WWE Hall Of Famer RIc Flair Shares The Three Wrestlers He's Seen Get 'Insane' Reactions

Ric Flair has received some big reactions throughout his lifetime, and while people often talk about the 'Road Warrior' pop in the professional wrestling business, the "Nature Boy" revealed the people who he feels brought the biggest reactions over the years.

"I've only seen three guys in the history of the business get the applause from the crowd where they're in a frenzy and that's Hulk [Hogan], Kerry Von Erich, and Steve [Austin] when the glass breaks," he told "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." 

All three of those men are considered to be legends of the wrestling business, and their ability to connect with an audience is why they got big responses regularly. Flair believes he wasn't in that conversation because he was always a heel. 

However, he also puts The Rock into that category of getting big reactions, although Flair noted that The Rock didn't stay in the business for long enough. Despite that, he praised the "People's Champion" for his incredible personality and for the manner in which he carries himself, which has always made him popular with the WWE Universe. 

"I just watched him the other night I am such a fan of The Rock," he said about his recent WWE return. "When you open the show with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, you've got a lot of sh*t to follow that, I don't care who you are. The Rock had so many different opportunities, I think the big dream was always to go to Hollywood and all that." 

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