Hulk Hogan Details Favorite Part Of TNA Run

Hulk Hogan worked for TNA from 2009 to 2013 and was involved in many major angles whether it was the Immortal storyline or feuding against Bully Ray as the veteran helped to grow the company via his star power. However, Hogan revealed to "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" that the kindness of Dixie Carter was his favorite part of his time in TNA.

"From the moment I walked in there I was getting cut on," he said. "Surgery after surgery after surgery after surgery, and all I can say is I was never in that situation but I didn't expect her to pay me when I was out. I'd have a hip replacement and I'd be out for two and a half months and she'd still pay me every week. It was just amazing how consistent she was and how kind she was."

Hogan admitted that working for Carter stood out to him more than anything else, with the "Hulkster" having nothing but positive things to say about his former boss. Carter hasn't always been praised by fans and people who have worked for her, but Hogan was impressed with her personal touch.

"A lot of people knocked her because she didn't know the wrestling business or it was a hobby to her, stuff like that," he said. "But, all I know is how she treated people and how she treated me was the thing that really stands out was the type of person Dixie Carter was."

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