AEW Collision Results (10/7) - Adam Copeland Speaks, Tag Title Match, More

"AEW Collision" comes to Salt Lake City, UT tonight and the show will mark the last stop before Adam Copeland finally makes his in-ring debut on Tuesday.

This week's "AEW Collision" is promising a response from the WWE Hall of Famer, after his former friend Christian Cage told him "go f*** yourself" last Wednesday. Also set for the show will be an AEW World Tag Team Championship Match, as FTR will defend the title against Ricky Starks and Big Bill.

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson will also be in action, facing Aussie Open's Kyle Fletcher in singles action. Former AEW Women's Champion "Timeless" Toni Storm will be making an appearance as well. Eddie Kingston will defend the ROH World Championship against Kommander.

"AEW Collision" is set to air at 7 pm Eastern on TNT.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (c) vs. Ricky Starks & Big Bill

Due to technical difficulties, we join the match in progress. Cash Wheeler is nowhere to be found. Starks tags in. Big Bill holds a wounded Dax Harwood in place as Starks hits a Spear for the pinfall.


Starks and Big Bill celebrate as they head up the ramp, FTR are helped out of the arena. Bryan Danielson makes his entrance.

Bryan Danielson vs. Kyle Fletcher

They circle each other to start. They lock up. Fletcher shoves Danielson to the canvas. They lock up again and Danielson immediately takes Fletcher down to the canvas. Fletcher escapes and cracks Danielson in the back with a kick. Fletcher taunts the crowd. 

They lock up again and Danielson begins to dominate Fletcher on the mat. Fletcher gets to the ropes. Fletcher again gets the better of Danielson and smacks him with more kicks. Danielson sends Fletcher into the ropes and drops him with a knee to the gut. Danielson cracks Fletcher with a kick of his own. Danielson tortures Fletcher with a Romero Special. Danielson transitions to vicious, mounted elbow shots. Fletcher escapes to the ropes and eats a kick. Fletcher gets back in the ring and is covered for a nearfall. Fletcher sends Danielson to the outside. Danielson counters a Tope by sending Fletcher head-first into the barricade. Fletcher dominates Danielson during picture-in-picture.

Back from commercial and Fletcher slams Danielson repeatedly, maintaining wrist control of "The Dragon." Danielson fights out and comes back with a flying lariat. Danielson levels Fletcher with a series of roundhouse kicks. Danielson corners Fletcher and chops away at the Aussie. Fletcher comes back, drilling Danielson with a Brainbuster. Fletcher maintains dominance, chopping away at Danielson. Danielson counters a running knee strike, punishes Fletcher, and traps him in an ankle lock. Fletcher fights out. Danielson tries to escape his clutches but Fletcher hits a huge Dragon Suplex. Danielson counters a Michinoku Driver, but his attempt at a running knee is countered and Fletcher hits a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Fletcher locks in Skull End on Danielson. Danielson breaks the hold.

Fletcher takes Danielson to the top rope and hits an Avalanche Reverse Suplex. Fletcher locks in a Dragon Sleeper but Danielson counters with an ankle pick pin for the victory.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Immediately after the match, The Gates of Agony show up in balaclavas and beat up Danielson. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta come out to make the save. Claudio big swings Kaun but is saved at the last moment by Mogul Embassy, who pull him from the ring.

Trios Action

Back from the commercial and the opening match is recapped. Backstage Tony Schiavone interviews Bill & Starks. Big Bill calls FTR the best team in the world and says its time for AEW's tag division to be represented by stars. Starks says FTR will never have a rematch and are the real faces of "Collision," and calls them the "real Top Dogs," before saying "Top Dogs, out."

Bullet Club Gold make their entrance, Jay White still has MJF's AEW World Championship in his possesion.

Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson & The Gunn Club) vs. Gravity, Angelico & Metalik

Gravity starts off against Austin Gunn but Gravity gets the better of him. Metalik tags in. Juice Robinson tags in. Metalik uses his athleticism to his advantage, keeping Robinson at bay. Angelico tags in and tortures Robinson's arm. Gravity tags in and hits a diving stomp to Juice's back. Colten tags in and levels Gravity with a big dropkick. Colten mounts and pummels Gravity as we head to commercial.

Colten, Austin, and Juice all triple team Gravity during the picture-in-picture, tearing him apart like a pack of dogs. Gravity tries to fight back but misses a moonsault as the picture-in-picture goes away.

Back from commercial and Juice is getting the face of the referee. Juice hits a series of punches on Gravity. Austin tags in and delivers punches of his own. Austin hits a stiff lariat and tags Colten in. Gravity rolls up Colten for a nearfall. Angelico tags in and clears the ring of Gunns. Angelico knocks Juice off the apron. Angelico locks both Gunns in a dual submission hold. Juice breaks the hold with a big punch to the jaw of Angelico. Gravity slips on an Asai Moonsault. Metalik tags in and takes out the Gunns. Blind tag from Juice Robinson. Gunns hit 3:10 to Yuma on Metallik. Juice hits his face first DDT for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Bullet Club Gold.

After the match, all four Bullet Club members pose with Cardblade, the cardboard standee. Jay brags about stealing the AEW Title Belt. White runs down MJF and says he's surprised that MJF hasn't tried to get the belt back. White says he will face Hangman Adam Page on AEW Title Tuesday in an AEW World Title Eliminator match. White says he will be –and is– a better champion than MJF.

A video package plays, Nick Wayne says that Darby Allin abandoned him to pursue wrestling and Christian Cage is his father figure now.

The Acclaimed In Action

AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn (c) vs. The Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson vs.

Jacked Jameson and Billy Gunn have a pose-off briefly before Gunn is taken to the corner and dominated by Bronson, who tags in. Gunn gets back control and tags in Bowens. Bronson tags in Boulder who uses his size and strength to stay in control during commercial.

Back from commercial and Bowens fights away from Bronson with an enzuigiri. Boulder tags in and hits a huge body slam. Bowens dodges a second-rope moonsault. Caster tags in. Jameson tags in. Caster cleans house. Caster hits a superkick. Caster hits a Attitude Adjustment on Bronson. Caster hits another Attitude Adjustment on Boulder. Caster climbs to the top rope. Flying crossbody gets a nearfall.

Caster gets a double spinebuster from the Savages for a nearfall. Gunn and Caster hit a double suplex on Boulder. Bowens hits Scissor Me Timbers on Boulder. Jameson gets slammed by Bowens. Caster hits a Mic Check on Jameson for the pinfall.


After the match, a "Timeless" Toni Storm video plays. We head to commercial.

Collision gets Timeless

Back from commercial, Shane Taylor and Keith Lee trash talk each other in a video package, highlighting their long history together. Taylor is mad that people think Keith Lee is better. Lee tells Taylor to run. Timeless Toni Storm makes her entrance.

Toni Storm vs. Kiera Hogan

Toni tries to give Kiera a script of the match. Kiera tears up the script. Kiera starts the match dominant, smacking Storm around much to Storm's chagrin. Kiera hits a hip attack and thrust kick for a nearfall. Storm tosses Hogan by the hair. Hogan struggles to the apron and dodges a hip attack, spanking Storm. Hogan hits a diving cross body for a nearfall. Storm sets Hogan up back on the apron and sends her to the floor with a hip attack. Storm tells the camera to "stay tuned" as we head to picture-in-picture commercial.

Hogan dominates Storm during the commercial.

Back from commercial and Storm has regained the advantage but Hogan comes back with a dropkick. Storm is cornered and Hogan hits a big running hip attack, followed by a sliding dropkick. Hogan covers for 2. Storm recovers and hits a Sky High on Hogan for a nearfall of her own.

Storm chastises the referee and gets rolled up for two. Hogan hits a step up legdrop for a nearfall. Storm crushes Hogan and hits a running hip attack of her own. Storm hits Storm Zero for the pinfall.

WINNER: Toni Storm.

Backstage, Ruby Soho is informed that she's banned from ringside for Saraya vs. Hikaru Shida on Tuesday.

Eddie Kingston vs. Kommander

ROH World Championship Match: Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Kommander

They lock up. Eddie shoves Kommander into the corner. They lock up. Kingston shoves Kommander off again. They lock up. Kommander takes Kingston down with a double wristlock takeover. Kommander tries to use his athleticism to his advantage, but Kingston manages to stop him. They both regroup.

Kommander takes Kingston to the mat but Kingston gets mad and unloads on Kommander with a series of chops and an overhead throw. We head to commercial. During picture-in-picture, Kingston tosses Kommander around the ring with suplexes. Kommander is given some free shots on Kingston but has little effect. Kingston goes back to chopping away at Kommander.

Back from commercial and Kommander is struggling, locked in a front choke from Kingston. Both men get to their feet and trade blows. Kommander hits a springboard Tornillo for a nearfall.  Standing Shooting Star Press gets a nearfall.  Kingston rolls to the outside. Kommander runs across the apron and dives over the turnbuckle post to take out Kingston. Kommander gets Kingston back in the ring and climbs to the top rope. Kommander hits a 450 Splash for a nearfall. Kommander climbs to the top again but Kingston recovers and meets Kommander on the top rope. Kingston chops away and hits a series of elbows and headbutts. Kommander counters a Superplex for a nearfall.

Kingston hits a big powerbomb for a nearfall. Kommander ducks the backfist and hits a spinning DDT. Kingston finally lands the backfist right on Kommander's jaw and covers for the pinfall victory.


After the match, Kingston shakes Kommander's hand and raises it.

Adam Copeland makes his TNT debut

Adam Copeland makes his entrance and grabs a microphone. Copeland says he's in debt to JR forever for signing him to WWE and paying his college debts. Copeland recaps his faceoff with Christian on Wednesday. Copeland says he's confused because the whole reason he went to AEW was to team with Cage. Copeland asks the crowd if they wanted to see it, the crowd agrees.

Copeland says that he and Christian had been talking about Copeland coming to AEW for a long time but Christian became colder and colder toward him. Copeland says Christian is a dick but he loves him and has been his friend for 40 years. Copeland says that Cage is a Bond villain now, and says Nick Wayne is a hairless Persian cat. The crowd begins chanting "Persian Cat!" Copeland says he will smile if they do that chant for Nick Wayne all the time.

Copeland says he wants answers. Copeland calls out Christian. Christian appears on the screen. Christian says Copeland hasn't accomplished anything in AEW yet. Christian says he'll give Copeland an answer on Dynamite on Tuesday. He asks if Copeland is gonna make it. Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne appear. Copeland manages to fight off both men. Copeland delivers an Edgecution to Nick Wayne. Luchasaurus stops Copeland from hitting a Spear and slams Copeland with a big Chokeslam. Luchasaurus hits an Extinction Lariat on Copeland. Luchasaurus grabs a pair of chairs. Wayne and Luchasaurus set Copeland up for a Con-Chair-To. Darby Allin's music plays and he blindsided Luchasaurus with a steel chair. Wayne cowers in fear before Allin. Luchasaurus distracts Allin. Wayne hits a dropkick. Luchasaurus and Wayne dismantle Allin's injured arm. Wayne hits Allin with a Con-Chair-To to the arm. 

Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus stand tall as the show goes off the air.