Impact Wrestling Results 10/12: 2/3 Falls Killer Impact Match And More

Welcome to our live Impact Wrestling Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Graceland Soundstage in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • 2/3 Falls Killer Impact Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian
  • IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Rascalz (c) vs. Sami Callihan & Rich Swann
  • Call Your Shot Implications: Jordynne Grace vs. Eric Young vs. Jake Something vs. Dirty Dango vs. Champagne Singh
  • Tasha Steelz vs. Courtney Rush

Tag Team Titles: The Rascalz (c) vs. Sami Callihan & Rich Swann

Trey and Swann start, but Swann lands a kick right away before Sami tags in for the double team. Swann keeps Trey grounded and away from making the tag. Sami comes back in and tries to pull Trey's face apart. Swann hits an uppercut. Wentz finally gets a sneaky tag and cutters Sami in the ropes. Rascalz get more double-teaming in before Wentz covers Callihan for a nearfall. Trey unloads with strikes before yelling at the ref to get out of his face.

Trey leaps off the top but Sami rolls away and levels him with a clothesline. Swann and Wentz get double tags. Swann throws a superkick to Wentz, kicks Trey in the other corner, spin kicks Wentz again and then launches Trey onto Wentz. Swann hits a senton out of the ring to knock them off their feet again. Swann flips over the top rope again to take The Rascalz out. Wentz hits a running knee on Swann in the corner and then lands a superplex. Wentz covers with one foot.

Wentz knocks Sami off the corner and then flies out onto Swann. After the break, Trey goes for a cover on Swann before applying a headlock. Swann escapes only to be hit with a dropkick and trapped in another headlock. Wentz tags in and continues picking Swann apart. Callihan gets the hot tag as he tries to take care of both Rascalz at the same time with chokeslams, cover on Trey. Swann and Sami do double punches in opposite corners and then bite them. 

Everyone collides in the middle with a tandem bulldog/clothesline combo. Trey hoists Swann up so Wentz can hit a blockbuster, but Swann kicks out. Trey grabs his title and a can of spray paint but the ref grabs the title. Trey goes to spray Swann, but he ducks and Wentz gets sprayed. Callihan tags in for Cactus Driver 97 assisted by Swann, but Wentz kicks out. Swann goes up top but Trey trips him. Wentz low blows Sami while the ref is distracted. Hot Fire Flame connects and Trey pins Sami to retain.

Winners: The Rascalz (c)

Five-Way Match

Kenny King talks to Sheldon Jean backstage about how he can't find Scott D'Amore backstage these days. Jean questions why King keeps shifting his blame to each new rival. King calls out Heath and hopes he has health insurance for all of his kids.

Gia speaks to KiLynn King about her beef with Jody Threat. Santino interrupts and reveals that King was the one who attacked Taylor Wilde. King admits to it and says she cut her off as soon as they lost the tag titles. Long live the King.

Jordynne Grace vs. Eric Young vs. Jake Something vs. Dirty Dango vs. Champagne Singh

Jake goes after Dango while EY and Grace work Singh. Jake and EY focus on each other after Grace is neutralized. They continue trading shots until everyone else re-enters the fray after commercial. Dango and Singh throw Grace down and then take turns booting her in the corner. Dango whips Grace across the ring into the turnbuckle. Singh says he can do it too and whips Grace across the ring again. They stop each other from pinning her before doing double back elbows.

Something slides back in and clobbers Singh before Dango ambushes from behind. Dango and Singh go back to double teaming Grace with a stalling suplex. Dango goes up top but Singh finally turns on him. Grace finds her footing and sends Singh into Dango. Juggernaut Jackhammer connects on Singh, but Dango breaks the cover. Jake runs over Dango and then does a corner spear. Powerbomb on Dango, but Singh throws him out and almost wins.

Jake goes up top but Singh cuts him off. EY finally re-enters the match but Singh attacks him from behind outside the ring. The former Vladimir Kozlov suddenly walks down the ramp and clotheslines Singh. Back in the ring, Something comes face to face with Kozlov. Dango takes advantage and pins Something to win. Dango is now #20 in Call Your Shot, while Something is #1. Kozlov is now aligned with Dango.

Winner: Dirty Dango

Courtney Rush vs. Tasha Steelz

We see a new vignette from Crazzy Steve as he prepares to face Black Taurus in a No DQ match next week.

Mike Bailey issues an open challenge next week ahead of facing Will Ospreay.

Courtney Rush vs. Tasha Steelz

Rush controls the bout early on while they feel each other out with arm holds. Rush slams Steelz and throws a forearm in the corner. Rush goes up top and Deonna taunts her from the floor. Steelz makes her comeback with Three Amigos and then a twerk towards Jessicka for good measure. Rush rolls up Steelz, kickout. Steelz fires back with a pump kick, cover. Steelz tries for another pump kick before they double clothesline each other. 

Rush tries to tag Jessicka but she forgets it's not a tag match. Rush instead clotheslines Steelz and then hits a bodyslam. Steelz counters the sharpshooter but then eats a few right jabs and bionic elbow. Rush applies sharpshooter for real. Rush goes to pull Steelz off the ropes, but Steelz hits double knees and covers for two. Steelz sidesteps Rush into the turnbuckle. Cutter connects and Steelz wins.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

We see a vignette for Josh Alexander followed by footage of Machine Guns and Alexander coming up short in a trios match in New Japan. Tanahashi pinned Shelley to win.

Bully Ray and Steve Maclin share words backstage.

2/3 Falls Killer Impact Match: Edwards vs. Kazarian

First Fall: Pinfall

They throw punches to start. Eddie takes control of the pace and throws chops in the corner. Kazarian is knocked off his feet, allowing Eddie to continue the chops. Kaz finally counters with a body slam and then attempts the leg drop off the ropes. However, Eddie clocks him with Boston Knee Party for the first fall.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Second Fall: Submission

Eddie clobbers him with a clothesline. Kazarian uppercuts out of the corner but then gets turned inside out going into the first break. We return to them trading slaps as Kaz looks for momentum. Eddie throws Kaz back but Kaz goes for the chicken wing only for a moment. Eddie dumps Kaz out of the ring. Kaz's chest is busted open from the repeated chops. Eddie continues chopping Kazarian as they make their way around the ringside area. Eddie tosses a fan's beer and then reenters the ring. 

Kazarian finally gets to his feet and throws hands. He rolls over Eddie's back and lands a huge lariat. Kazarian traps Eddie in a hold on the mat but Eddie keeps trying to kick his way out until he breaks free. Both men are covered in Kaz's blood at this point. Eddie leaps off the top with a codebreaker and then turns Kaz around into a single leg Boston Crab. Kaz grabs the rope to break. Eddie drops Kaz with a backpack stunner but Kaz pops right back up and traps Eddie in a Chicken Wing for the tap out.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Third Fall: Last Man Standing

Action spills out of the ring again as Kaz tries to keep Eddie down before throwing him into the steps. Kaz grabs a trash can and bashes it over Eddie's three times, but Eddie only staggers. Kaz does a fourth blow to the back and then the fifth back over the head to knock him down. Kaz strikes him with the can repeatedly while Eddie is on the floor. Eddie beats the count and then throws Kazarian over his head into a ringside official. Eddie is up first and then Kaz. 

Kaz throws punches before Eddie tosses him over with a suplex on the floor again. Once up, Kaz throws more right hands again only for Eddie to do another overhead belly to belly. Both men manage to reenter the ring where Kaz hits Eddie with the slingshot cutter. Kaz props himself on the ropes while Eddie is counted. Eddie gets up and falls out of the ring. Kaz pulls out weapons and uses a baking sheet to the back first and then whacks him over the head.

Kaz props up the table but Eddie cheap shots him in the throat. Eddie hip tosses Kaz onto the steel steps. Kaz responds by driving Eddie face first into the steps with Unprettier. Kaz whacks him with the baking sheet again and lays him across the table. Kaz climbs to the top but Alisha hits him from behind with a kendo stick. Eddie piles chairs in the ring and then hits a superplex onto them. Eddie hits him with a chair and then throws him out again. 

They go up to the stage but Kaz low blows him and connects with a Styles Clash. Alisha leaps off the apron and Kaz catches her and drives her through a propped table on the steps. Eddie runs down and sets up another table as officials check on his wife. On the apron, they trade blows until Kazarian hits Fade to Black through the table on the floor. Kazarian barely beats the count and wins.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian