Rhea Ripley Set To Defend Women's World Title In Crowded Match At WWE Crown Jewel

There is no shortage of top-notch talent in the women's division on "WWE Raw," and now, Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley will be defending her title against a whole bunch of them all at once in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at WWE Crown Jewel.

The Monday night match between Ripley and Shayna Baszler was interrupted first by Nia Jax, seemingly as payback for Ripley doing the same last week. Jax was cut short by Raquel Rodriguez, who tossed her into the steel steps. Zoey Stark entered the fray as well, putting an end to the match when she superkicked Ripley — the bout was eventually deemed a double disqualification.

Later, Ripley would approach new "Raw" general manager Adam Pearce, telling him that he needed to do a better job of making sure her matches weren't interrupted. Instead, Pearce said, they were going to be doing things a little differently moving forward, and she doesn't get to tell him what he needs to be doing. In fact, at Crown Jewel, Pearce told Ripley that she would now be defending her title against Baszler, Jax, Rodriguez, and Stark in a fatal five-way. Ripley objected, but Pearce's word is now law, and now Ripley will face her steepest challenge yt as champion on November 4.