Why Baron Corbin Calls WWE SummerSlam Match Against Pat McAfee A 'Full Circle Moment'

Baron Corbin admitted that facing Pat McAfee at WWE SummerSlam 2022 was a "full-circle, kind of cool moment" for both himself and his opponent. McAfee came out on top after their brief feud, but their history dates back much further than just WWE, as they were both rookies for the Indianapolis Colts.

"We were roommates for a hot minute," he told "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "That was a cool culmination in my career; we talked about becoming WWE Superstars, training together, and then to wrestle each other in an NFL stadium."

McAfee is no longer a full-time part of WWE after his stint working both inside the ring and as a commentator on "WWE SmackDown," but he is somebody who still appears for the company occasionally. He has proven to be popular with the WWE Universe despite coming in as a celebrity, and Corbin admitted that there are special people in the world, and he thinks McAfee is one of them.

"He is relatable to anybody and everybody, whether it's a dude who's worth 500 million dollars, he can have a conversation and they find common ground, or it's a guy that's struggling to get by ... that's what Pat has that makes him special," Corbin said. "There's just something about him, and I don't think it's just one thing, and he's such a great human to his employees, his friends."

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