Billy Corgan's National Wrestling Alliance Reportedly Signing TV Deal With The CW

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is reportedly headed to The CW Network.

According to "Haus of Wrestling," Billy Corgan's promotion will be bringing its flagship show "NWA Powerrr" and another reality TV series to the network, and an official announcement is expected "relatively soon." The report comes in the aftermath of Corgan's comments on "Busted Open Radio" last week where the NWA boss revealed that his promotion recently signed with a "Top 20 network." While Corgan didn't provide additional details, he did confirm that NWA would be airing "two totally different wrestling-related products" as part of the deal; one can assume the reality TV series — which will reportedly cover the day-to-day lives of NWA wrestlers — is the other product he was referring to. 

Corgan also noted that NWA plans to maintain a strong presence on YouTube despite landing a major TV deal. Currently, "NWA Powerrr" airs every Tuesday night on YouTube.

As for the reality-based series, "Haus of Wrestling" reports that NWA has "already started filming" it and is expected to finish production soon. Although the show is likely to be wrapped up before any new in-ring content can be filmed, "NWA Powerrr" is reportedly expected to debut on The CW Network first, and the other show will hit the airwaves at a later date. 

At this point, it's unknown if "NWA Powerrr" will continue as a one-hour show or move to a two-hour format. Over the past few months, the show has undergone several production upgrades, and those changes were reportedly made in anticipation of the move to The CW. "Haus of Wrestling" added that "NWA Powerrr" is unlikely to air live and will pre-tape episodes in blocks as IMPACT does for AXS TV.