WWE Attitude Era Star Molly Holly Discusses The Evolution Of Women's Wrestling

Women's wrestling in WWE has come a long way since the infamous "WWE Raw" episode in February 2015 that prompted the #GiveDivasAChance movement and the subsequent women's revolution. In present-day WWE, the former Divas are referred to as Superstars, the women's titles are recognized as World Championships, and women routinely headline shows. To someone like Molly Holly — who wrestled in the age of Bra and Panties Matches, the current landscape of WWE is almost too good to be true. 

"I love how the women's wrestling has evolved and how it's changed, and it is the best it has ever been," Holly exclusively told WrestlingINC recently. "You could put anybody — whether it's a popular character or even someone who's maybe not used on TV as much — you could put anybody in any combination on TV, and they would give the top-notch, like premium live event quality, everything. I'm just so impressed with the entire roster." 

Holly, who works as a backstage producer for WWE, acknowledged that the depth of the women's roster could be a double-edged sword since many talents struggle for TV airtime. 

"...Sometimes they'll just be like [in] a backstage [segment] or someone passing behind the scenes, or like a tag match where someone's only in the ring for two minutes, and I'm like, 'Oh, I wish they could really show more,'" Holly rued. "But on 'Raw,' it's already a three-hour show. There's lots of stories to tell, so that's the only thing that I wish. I wish that everyone could have a 20-minute match every week," she continued. "But really the fact that these women ... they are capable of doing it. It makes me feel proud. Like, wow, look how far they've come."