AEW Rampage Results 10/13 - Skye Blue Vs. Emi Sakura, Huge Trios Match And More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "AEW Rampage" on October 13, 2023, coming to you from the Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, Missouri!

Blackpool Combat Club's Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta defeated Levi Shaprio and Wise Guy Ruiz on last week's episode of "Rampage". Tonight, the pair look to pick up another win as they go head-to-head with Gates of Agony.

After coming up short against former two time AEW Women's World Champion Toni Storm on the October 4 episode of "AEW Dynamite", Skye Blue looks to redeem herself tonight as she collides with Emi Sakura. This will be Sakura's first time competing in an AEW ring since coming up short against Kris Statlander in a TBS Championship match on the September 6 edition of "Dynamite".

After Matt and Jeff Hardy, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor defeated Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker last week, the latter three men look to seek their revenge tonight as they square off with The Hardys and their ally Isiah Kassidy. Speaking of Beretta, he will be in action tonight as he takes on Jay Lethal. Lethal hasn't competed in a squared circle since joining forces with Jeff Jarrett, The Butcher, and The Blade in a losing effort to The Hardys and The Lucha Brothers on the September 15 episode of "Rampage".

We are live! Excalibur and Tony Schiavone greet audiences at home as Jeff Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, The Hardys and Isiah Kassidy are waiting in the ring.

Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker (w/ Jake Hager) vs. The Hardys and Isiah Kassidy

Kassidy and Garcia begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth before Kassidy delivers an arm drag. Jeff tags in and goes flying off the middle rope before Kassidy tags in and rains down right hands in the corner. Menard tags in, then immediately tags out to Parker. Parker lands a right hand, then tags Menard back in. Menard, Parker, and Garcia then triple team on Kassidy. Matt tags in and rains down right hands on the now legal Parker. Matt lands a powerbomb before Garcia tags back in. All six men begin brawling with one another in the ring.

Back from the break, Jeff and Parker tag in and Jeff clotheslines Parker. Jeff delivers a double leg drop and an elbow drop before looking for a Swanton Bomb. Hager trips him.

Garcia and Kassidy become legal, and Garcia levels Kassidy. He then plants him face first and pins him for the win.

Winners: Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Daniel Garcia

Back from the break, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, Sonjay Dutt, Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett head down to the ring. Trent Beretta, Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero follow.

Jay Lethal (w/ Satnam Singh, Sonjay Dutt, Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett) vs. Trent Beretta (w/ Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero)

The bell rings and Lethal fires off stomps in the corner. Lethal sends Beretta into the middle turnbuckle face first, then follows it up with a bodyslam. Beretta fires off right hand and a hurricanrana, then lands a kick across his head and follows it up with a chop. Beretta and Lethal end up on the outside and exchange forearms with one another. Beretta hits a spear, but Lethal sends him crashing into the ring post.

Back from the break, Beretta rolls up Lethal. Lethal kicks out, and Beretta delivers a back suplex. He follows it up with a German suplex and a Snapdragon suplex, but Lethal cinches in a Figure Four Leg Lock. He relinquishes it and delivers a kick, but Beretta fires back with a jumping knee. Lethal delivers a kick to his knee and Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Emi Sakura then heads down to the ring. Skye Blue follows (in a bit more of a darker mood than usual). 

Skye Blue vs. Emi Sakura

The bell rings and the pair go back and forth landing chops on one another. Sakura dumps Blue out of the ring and lands a chop, then follows it up with a running crossbody and gets Blue back in the ring. She locks in a Bow and Arrow, but Blue counters into a pin and Sakura is forced to relinquish the hold. She lands a chop, but Blue fires back with an elbow and a kick to her face. She follows it up with a knee to her face and a DDT, but Sakura responds with a Butterfly Backbreaker. Blue lands a thrust kick and Code Blue for the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

Back from the break, Gates of Agony and Prince Nana head down to the ring. Blackpool Combat Club follows.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Gates of Agony (w/ Prince Nana)

Yuta and Kaun begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth exchanging submission holds before Yuta executes a bodyslam and a senton. Castagnoli tags in and lands a double stomp. Yuta tags back in and Kaun lands a running splash on him in the corner. He dumps him out of the ring, and Liona delivers a right hand to his spine. He then wipes him out with a vicious running shoulder tackle.

Back from the break, Yuta delivers a German suplex to Kaun. Castagnoli and Liona tag in, and Castagnoli fires off uppercuts on Liona. He delivers several clotheslines in the corner and sets up for the Neutralizer, but Liona blocks it. Castagnoli delivers an uppercut before Kaun makes the blind tag in.

Kaun rolls up Castagnoli, but Castagnoli kicks out. Kaun lands a gutbuster, but Yuta tags in. BCC delivers The Swing-dropkick combination and Yuta goes for a pin, but Liona breaks the fall. Prince Nana tries getting in the ring to interfere, but Castagnoli chases him to the back. Kaun takes advantage and lands a Pedigree, then goes for a pin but Yuta kicks out. Liona tags in and Yuta fires off chops on the Gates of Agony. Liona and Kaun respond with a double chokeslam, and Kaun tags back in. The Gates of Agony look to double team on Yuta, but Castagnoli reemerges to provide a hand to him. Castagnoli then delivers an uppercut to Kaun and Yuta plants him. He then hops up on Castagnoli's shoulders and delivers a splash for the win.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club