Mark Henry Explains Why WWE Put World Title On Him

Mark Henry has opened up about his world title run in WWE and why Vince McMahon predicted that the fans would love him.

From September 2011 to December 2011, Henry held the World Heavyweight title in WWE, which was his first and only world title reign with the promotion. Henry, currently in AEW, spoke about the title reign while on the "A to Z Podcast."

"The whole point of me winning was based off like a whole career of not politicking to be the guy," said Henry. "It got to the point to where every time I lost, the crowd would say, 'Bulls***, no that ain't right,' and then they ended up having to do the right thing. My career forced them to do the right thing."

The WWE Hall of Famer later shared what McMahon told him before winning the title from Randy Orton at the 2011 Night of Champions show.

"Well, I guess, since the crowd turns on us every time you lose, I guess you're going over tonight," recalled Henry, describing his conversation with McMahon.

While he was champion, Henry defended the title against several then-WWE stars who are now part of AEW, which included the likes of Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, and Paul Wight, and it was Wight who dethroned Henry at the 2011 TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs event. The two other titles that Henry held during his time in WWE were the WWF European Championship and the ECW Heavyweight Championship. The WWF European Championship was his first title in the company which he won in August 1999, while he won the ECW Heavyweight Championship in 2008.

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