sky breaks the cover. Iyo hits a pair of arm drags but then Asuka reverses into an arm hold. Flair gets checked out at ringside as Iyo slips out of the hold. She moonsaults off the corner but Asuka moves and catches her with a dropkick. They trade pinfall attempts and Iyo nearly wins it. Asuka catches Iyo with a kick across the chest.

Flair runs in with a boot to Asuka and the crowd boos. Flair with a fallaway slam on Iyo, Flair kips up. She chops Asuka and unloads with foreamr shots until Iyo hops on her back. Flair knocks her off. Asuka runs up but Flair catches her with a back suplex. Iyo rolls Flair through and then stomps on her. Asuka and Iyo agree to align against Flair, who they whip into the corner. Flair fends off both of them, rolls up Iyo. Sky takes Flair down with a headscissor into a crossface. 

Asuka kicks Flair in the corner and Flair rolls out. Iyo connects with a missile dropkick on Asuka. She goes up top but Asuka follows and tries for a suplex. Asuka drops down, runs back, and hits a release German suplex off the top. Sliding kick, cover for two. Flair returns with a crossbody from the top on both. Flair throws more chops and then picks up both women for a DDT but ends up turning it into a double suplex. Flair does a step over into a double clothesline, cover on Asuka.

Iyo sunset flips Asuka out of a waist lock on Charlotte. Iyo and Asuka trade covers. Asuka runs the ropes and hip attacks Flair suddenly. Asuka whips Iyo out of the ring and she clobbers Charlotte with a crossbody. Asuka kicks Flair but Iyo trips Asuka on the apron. Iyo moonsault off the ropes to take Asuka down. Flair then heads up top. She lands the moonsault on both women. Back inside, Flair goes up top again but Asuka trips her. Asuka charges but Flair gets the boot up. 

Iyo strikes Flair in the corner. Up top, Flair chops Iyo a few times. Flair puts Iyo on her shoulders and Asuka runs up for a tower of doom spot. Asuka tries pinning Flair and then the champ, no luck. Flair goes for Figure Four on Asuka but Iyo hits Meteora for a nearfall. Iyo puts Flair in a crossface as Asuka hooks the leg. Asuka releases and tries to put Iyo in the lock. Iyo rolls into a cover before Asuka hits a facebuster on Iyo assisted by Flair. Flair then spears Asuka for a nearfall. 

Bayley runs down and checks on Iyo on the floor. Iyo gets frustrated before Flair boots her off the apron. Asuka leaps off the top with a flying codebreaker, two count. Asuka applies Figure Four again. Bayley runs to the other side of the ring and tries entering. The ref stops her, allowing Iyo to hit the moonsault on Flair. Iyo pins Flair to retain.

Winner: IYO SKY (c)

John Cena & LA Knight vs. The Bloodline

Pat McAfee appears in the ring and teases WrestleMania coming to Indy. Pat then joins commentary after introducing Cena. 

Crowd chants heavily for Knight as he and Cena develop their game plan. Cena starts the bout with Jimmy but Solo doesn't high-five Jimmy. The crowd wants Solo to come in as Uso applies a headlock on Cena. It doesn't take long before Cena gets double-teamed by The Bloodline. Jimmy also taunts the crowd while working down Cena. Solo returns and continues the beatdown. Cena nearly gets the tag but Jimmy cuts him off and traps the GOAT in a headlock on the mat. 

Sikoa tags in and hits a big hip attack in the corner. He grounds Cena again before tagging Jimmy. Cena suddenly powers up with an Attitude Adjustment on Jimmy but then they're both down. Cena starts crawling again and Sikoa blasts Knight off the apron to prevent the tag. Solo drags Cena back in as Knight argues with the ref. Jimmy throws some trash at Knight to irritate him. Meanwhile, Heyman is commentating the match into his phone.

Cena manages to get his knees up on Solo to get some space. Cena crawls over and finally secures the hot tag as Jimmy also becomes legal. Knight hits a clothesline and leg sweep. Swinging neckbreaker connects, Knight bumps Solo off. Knight drops Solo with a DDT but then Jimmy hits a superkick for a two. Knight powerslams Jimmy and lands a big elbow drop. Sikoa hits Knight with a Samoan Drop but then runs into a top rope crossbody from Cena. Jimmy flies in with Uso splash and everyone is down.

Knight throws hands at Solo and Jimmy to "yeah" chants. Jimmy dumps Knight out of the ring as Cena hoists Solo up. Uso superkicks Cena to break them up. Knight pulls the rope down for Solo to fall out. He runs up and hits Uso with a superplex. Cena goes for Five Knuckle Shuffle, knocks Solo off the apron, then connects. Knight hits Jimmy with BFT for the win.

Winners: LA Knight & John Cena

Heyman gets on his phone and says, "We've got a problem."

Backstage, Rhea Ripley tells Damian Priest that he is not in good condition to cash in tonight and she takes the briefcase from him.

Last Man Standing World Title Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Rollins goes for a kick immediately and Nakamura evades. Rollins then goes to dive out of the ring but his challenger walks away before Rollins commits. Rollins rolls out and gets a kendo stick after Nakamura yells "come on." Nakamura takes Rollins to the ramp and attempts a suplex but Rollins instead hits one on the floor. Rollins then exposes the concrete floor and goes for a powerbomb. Rollins pivots and slams Nakamura's face into the ring steps. Rollins picks up another set of stairs and launches it at Nakamura, who ducks.

Rollins grabs another kendo stick and also pulls out a trash can, chairs, and two tables. Nakamura regroups during that time and manages to drop his knee on the back of Rollins' neck on the apron. Nakamura pulls out nunchucks and whips Rollins' legs and then the back. Nakamura places Rollins in the ropes for a kick and then the sliding German suplex. Rollins gets to his feet before Nakamura places a trash can over him and strikes with the stick. Nakamura applies a sleeper hold to weaken the champ further.

Rollins counters the inverted suplex and nails a slingblade. Rollins whacks Nakamura with a kendo stick repeatedly before bashing a trash can against him. Rollins hits a dive through the ropes. But back inside, Nakamura uses the stick again and hits a running knee strike. Nakamura props a table in the corner before hitting the inverted suplex. Nakamura charges he corner but Rollins moves and Nakamura bends the table. Rollins hits a stomp and then rolls to the apron. Nakamura gets up before 9. Nakamura rolls to the floor for more counting.

Rollins clears the announce desk and then pulls out a ladder to run it into Nakamura on the floor. Nakamura is placed on the desk as Rollins scales the ladder. Rollins nearly leaps but Nakamura walks away. Rollins runs after him, slamming him into the barricade and apron. On the other side, Nakamura is dumped into the crowd. Rollins follows after with a chair in hand, striking his back. Rollins continues beating Nakamura down as they go up some stairs. Nakamura manages to low blow Rollins and then kicks him to the floor below.

Rollins barely beats the count up before Nakamura hits him in the back with a chair. Nakamura's chair hits the ring post. Rollins goes for a pedigree on the concrete, but Nakamura does a body drop instead. Nakamura rolls Rollins into the ring where Rollins manages a pedigree. Nakamura gets up in time but rolls to the floor. Nakamura regroups and drives Rollins spine first into the ring post. He places him on a table at ringside and connects with a double knee drop from the second rope. Rollins up at 9. 

Nakamura unloads with chair shots to the back. Rollins has enough strength to send Nakamura into the ring post face first. He eyes the ladder and the crowd sings his song. Rollins scales the ladder at the announce desk. Nakamura climbs the other side and Rollins tries for a suplex. Instead, Nakamura mists him with red and shoves him down and he falls through the desk. Rollins barely gets up. Back inside, Nakamura drives Seth's back onto a propped chair. He hits Kinshasa, sending Rollins through a corner table. Nakamura stands on the ropes with his back turned. Rollins rolls his feet out of the ring and to the floor to break it.

Outside, Nakamura sends Rollins into the timekeeper's area. They spill into the crowd where Rollins is placed on a platform. Rollins counters and hits a pedigree followed by a stomp. Both men are down. They crash through another table with a Falcon Arrow. Rollins barely beats the count but Nakamura doesn't.

Winner: Seth Rollins (c)